Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 296

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 10: Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America
Chapter 3: Jardim Declarations for Creating an Ideal Community
Section 2: São Paulo and Jardim Declarations, The 8th Jardim Declaration: The Federation of the True Parent of the Cosmos  
Section 3: Ideal Family Education, Paragraph 07

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The 8th Jardim Declaration: The Federation of the True Parent of the Cosmos  

On February 13, 2000, as part of the commemorative events for True Parents' 80th Birthday at the Little Angels Performing Arts Center, True Parents proclaimed the era of the Federation of the True Parent of the Cosmos (God) and established the Family Party for Universal Peace and Unity. The Proclamation of the Federation of the True Parent of the Cosmos is related to the 8" Jardim Declaration.

According to the 8th Jardim Declaration, True Parents accomplished the completion of the individual, family, nation and world, and the liberation of God, True Parents, Satan and hell. True Parents, who united all things in the cosmos, are at the center of the Federation of the True Parent of the Cosmos. When we establish the nation through the Family Party for Universal Peace and Unity, people will need to register their families in the family registry.

25   God became a prisoner behind bars and His sons and daughters must liberate Him. Therefore, you must pray for a safe resting place for God. For this reason I created the Federation of the True Parent of the Cosmos. This is a federation of the spiritual world and the physical world.

26   The entire cosmos is linked as one body to God, the True Parent of the Cosmos. True Parents are the union of the cosmos and the nation. All creation, including fish, animals, plants and the mineral world, cannot be liberated and reach perfection without the True Parents. The same is true of the spirit world. We need to understand the Federation of the True Parent of the Cosmos from this point of view. Now we have established the condition for heaven and earth to become one with God. This oneness must next be substantiated on earth. Nations still lack heaven's unity. They must be brought together as one through the national messiahs. Cain and Abel must become one.

27   Until now, I have been implementing the completion of the individual, nation and world and the liberation of God and True Parents. I even liberated Satan and hell. In the original Garden of Eden, there was only Adam's family. But in this global age, myriads of people can enter heaven. Now the value of all families is being equalized. I have fought for, realized, and established the value of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, and heaven and earth. Therefore, when families standing in a position of pure innocence are embraced and united through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, they connect to the foundation of God's love, life, lineage and conscience and have no relationship with Satan. We have entered an age when God can act freely in our families and throughout the world. In that place, there is no Japan or America. We no longer need the concept of separate countries. In order to do this work, I made the Federation of the True Parent of the Cosmos. This means that True Parents have everything. If you stand before True Parents, you are included in everything. Everything is included, both individual completion and family completion.

28   The Federation of the True Parent of the Cosmos was created to bring God's full authority over everything to address the problems of heaven and earth. Everything around us is torn apart. Cain and Abel are torn apart, parents are torn apart, countries are torn apart, and the world is torn apart. Externally everything is like this. The individual is divided because the body and mind are torn apart; as a result, the family, nation, world and heaven and earth are divided. It is like this externally. So how can we unite all these things? The realm of oneness must be accomplished at the root. That is why it is called the Federation of the True Parent of the Cosmos. True Parents are the center as everything in the cosmos is brought together.


Section 3. Ideal Family Education

Center for the Education of Ideal Families for World Peace  

On July 1, 1998, True Parents established the Center for the Education of Couples for World Peace in Jardim and organized a 40-day workshop program for blessed families worldwide. True Parents emphasized that all blessed couples should receive this education with their children.

1   The Center for the Education of Couples for World Peace is being built. In order to have a world of peace, Couples must be connected. The ideal does not change, and hence the "ideal" world is unchanging. Furthermore, there is only one ideal world, not two. When you speak of an ideal person, you are speaking of a person who is a model for others. The word ideal contains the concepts absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.

