Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 295

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 10: Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America
Chapter 3: Jardim Declarations for Creating an Ideal Community
Section 2: São Paulo and Jardim Declarations, The 6th Jardim Declaration: Liberation Ceremony for Spirits
Section 2: São Paulo and Jardim Declarations, Paragraph 24

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The 6th Jardim Declaration: Liberation Ceremony for Spirits

On October 5, 1998, True Parents celebrated Chuseok and proclaimed the Liberation Ceremony for the People in the Spirit World at a meeting with national messiahs in Sao Paolo, Brazil. True Parents named this the 6th Jardim Declaration.

According to the 6th Jardim Declaration, True Parents have liberated the entire spirit world. The spirit beings who have been liberated before God are in the position to receive the Blessing, but they cannot receive it until they return to earth and help build the kingdom of heaven here.

20   Due to the Fall of Adam, human beings are born in the condition of having inherited Satan's body at birth. To enter into the heavenly kingdom, you have to separate from Satan and become God's descendant. Whether or not you enter into the heavenly kingdom is not decided in spirit world. This decision is made on earth, and for this reason the perfected True Parents need to come to earth and liberate the world. To do this, True Parents must step beyond the nation and even the world and conduct the global Blessing. People must go beyond this boundary to enter the realm of liberation. Only then can the ancestors in spirit world receive the Blessing. The archangel, in causing the Fall on earth, prevented Adam and Eve from receiving the Blessing. In order to restore this through paying indemnity, the time has come for all spirits to receive the Blessing. Now, the time has come when spirits who have received the Blessing can come down to earth in the position of the blessed Archangel, and cooperate with their descendants on earth who have received the Blessing and are in the position of Adam.

21   Hell was formed due to bad marriages, as were paradise and the middle spirit world. All of this came to exist because of the Fall. If we had received God's blessing, we would have connected to the lineage of God's perfected love and automatically gone to heaven on the foundation of the family. This was wiped out by the Fall. For this reason, all of history stained with Satan's blood must be completely cut off, taken away, and disposed of. We must go to the position where Adam and Eve approached the marriage Blessing and engraft onto that position. When Adam entered the kingdom of heaven, the archangel would have gone with him. Likewise, when families who have received the Blessing go to heaven, their ancestors who stand in the position of an archangel will follow them there.

If we do not prepare our ancestors properly, we will not be able to open the doors to hell, which remains in the spiritual and physical worlds—hell in heaven and hell on earth. If these doors are not opened, we will not be able to connect to the ideal of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven that God hopes to establish. Because this resulted from the love, life and lineage of the false parents, neither God nor Satan could clear it up. Only perfected Adam, who comes as the Returning Lord in the position of the True Parents, can uncover and resolve the problems of heaven, Satan and history.

The 7th Jardim Declaration: Cosmic Expansion of the True Blessing and Complete Liberation from Satan's Lineage

On January 8, 1999, True Parents held the Proclamation Ceremony for the Cosmic Expansion of the True Blessing and Complete Liberation from Satan's Lineage at Punta del Este in Uruguay. True Parents said that this proclamation is the Cosmic Sa Sa Jeol as well as the 7th Jardim Declaration.

According to the 7th Jardim Declaration, if the kingdom of heaven is to be built on earth, not a single spirit can be left who is filled with bitter sorrow. Spirits who are single, who reached adulthood but were unable to get married, or who died young, must also receive the marriage Blessing. Those spirits will all receive education so that they can grow. Even though they died unmarried, after they have matured and received education, they will be given the grace of being blessed as pure young men and women. I also opened the gate so that the murderers in hell can receive the Blessing along with the saints.

22   Heavenly Father, on the morning of January 8, 1999, from a little past 7:30 up until 8:00, in the position of two number 4s, with the proclamation of Sa Sa Jeol, we established the foundation for the liberation of families, nations and the whole world, making it possible for them to enter the kingdom of heaven. We also held the Declaration Ceremony of Liberation for Completing the Eradication of Satan's Lineage, and the Declaration Ceremony of the Cosmic True Blessing throughout heaven and earth. These declarations, acknowledged by all of heaven and earth, completely obliterated the barrier blocking the liberation of hell and obstructing the good spirits. We, the True Parents, are striving to realize the original standard by quickly removing the course of indemnity on earth and seeking for the brightness of the kingdom of heaven. Based on the condition of having lived with and attended God during our lifetime on earth, we sincerely pray to enter the era of complete liberation, when all humankind as families can receive the Blessing and go to heaven. At this time, before this meal, Father, I sincerely ask that You joyfully receive this and work together with us to achieve and proclaim these works. Amen, Amen, Amen!

23   We must liberate all the ancestors in the spirit world. We must liberate even Satan. The 160 families you have blessed belong to your Cain-type tribe. A dedication ceremony is needed to connect them to your own tribe. If the ceremony to bring them together is completed, 120 generations of your ancestors can receive the marriage Blessing. Through this Blessing, and together with 120 generations of kings and presidents, the citizens, the son, and the king will belong to the mainstream realm of the royal family expanding on the horizontal level. They all must be liberated in order to receive the marriage Blessing. These 120 represent those whom Jesus wanted to bless in the realm of Israel. They are the ones who must be liberated in the spirit world. The Christian realm must be liberated. Since this is the True Parents' era, just by blessing 120 families, we naturally transition into the realm of the united world. If 120 generations are blessed, you will enter heaven. God and True Parents make this possible.

24   God cannot say, "Give the marriage Blessing to murderers." God does not command me to do this. But I as the True Parent opened the gates boldly and asked those spirits to come quickly to heaven. I also made it possible for people in the spirit world who had opposed the Unification Church to be married to people living on the earth by participating in heaven and earth Blessings, and going through the Three Day Ceremony on the earth. Initiating heaven and earth Blessings with the Three-Day Ceremony has liberated those who died when they were very young and those who died after the age of 16 without being able to marry. Now all of them can receive the Blessing. By opening the doors to hell and blessing all those people who went to the spirit world, God's authority over lineage is being acknowledged. Therefore, Satan has no choice but to retreat completely. This is a revolution. I have created the environment wherein everyone who died due to the Fall can now go to heaven. By creating an environment where all ancestors who entered the spirit world can receive the marriage Blessing, I paved the expressway to heaven. That foundation is restored completely through paying indemnity.

God did not design the spirit world to be a place for fallen people to live. Only completed blessed families are meant to live in the spirit world. Adam was supposed to live in this heavenly environment after his perfection, where God has full authority and is able to act upon the smallest things and the largest things according to His Will.

When you receive the Blessing, the cosmic expansion of the True Blessing and the eradication of the Satanic lineage will be realized. We are breaking through. All families on earth will go to heaven and, just as the Israelites who left Egypt were liberated, there also will be a new start on earth. Just as Moses departed Egypt at the age of 80, from now on True Parents will step into the world as the king and queen of the family.

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