Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 318

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 11: Ecumenical Initiatives
Chapter 3: Uniting the Spiritual and Physical Worlds and Liberating the Spirit World
Section 1: The Spirit World and True Parents, The existence of the spirit world
Section 1: The Spirit World and True Parents, Paragraph 10

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Chapter 3.  Uniting the Spiritual and Physical Worlds and Liberating the Spirit World

Section 1. The Spirit World and True Parents

The existence of the spirit world

True Parents have continuously invested sincere devotion for the sake of clarifying the reality and structure of the spirit world and for liberating those in the spirit world. During 43 days of battling in the spirit world, True Father resolved many issues to do with the truth and his mission. Once he received the God's Divine Seal, he led the providence both in heaven and on earth toward the unification and salvation of the earthly world and spirit world.

1  Religion starts from God. This principle applies to the Unification Church as well. The Unification Church was not built up by evangelism. I did not attract this many people through evangelism. It happened because people of high spiritual sensitivity came. They came because the spirit world guided them.

People who were guided in this way cannot deny God's existence. People who have not had such experiences do not acknowledge that God exists. Many people experience the reality of God while living a life of faith for a long time. Such people cannot even dream of denying God's existence. The ones with the keenest antennae know that place of oneness. They know the center. After those kinds of people spontaneously gathered at the center, they started the Unification Church. The Unification Church started from a direct relationship with God.

2  You absolutely cannot deny the existence of the eternal world, in other words, the spirit world. If you ask why, it is because you can experience it easily by making a little effort. If you make only a little effort, experiencing it is not difficult. The people who have been in the Unification Church for a long time have all experienced it. Without such experiences, who would believe in the Unification Church amid the opposition and persecution it receives? Nonetheless, if you do not believe after having had such experiences, you will receive tormenting attacks from the spirit world. That is why you keep believing. Because of that, you cannot deny that the spirit world exists.

3  I have a background that you cannot imagine. In my background is the essence of the world's history. I have experienced the world of the spirit, and however much someone explains that neither God nor the spirit world exists, I have limitless evidentiary material that they are not able to explain otherwise. This material did not emerge from connections in the context of daily life, where you have been carrying out your routine existence until now. It emerged from days on my knees with my face to the ground in prayerful devotion. As I felt our Father's tormented heart, I cried in utter desperation, begging to know how I could save our beloved Father, God, from His unbearable suffering. During those times, I shed more tears than anyone in history.

4  I do not talk about certain aspects of the spirit world even though I know them well. I seem like a person who does not know. I am composed when I consider the problems in my path. Because I am able to choose my direction and ruthlessly stick to it, I can overcome all the spiritual insanity of this chaotic age. The storms of life do not deter me from following the right path. I have passed through the age of chaos on the personal level, family level and national level, and I am now advancing to the worldwide level. Let us be the standard-bearers on this course to rescue the entire chaotic world.

5  Those whose personal nature coincides with the spiritual aspect of the divine are curious about spiritual things. I was born this way. I find it very interesting to talk about God. I enjoy hearing about God 24 hours a day, forgetting to eat.

One should not speak about such things in a one-sided way, but reinforce it by truth. You have to give both spirit and truth. Each person knows his or her own personal character and nature. So, each of us must make the effort to develop both aspects as a complementary pair. You must research the truth of the divine and experience the spirit of the divine. You must devote yourself to prayer and study. The spiritual person must strengthen his or her foundation in order to confirm through truth what he or she already feels spiritually, and an intellectual person must strengthen his or her experiential foundation by spiritually supplementing the intellectual side. If you do that, you will have a basis to develop an eternal foundation at the core of who you are. Because it is difficult to do this alone, make friends with those who have characteristics complementary to yours and cooperate with one another, or learn from a teacher. This is the correct path.

6  After going to the spirit world, you must act in such a way that even God acknowledges you. If you study the Divine Principle, you will come to understand everything. You must discover everything about the spirit world, including the system by which it operates. I have done that and have taught it to you. No one until now has been able to deal with this gigantic world. After thoroughly unpacking history's bundle of tattered clothes, you must be able to organize that vast world to the degree that the king can select from your wardrobe, get dressed and take delight in His visit. Accordingly, you must act so that God will be able to say, "Since the beginning of history, you are the first person who is better than I." After doing that, you will receive God's seal of approval proclaiming that the only victorious person is you.

7  You must find the spiritual state where you can hear the voice of your mind. That is different from a conversation with God through prayer. If you enter that place, you will talk about the content of a meeting that will take place in a couple of days or more. You do not sleep at night; instead you attend the meeting deep inside your mind. Mother understands that. You end up talking to yourself even when riding on a train. It is like that when you go into that spiritual state. Just as if you are listening to a radio broadcast, a voice emerges from the root of your mind that resonates with the great universe. Other sounds are not audible. You have to maintain that frequency, that wavelength.

8  There was a time when I fought with many in the spirit world over 43 days. Even Jesus and his 12 apostles would not recognize me. The people in the spirit world thought that I was attempting to destroy the spirit world. The fight to clarify what was true and what was false lasted 43 days. At that time, God did not judge. God took the position that the truth would emerge through the fight. Neither those in the spirit world nor I gave in. Since it looked as if the fight would continue for thousands of years, God took the position where He had to pass judgment. God adjudicated based on heavenly law. I was victorious in that fight. Accordingly, numerous people there eventually listened to what I was saying. I am now able to influence the spirit world. Because I fulfilled the condition to unite the spirit world, I am now working for unification on earth.

Dominion over the spirit world

As True Parents have stated in their public talks, they are the champions in terms of knowledge about the spirit world. Truly they are the supreme experts on this subject. Through interchange with the spirit world, they delved into every nook and cranny of the bitter sorrow of God and humankind since the Fall of the human ancestors. Based on that, True Parents have led the way to the liberation of God and have taught how human beings must live on earth in preparation for eternal life.

9  You may not understand the spirit world very well, but I am an expert. The record remains that says, "Reverend Moon is the founder who, after opening the gates of the spirit world, shed light on the theoretical foundation and systematic teachings that explain that world." I am called the True Parent, and make no mistake, the words "True Parents" are fearful ones. If there are True Parents, they must take care of a true family. If there is a clan attached to that family, it must be a true clan. When this is expanded to a people, True Parents must take care of that true people, and when expanded to the nation and the world, they must take care of the nation and even the world. When expanded to the spiritual world and the physical world, that is, heaven and earth, True Parents must be able to take care of them as well.

10  The world needs True Parents. This applies not only to the earthly world but also to the spirit world. A palace of love in the spirit world will have to be built, but there is no person who can do that. Neither God nor spirit persons can make the palace in the spirit world. True Parents must make it. The palace of love in the spirit world will start from True Parents. After we go to the spirit world, we will proclaim, "We are creating a palace here." Based on that proclamation, all those in the spirit world will gather there. Because that responsibility remains, I am absolutely necessary even in the spirit world.

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