2   In Jardim, we are building a training center. Please plan to come to Jardim and participate in the one- week workshop. Here we have educational facilities and housing accommodations for up to 5,000 people. But the halls in which they can sit comfortably to listen to the lectures can also be used for people to sleep. This means that in all, 10,000 people can be accommodated. I built the training center in such a way that it can host activities for any age group; it can serve as an elementary school, middle school or college. Therefore, this training center will eventually will become a city. When people see this they will say that Reverend Moon’s planning is exceptional. All the preparations to host educational workshops have been made. Now we need to select core personnel. For this we will engage our international network. In that way we can mobilize countries. If we can manage our networks, we can establish an environment that can move nations.

3   We have a training center in Jardim. Here we will educate blessed families through 40-day workshops. You should think of this as witnessing. When your children are 17 and 18 years old they need family education. Every blessed family in South America should participate in this 40-day workshop. Through this, these families can be educated to achieve the ideal model and gain the ability to arrive at settlement. You could say that we have to drive a stake into the ground or cast a new net. Otherwise what we have will all flow away.

4   I established the Center for the Education of Ideal Families for World Peace in Jardim, Brazil. I established it at the exact opposite side of the world from Korea. We must pass through that area. Japanese and Korean members must all receive education here. Parents and children who make up the four-position foundation must receive this education. Without doing so they will have no path of restoration. Family education is taking place here. Therefore, members who come alone and complete the 40-day workshop will not receive recognition for having completed it. How can I acknowledge you if you did not attend with your wife or husband? If your wife cannot come, bring your sons and daughters. The original idea is that parents and children attend these workshops together so that they can unite. Together, everyone will thoroughly learn the fundamentals.

5   After the period for family education is finished I will give directions for the education of the tribe. This means that the age of family education will pass. If a family has not received this education in Jardim, do everything you can to help them receive it. There is no path of restoration except through Jardim. You have to go around to the other side of the world. I was at the very top but then the world kicked me out, preventing me from completely realizing the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. I am resolving this by irking with the realm of the Christian culture that stands on the right-hand side. What was lost must be engrafted at the family level beginning with the individual, family and tribe out in the wilderness. I will come down to this earth and stand above the families on Satan's side by representing families as I attend True Parents and God. If we want to dwell in that environment we must come here to turn ourselves around. This is the education we need to carry out at the Center for the Education of Ideal Families for World Peace in Jardim.

6    The marriage Blessing was received everywhere, but when entering heaven the line will start at one place. That place is the Jardim training center in South America. I call it the Center for the Education of Ideal Families for World Peace. It is the ideal family that will enter heaven. That is why we carry out family education. Therefore, you must not come alone. A husband cannot attend by himself, and a wife cannot attend by herself. Originally, all education of the sons and daughters is designed to take place in the four-position foundation. In order for a nation to enter the age of world restoration the whole clan will have to be educated, not just the sons and daughters. Everyone will have to go through this process and receive the marriage Blessing again. First you should receive the church-level Blessing, and after that you should receive the national- level Blessing. You can enter the kingdom of heaven after you receive the national-level Blessing. However, before you can receive this national-level Blessing in order to enter the kingdom of heaven, you need the family education that is being conducted in Jardim right now.

7   The work that I am doing did not arise from my own will. I am moving forward, choosing and aligning the subject and object partners so as to expand the vertical content on the horizontal plane in a way that fits the conditions in the environment. Right now in this era, you are observing this reality, but you have no idea how complicated the things were that took place in order for this Will to be realized. Now all of you have entered the age centered on the Will and the completion of the Will, where anyone can stand and reign in the position of liberation. You can see from your current vantage point what the world is coming to. Since we are aware of this, the problem of settlement is now at hand. The question is where the eternal place of individual settlement will be. It is within the family.

That is why the Center for the Education of Ideal Families for World Peace was built in Jardim and why we are now conducting family education here. To get here we go from one end of the world to the other end of the world. This is restoration. Blessed families must travel around the world and participate in the education workshops in Jardim.

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