Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 297

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 10: Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America
Chapter 3: Jardim Declarations for Creating an Ideal Community
Section 3: Ideal Family Education, The blessed families' 40-day workshops
Section 4: Uniting North America and South America, Paragraph 06

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The blessed families' 40-day workshops

The Center for the Education of Ideal Families for World Peace, in Jardim, has organized 40-day workshops in which blessed families from all around the world participate as family units. This education is for the sake of realizing ideal families that can enter heaven. True Parents have said the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven will be realized only when all blessed families become absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, resembling God.

8   The education that is being offered here in Jardim completes the rite of passage that guarantees family entry into heaven. A center for family education and training was built in Jardim, and ideal families can make a new beginning here, so that they will be able to enter heaven directly. People enter heaven as families, and this is why the people from each position of your four-position foundation must come here together to receive education. The whole family needs to come, not just the parents. If you do not receive this education you will not be able to follow me, whether it is to register or to do something else. You will stumble and fall on the way. Even though you have received the marriage Blessing, you need to receive this education here in Jardim. This is the place where your family receives its ticket to enter heaven.

9   There are blessed families in each nation who have lived there for a long time. I intend to gather these families in Jardim to participate in the special workshop. It is a 40-day workshop, and I have asked that they come with their sons and daughters. We are conducting this workshop for the elder blessed families from each nation. In the future, these members should be assigned throughout the world. This will make our new world known. Everyone will move to a region where they can make a new settlement. That is why the elder blessed families are participating in the 40-day worldwide workshop. Until now, they only knew their own nation. Japanese people knew only Japan, but in order to fulfill their responsibility as the mother of the world, they need to know the world. Therefore, they must come to South America and receive education, thereby connecting South America to North America.

10   The time after the entrance into the Completed Testament Age is the first moment in history that the family as a whole can be educated. That is why you should make a new determination during your 40 days of education. You first must reflect critically upon the way you have lived since receiving the Blessing. Based upon that, make a new determination from your current position to be families fit to live in the Completed Testament Age in front of God's Will. By doing so all the blessed families around the world will be connected. This connection of all blessed families should become the foundation to realize the kingdom of heaven on earth. Now is the time to realize the nation God desires. Once that nation is established, the kingdom of heaven in heaven will naturally be connected to the kingdom of heaven on earth. In the end our responsibility is to find that nation.

11   God's attributes are that He is absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal. These elements form God's character. Since those four elements are in the subject partner position we must identify an object partner that fits perfectly in that subject partner's realm. That is why the family has to consist of parents and children who are absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. Through realizing families like this, we can complete the foundation to establish the eternal kingdom of heaven here on earth. This is the issue. When this is finally realized, then everything God owns will also be yours. The parents, children, couple and family embody everything that has been created. The purpose of Jardim is to make you aware of this. The idea of programs at the Center for the Education of Ideal Families for World Peace is that you clearly understand and engrave this realization deep inside your hearts before you return home. Even if you go to the ends of the earth, you must never change the determination you have made here.

Section 4. Uniting North America and South America

The trajectory toward unity

True Parents have emphasized that for North America and South America to become one, North America in the Abel position must help South America in the Cain position. To facilitate this True Parents created a variety of organizations and met with top leaders from many nations to explain why unity is necessary. If North America and South America can become one with True Parents at the center, Europe, the realm of Christian culture where Catholicism and Protestantism fought, can also become one with True Parents at the center. Then Judaism and Christianity, as well as Christianity and Islam, can become one with True Parents at the center. To accomplish this True Parents said that South America's Catholicism and North America's Protestantism can become one through the cross-cultural marriage Blessing.

1   If North America stands in the Abel position representing Protestantism, all of South America, the Latin cultural realm representing Catholicism, stands in the Cain position, the elder son's position. Catholicism must work with the help of its younger brother Protestantism. Once they are united they must be incorporated through the foundation that True Parents built in the United States. I did not come here to follow the cultural realm of Catholicism. On the contrary, the cultural realm of Catholicism, including Brazil, must move forward through the Unification Church with True Parents at the center.

