Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 321

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 11: Ecumenical Initiatives
Chapter 3: Uniting the Spiritual and Physical Worlds and Liberating the Spirit World
Section 2: The Salvation and Liberation of the Spirit World, Paragraph 05-13

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5  I loved my enemies all my life. I did so at the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world, and finally at the level of the cosmos. Why did I enter Danbury Prison? There was a barrier blocking both the spiritual world and the physical world. I had to pave the road not only to the highest realm of the spirit world but also to hell, to unravel what fallen parents entangled. Therefore, when I was in Danbury, I established conditions by having special prayers with Mother.

Since then, the walls surrounding hell have been destroyed and the path has emerged by which anyone who makes the effort can go up to the kingdom of heaven. If you have good spirits among your relatives in the spirit world, you can educate them, pull them up and send them off. The part spirits play in salvation has been set in motion. The Saviors role existed only on earth, but by preparing this direct path, the way is now open for good spirits in spirit world to educate evil spirits who are in hell. These good ancestors play a part in the Savior's role, and the path is open where evil spirits can be resurrected fully.

6  In one generation, I pioneered a highway to the spirit world from the individual level to the world level. In Danbury on February 1, 1985, I proclaimed the Day of Opening the Gates to Heaven. We must open the gate that connects a highway from the world on earth to the heavenly world. That highway must be built starting at the very bottom, from the most difficult place.

The new origin of all history arises from prison. It is like that even in this world. Revolutionaries open new paths while in prison. Similarly, we must build the highway from the very bottom of prison. If there is hell, a path will arise on which a man and a woman can go, even from hell. It is the same on earth. True Parents are opening paths that were blocked and partitioned off by the false parents. The blockages perpetuated by connections of lineage, based on the love of the false parents, are opened by inheriting the lineage of the new Blessing, based on the love of the True Parents.

7  While in Danbury Prison, I opened wide the doors of heaven and hell, and opened wide even the doors of hell on earth. When I left Danbury Prison, all countries north, south, east and west could connect, centered on the Unification Church family and me. Intending to create that foundation, I had to send my beloved Heung-jin, True Parents' son, to the spirit world to save the spirit world. In the position of a sacrificial offering centering on heaven and earth, there was no one but Heung-jin who could go to the spirit world from the realm of True Parents' love.

Denominations based on Jesus have been divided according to ethnicity. Heung-jin destroyed those walls and drew one line along which people can gather. Just as water collects in one place and flows along a line through a hole to another place, so also the spirit world is visiting earth through the path of love created by Jesus and Heung-jin. Originally, good ancestors in the spirit world were to follow the line of original, innate love, and now the bridge has appeared by which they can come and go by means of that love.

8  In the natural world, you are guided on the path to the kingdom of heaven not only by True Parents but also by angels. True Parents' guidance is not just through the Divine Principle. Since True Parents prepared the path, they made it so that you can follow this path based on your love for True Parents. While following that path, if you come to love humankind more than you love True Parents, from the position of loving True Parents, all will go well for you on that path. You will encounter no obstacles, and it will not be a narrow road. You will take the main street of heart that leads to the highway, and you will be allowed to go to the kingdom of heaven directly from earth.

9  What gift will you bring for God when you enter the spirit world? That is an issue I am facing too. You worked not only for the country that God wanted but also for the world. You lived for the sake of the next generation, who will be able to build the ideal society and the ideal world. You loved the way God loves. Because you did that, even when you go to the spirit world, it will be natural. It will just be an extension of your physical life; you will live in the same way as before. You are doing the work that God is doing, and since God is doing that work, results emerge. Just like you, to go to a place close to God, I too must do that work. Then God will even say, "My country is your country."

10  True Parents are cleaning up everything that the false parents created. Before True Parents enter the spirit world, they must make the condition that will allow everything to become better. They must set the conditions to liberate from their sins all the criminals who are in the prisons of the earthly world and the spirit world. They must open the gates of hell in the earthly world and open the way for the spirits there to be able to go to the heavenly world.

When you go to the spirit world, you will be educated in accordance with your conscience and the degree of your faith. True Parents must set up a system in the spirit world to teach about the Divine Principle and the ideal world. The ones who know both of these are educated and restored quickly within days, based on the level of the group to which they belong. As a result, the world will be unified. The kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven are beginning. Even Satan must be liberated.

11 True Parents must destroy the walls of hatred and resentment among people throughout history. They are not doing this work while sitting on thrones as the sovereigns of a nation. Since humankind is living in hell on earth, and people are suffering in hell in the spirit world, True Parents must open all the gates of hell on earth and in the spirit world, connect individuals to the nation and world, and construct a road so people can pass from earth to the heavenly world. They must create a connecting highway, one road, which is the mainstream.

Your mind and body should become one, and from that standard of unity, when you pass through the stages of the family, tribe, people and nation, and go beyond that to the world and into the heavenly realm, there should be no walls. We must destroy all barriers.

The opening of the gates of hell in the spirit world, and the gates to the kingdom of heaven, is the final problem. After going to the bitter end of earthly hell, you open the gates there. If after standing at the gates of hell in the spirit world you do not open those gates, you will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. Only people who triumph over hell are able to enter the kingdom of heaven.

By what means are they victorious? Not by means of prayer. They must gain victory by possessing the love of God. If they do not, they cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. To help you, after passing through earth centering on the love of God and opening even the gates of hell in the heavenly world, I have paved a road from earth to heaven.

12  There is no path other than the teachings of True Parents that can solve your fundamental problems, which have come to you through historical connections. You will never solve them without education. Please go to the spirit world to see if I am telling a lie. I am teaching what your conscience already knows. I have accomplished and gained victory in everything through the proclamation of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age.

Because I confronted Satan and caused his surrender, Satan no longer can appear in the world where True Parents are. A smoothing out, a connecting process is taking place from the level of the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos, straight to the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world. When we connect after equalizing all of those, we will be in the kingdom of heaven on earth. People and their relatives who live in the kingdom of heaven on earth will naturally transition to the kingdom of heaven in heaven, just as they are. The kingdom of heaven in heaven is one's original home.

13  The Principle is the truth that can unite the spiritual world and the physical world. Heaven is innately in the plus position, whereas earth is originally in the position of minus. Total development is possible from the position where these two become one. Nobody has understood the concept of world history from a providential viewpoint. After True Parents came to earth, they worked to thoroughly clean up the world of fallen Adam, perfect it and connect it to the kingdom of heaven.

God's connection with Adam is the original and innate foundation. This connection determines the chosen people of Israel. The people of Israel must expand and spread to all humankind. The family emerges from there. As soon as the family of Adam is settled, the fallen families will collapse.

There is nothing other than the Blessing that is able to cause this change. When families that have received the Blessing are established on earth, their ancestors and parents will come to participate in the Blessing. When ideal families settle on earth and expand to the whole world, that will be the kingdom of heaven on earth. When that kingdom of heaven on earth is completed, the kingdom of heaven in heaven is automatically accomplished.

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