Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 319

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 11: Ecumenical Initiatives
Chapter 3: Uniting the Spiritual and Physical Worlds and Liberating the Spirit World
Section 1: The Spirit World and True Parents, Paragraph 11-23

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11  After you go to the spirit world, if you call, "Father!" you can meet me immediately, anywhere. Do not worry about it. If you are in tune with the heart of love, you have the right to participate together, to live together, and to hold the same position in love. If you call me, you can meet me immediately. I will give such a person a tour of the entire spirit world.

12  Father knows of the enormous theater of activity in the land after death, where you can travel hundreds of millions of miles instantly without an airplane. The power of love boasts the highest speed. If you call someone you are longing for with a heart of love, that person will appear immediately. The vast distances are no problem. If you go to the spirit world, wherever you go is filled with flowers and with laughter and dancing. The flowers also make music as they greet you, presenting various shapes that express the standard of your love's perfection.

At that point, you may realize the greatness of the love Father taught and wonder why you did not recognize it earlier. You will understand that you have realized this too late. You need to be trained so that you can pass that world's examination, get in tune with its frequency and achieve harmony there.

13  What I am proud of is that I understand God. I understand more than those in the spirit world do. Because I understand the heart of God, God loves me the most. Because of this, God wants to follow me around everywhere I go. Because God wants to follow me, all people in the spirit world want to follow me. If I go to the spirit world, I will sit at its summit. Even if I do not want to sit there and instead go to a low place, I will be pulled back to the summit. For you to be here today listening to words like these is a historic event.

14  I am a person who understands the moment. Because of that, I have ventured to do what no one else in the world could do. How do I know about the moment? I have an antenna that you do not have. Because of that, those who communicate with the spirit world and experience all three dimensions cannot ignore me. This is because I am an expert. Even if you say just one word, I already know the entire situation that ten words would be needed to describe. You do not understand such things. The ones who do not know must follow and receive guidance from the one who knows. That is the only way you can survive.

15  Science starts with a hypothesis. If, after experimentation, the results confirm the hypothesis, the hypothesis is said to be scientifically validated. The conclusions of the Unification Church are more trustworthy than that. They are not based on a hypothesis. We have contents based on substantial reality, and results, because the Unification Church is a religion that takes action. I start by understanding with certainty the path that I have to take, and then I go. I even understand what is about to happen in the world. I am able to deal with any kind of philosophical or theoretical matter. I am well-versed regarding even the mystical world. I am called an expert about the spirit world. This is why the Unification Church, in accordance with its name, can unite churches and religions.

16  There are numerous spirits connected to each person on earth. Those spirit persons will come down to this world to help in the future. Those spirit persons are being fully mobilized for my sake. Write the three characters of my name and give them to a person who communicates with the highest level of the spirit world and tell him, "Try praying about this person." While praying, that person will exclaim, "Wow!" and bow. That is how it is. Being an expert, I understand this very well. Without bringing unity to the spirit world, earth cannot be unified. I, the person who is standing here in front of you, have the ability to unify the spirit world. It is not only that I have the ability, I am already working on it. That is why spirits are cooperating with me.

Once a Buddhist came to me and bowed to me, saying that the Buddha had appeared to him and instructed him to pray for me for 24 hours. This is an indication that the spirit world is cooperating with me.

17  You have to create children and all things of creation on behalf of God. And one step further, you must create the position of a parent. That path of destiny is the path of restoration, the path of re-creation. If a product you just bought breaks, you can take it back to the shop for repair or replacement. The same principle applies here. Did you think that God would say, "Ah! I will have a feast in the air and achieve my Will," as Christians believe? That is a fantasy. That absolutely will not happen. I met both Jesus and God. I am someone who knows every nook and cranny of the spirit world.

18  There are people who say, "When I die, I will know whether or not the spirit world and the kingdom of heaven exist." When you die, you definitely will know that the spirit world exists. You may not know what the spirit world is at this time, because you have not experienced it. But I received special grace from heaven and became an expert with respect to the spirit world. Whenever a spiritualist came to me, that person surrendered. Having become an expert on the spirit world, I established the Unification Church, and now I am threading my way through the world.