2   When North America and South America become one, they will be like one country. Europe is also like one country. The European countries are doing this through a system of economic union. In the future, problems will develop between Germany and France. Because these two countries are enemy nations, they will have problems. What can be done about this? If we look behind the scenes of Europe's history and culture, we can discover an era when there was peace between Catholicism and Protestantism. This was the era of the Christian cultural realm, and we should try to return to that same relationship. If North America and South America can unite, it will not be difficult for all the nations of Europe to unite. After Europe becomes one, it will be possible for Judaism and Christianity as well as for Christianity and Islam to become one. Therefore, the key is how North America and South America will become one. The prevailing culture derives from Christianity, and the leader in transforming modern society is North America. South America has opposed North America until now. If these two continents were to become one, they would form a great power base. If this were to happen, Europe, North America and South America, and then Asia would naturally join the Christian cultural realm. That is why I must unite the cultural realm of Christianity in North America and South America and then connect it to Asia. I need to unite Asia with North America and South America. Without doing this there is no future.

3   North American people need to go to South America to receive training, and South American people need to go to North America to receive training. Although they speak different languages, they will eventually become one. By witnessing to people from North America and South America, cross-cultural marriages will be carried out between Protestants and Catholics. This will unite them and they will become as one nation. Once they participate in cross-cultural marriages they will come to listen to me. The Christian cultural realm is one of brothers. Koreans and Japanese are enemies, but still I was able to marry them in cross-cultural marriages. Therefore, promoting cross-cultural marriages between Catholics and Protestants will not be a problem, and through them oneness will be achieved.

4   If North America and South America become one, Europe will be united automatically and the mistakes of Rome, the nation of Israel, and Jacobs's family will be restored. The history of division traces back to conflict in Israel with ten tribes fighting two tribes, and then back to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and even to where the mind and body became separated. We need to mend all of these separations. From these divisions the entire worldwide family fell under Satan's realm. All realms and levels Adam's family, Judaism, Rome, Europe, and the world—were divided into Cain and Abel. When we reverse this, everything will become one. Reversal is how unity takes place. Total indemnification must be accomplished. The indemnification of the entire providence will be a great victory for the whole. This can become an eight-level victory and a model for complete victory. If North America and South America become one, the fighting between the Roman Catholics and Protestants in Europe will come to an end and unity will be realized based on the realm of Christian culture.

5   I have created a religious body that completes all of Christianity. This means the United States will end up having no choice but to follow the Unification Church. Cain and Abel will become one. Because Cain and Abel have become one here, the US will become a plus. South America is a Catholic realm, so it is in the elder brother's position and therefore is a minus. If this oneness is achieved, the world will be united. Since Jesus' time, what has happened to the nation of Israel and the divided world? Rome opposed Jesus, but through Jesus' death, Christianity developed into the worldwide realm of the bride. In the middle of all this, Islam appeared. That is why Israel is in conflict. In the Middle East, Israel and Islam are in religious conflict. In the Far East, North Korea and the Unification Church are in the Cain and Abel positions. If they become one, the whole world will become one.

The United States must stand in the Abel position as a true elder brother nation representing the world, and South America, in the restored Cain position, must become one with North America. Only then will the entire world be united. The unity of North America and South America represents the unity of Cain and Abel in Europe at the world level, and also at the level of the nation and the people. This is a model for the unity of mind and body. Everything can be united by going in reverse. That is why I have paved the way and built a foundation by bringing North America to help South America.

6   North America must stand in the position of Abel and save South America, which is in the position of Cain. For this to take place, everything must be invested. If the people of the United States adopt my mentality and invest their lives and resources for the sake of South America, saving South America will not be a problem. This situation is similar to an area of high atmospheric pressure seeking out an area of low atmospheric pressure. The United States, which is an area of high pressure, can save South America. The people of the United States may be tempted to say, "We do not need South America, it is too poor." Nonetheless, we need to invest everything for the sake of South America.

The members of the Unification Church are called to do this. A path to connect to the True Family can be made only by becoming one with South America, which inherited the authority of the elder son. There is no path to enter the true kingdom of heaven on earth if you are not connected to the True Family.

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