Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 298

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 10: Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America
Chapter 3: Jardim Declarations for Creating an Ideal Community
Section 4: Uniting North America and South America, Paragraph 07-19

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7   Protestantism must stand in the position of Abel and bring unity with Catholic South America. This is the point. All of South America was lost. There is no central point for Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. There is no central point for the individual, family, nation and world. But now, I have come to show you the central point for the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. By representing those nations and all nations globally, and achieving the model that the United Nations is looking for, we will come to be honored by the entire world as the model Abel nation, and thus achieve unity. This is the Cain and Abel dynamic. The United States opposed us, but South America does not oppose us. The Unification Church will automatically arrive in the Abel position. Since we are in the age when the Unification Church can restore the authority of the elder son, the authority of parents, and the authority of kingship, no group can oppose us as we push forward in this direction.

8   Both America and Korea are moving toward the fortune of unity. Therefore, if Christianity becomes one with the Unification Church, America will become the Abel nation. That is why we need to unite the South American and North American nations. Their becoming one will influence the Protestants and Catholics of Germany to advance the realm of one Christian culture. In this way, the path for oneness will open in many European countries. If this develops in the Muslim nations, it will be possible to unite Islam and Judaism through the dynamic of Cain and Abel. The public course always connects to larger levels. According to the pattern taught in the Divine Principle, I restored Adam's family and moved forward through Noah's family. I paved the way as I received persecution worldwide. After we achieve unity between North America and South America and they in turn follow True Parents, the world will become one.

Looking at it from the Principle perspective, I was victorious because I restored Adam's family on the basis of lineage. I was victorious in restoring the history from Noah's time through Abraham's and Moses', and from Jesus' time through the time of the Returning Lord. Now, if North America and South America can become one through my efforts, then North Korea and South Korea on the Korean Peninsula can unify and Israel and the Muslim world can unite. The unity of Europe will not be a problem either. This will happen all at once.

9   True Parents have come to South America at a point of transition. I know very well the miserable history of warfare within the realm of Christian culture. I have come to South America, forgetting all those sad stories, and the people here know almost nothing about that history. Since the Unification Church foundation was prepared with True Parents at the center, everything will be accomplished if the Brazilian people simply trust and follow me absolutely. This is the favor I ask of them. Absolute faith and absolute unity are necessary in order to reverse the absolute distrust and absolute disunity of heart in Adam's family.

The Seventeen-Nation Tour

True Parents founded the Association for the Unity of Latin America (AULA) and the Confederation of Associations for the Unity of the Societies of the Americas (CAUSA). Through these they carried out Divine Principle workshops to educate leaders from nations in Central America and South America.

True Parents selected Uruguay, which is on the opposite side of the globe from Korea, as the base for the unity of North America and South America. There True Parents established a bank, a newspaper, an educational institution, a hotel and a department store.

True Parents have worked to unite South America by bringing together the four nations of Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina and, at the same time, they tried to unite North America and South America as one hemisphere by stimulating North America to serve South America. To further this cause, True Parents spoke in 17 nations from May to July, 1995, on the theme, "True Family and I." cannot be realized by North America alone. It needs a partner. But whom will it choose as a partner? Europe always has been divided, but this is not the case in South America. South America, like North America, has a Christian cultural background. Therefore, I am thinking about how to unite these two continents, and I have invested everything into that.

10   South America was dealing with coups d'etat and struggles with communists; even so, I went there and faced guns and swords to establish AULA and CAUSA. I continually invested money to conduct philosophical education. I am the one who knocked down communist power in the United States.

11   The United States kicked me out, saying they did not like me. But South America welcomes me. That is why even though North America had to rise up from the very bottom like a slave, South America will start at the top. I have begun an educational program that is to be offered to 500 highly gifted people in each South American nation. The nations' presidents as well as college presidents and newspapers welcome this initiative. They are not in a position to lead and manage such talented people. A time will come when the talented people I educate here in South America will come to lead North America. The Catholic nations have a more stable family system than the Protestant nations of North America. The ideal cannot be realized by North America alone. It needs partner. But whom will it choose as a partner? Europe always has been divided, but this is not the case in South America. South America, like North America, has a Christian cultural background. Therefore, I am thinking about how to unite these two continents, and I have invested everything into that.