The spirit world certainly exists. Having received that special grace and while delving into that world, I was interested in the organization of the kingdom of heaven. When I penetrated into and searched that world thoroughly, I found that it has a simple organization. The kingdom of heaven is the place where only people who have lived for the sake of others can enter and dwell.

19  I have taken the lead in destroying all the secret weapons of Satan. Satan and the evil spirits have devastated this world, but I have investigated all of that thoroughly. I am the champion of mending every place that Satan has been. Not only that, the entire spirit world has been in chaos until now, but I have gone through it all and woven it together. Also, I met with those who call themselves leaders in the spirit world and triumphed over them in battles centered on the Principle.

20  Those who have met me on earth, lived with me, and loved and respected me more than anyone else has are the ones who will be near me when they go to the spirit world. Accordingly, if a family that once had been faithful opposes me, I must gather them together even though they have fallen away. Because the heart of true love is eternal, I must call and liberate even those people. I seek out and liberate even murderers. Did the archangel not at first love Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? Because my mind is to recover that, I liberate both murderers and saints, and Cain and Abel, in one place. This is because there is a standard from which they departed. That standard exists based on the ideal of the family, which would establish positions of equal value, like a husband and a wife. Therefore I have to love Satan and Cain. Only with true love can everything be liberated, and without true love, the providence of salvation cannot be accomplished.

Unity of heaven and earth

True Parents opened the age in which the physical world and the spiritual world are one united entity. By this act of unification, we have come to the age of the direct dominion of God and True Parents. Accordingly, True Parents have said that we can enlist the cooperation of the spiritual world and the physical world if we invest much sincere devotion. descendants by teaching them clearly about the spirit world. This is the time when the spiritual world and the physical world will become one, and your responsibility is to mobilize and guide your ancestors, creating an environment where your ancestors are guiding people spiritually to you, so that you can bring them into oneness with True Parents.

21  If the spirit world is not united, we will not be able to unify earth. Until now, the spirit world has been assisting in the background as I followed this path. Because of that, all religions testify to me. Immediately after World War II, if the Christian cultural sphere throughout the world had united with me, from that time on, the spiritual and the physical could have attained oneness. That did not take place, so I again have done the work of building a unified foundation through a 40-year course. That work is now complete. By unifying the standard on earth with that in heaven, the interchange between the spiritual world and the physical world, which had been blocked until now, is finally commencing.

22  You have to mobilize the spirit world. If you are going to mobilize the spirit world, you have to stand in front and invest more sincere devotion than any of your ancestors did. You have to be more than a devoted son or daughter and loyal subject. By representing three generations, you have to become one with your ancestors and your parents. Thereupon, you need to educate your descendants by teaching them clearly about the spirit world. This is the time when the spirit world and physical world will become one, and your responsibility is to mobilize and guide your ancestors, creating an environment where your ancestors guiding people spiritually to you, so that you can bring them into oneness with True Parents.

23  The most memorable thing I experienced while living a prison life was the deprivation. The more I embraced that life in which we were given so little, the more I could see the spiritual realm of resonance in my mind become increasingly acute. I did heavy labor that normal people could not endure, and although my body labored, my mind did not labor. Such an ordeal opens one up to spiritual experiences, which free the physical body from fatigue.

Certainly you need to experience this. If you do not have this experience, after you go to the spirit world, you will not become a resonating being. You must work so that you have such experiences. If you do that, you will meet me more frequently, while you are in a state between sleeping and waking. The harder you labor, the more your spiritual interior will widen. While you take a nap, you will be aware of what I am doing. Even if you five at home, you will enter a realm of life where you are attending True Parents. If you exert effort, the spirit world will automatically open. This is not an illusion; it is real. Provided you do that and stay active, the spirit world will freely cooperate, and the work you are doing will expand horizontally.

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