12   I am uniting the countries of Central America and South America into one. Now that I am doing this, North America is helping me. Seeing this, Brazil wants my help, as do Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. If the South American people strive to place God at the center of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos, even more than I do, God will be able to come freely to this land. If South America can become a place where the people attend God, there is a chance that it will be the first region to realize the kingdom of heaven on earth.

13   From a providential view, if Brazil is in the position of Cain, Paraguay is in the position of Abel. Paraguay is in the position of Abel because it is a multiracial nation that even includes Asians. From God's perspective, Paraguay stands as Abel because it is a nation that transcends race and loves all people. If we conduct family education in Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina, they will naturally integrate with one another. These four nations can come together in economic unity and leave the United States playing catch-up. Then I will mediate disputes between North America and South America and unite Protestants and Catholics through the marriage Blessing. This will lead to a new transition period where North America and South America can be united. I will bless Catholic believers, Protestant believers, and North American and South American people. Through carrying out the Blessing in an environment of such unity, a new culture will arise. Through this condition, North America and South America, as well as Catholicism and Protestantism, can achieve oneness.

14   I am making plans to build the South American headquarters. If you draw an axis from Korea through the center of the Earth, you will end up in Uruguay. That is why this country is the second Korea. If I dug a hole through the Earth from Korea and poured water into it, the water would pour out in Uruguay. That is why I created a bank, a newspaper and educational organizations in Uruguay. I have invested immensely in South America, but especially in Uruguay. The government tried to turn back these efforts and expel us. We experienced all kinds of difficulties. Even so, our hotel in Uruguay is the most successful in all of South America. We held educational workshops for leaders from the nations of Central America and South America in our hotel. Without our having a hotel, this would not have been possible.

15   When I look up at the sky in South America, I feel as if I am looking at the sky in my hometown. The sky seems very low. The sunlight, air, water and vegetation are good. Brazil and Argentina could become the ideal kingdom of heaven on Earth. All kinds of animals live in this region. I took note of these lands almost 50 years ago on my world tours. At the time, circumstances did not allow me to stay long. But now I am going to stay, no matter how much they try to kick me out. They need the foundation that we have paved. All the achievements and legacies I have put in place throughout history make up the educational materials people need to help raise their children. They set the ideals for culture, politics and family. People will not be able to deny what is right in front of them. When they see further achievements and recognize the legacies I will be creating here, they will have no choice but to welcome us.

16   I am saying let us establish the kingdom of heaven in South America. Living in this kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven is better than just living with your family members, your relatives, or people of your race. It is something family members can establish together. There is no one who would not find this attractive. The people of South America are hoping that Reverend Moon will help their countries. Therefore, let us transform this environment into the one that I envision. Let us establish the kingdom of heaven on earth. There is an abundance of land that can feed and accommodate all the people of the world. This land must be liberated. I want to solve the food shortage problem and other difficult problems faced by humanity.

17   Paraguay is one of the poorer countries in South America. It is a pitiable country. Since this country has fallen into a morass of deep crises, I must go all the way to the very bottom and pull it out. Paraguay is also a most dangerous place. I have already established Uruguay in the Abel position, so I will establish Paraguay as a partner for Abel. Here, True Mother must become the center. It is Mother who must unite Cain and Abel. Just as the Holy Spirit has to come and give birth to Cain and Abel and raise them, Mother has to make Cain and Abel into one. Uruguay and Paraguay need to achieve oneness.

18   We have to liberate Jesus from his painful life. Jesus lost the position from which he could assimilate Rome. He could not unite the leading nation centering on a foundation of the family, tribe and people. Let us melt Jesus' bitter sorrow by restoring this through paying indemnity. By connecting 17 nations centering on 33 key people in South America, and mobilizing core members of their legislatures, Mother tried to liberate Jesus' bitter sorrow over not being able to move his nation. The founding principle of the new Israel, restoring what was lost, must center on John the Baptist's family and tribe. Those 33 people represent his family, and they are central. They coordinated an effort for uniting the 17 nations by mobilizing members of the legislatures in each nation when Mother, after receiving this mission, did her tour of South America. It is being connected to the world territory after passing through the United States, Korea and Japan.

19   Since we have passed the national level of Satan's world, I established the family foothold and expanded it to the world. Therefore, the age of True Parents has passed and we are entering the age of world-level kingship. This means that we are passing from the age of Cain-type kingship into the age of Abel-type king-ship. We are moving from the age of Satan's kingship to the age of heaven's kingship. Therefore, I am meeting leaders of the world during the 17-nation speaking tour.

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