Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 294

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 10: Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America
Chapter 3: Jardim Declarations for Creating an Ideal Community
Section 2: São Paulo and Jardim Declarations, Paragraph 12-19

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12   The 4th Jardim Declaration is the proclamation to liberate God from His bitter sorrow by fulfilling our destined parent-child relationship with Him. By carrying it forward we can sever Satan's blood lineage and welcome the age of liberation. The parent-child relationship is the relationship between God as the Father and we as His children. We were supposed to be the true children, but we became servants and adopted children. In these positions, we cannot be said to be part of God's lineage. We must completely resolve this matter through our relationships that are bound by destiny. No one can sever the parent-child relationship, not even God. If God could have severed this relationship, the history of restoration would not have been necessary, and everything could have been re-created. It cannot be severed because it is a relationship bound by destiny. If you ignore destiny and try to break apart the parent-child relationship, or the conjugal relationship, you will become nothing more than Satan's toy and end up as a victim.

Following the destiny of parent and child comes the destiny of husband and wife. There was no one in existence who could replace Adam for Eve or Eve for Adam. No man or woman existed apart from them. Theirs is a relationship bound by destiny. It cannot be taken apart and fixed again. A child is bound by destiny. The parents, spouses, children and siblings, bound by destiny, are all connected. Ideal families who adhere to this tradition will remain through hundreds of thousands of years, expanding God's family, tribe, people, nation, world and the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.

13    Our task, bound by destiny, is to realize liberated couples and siblings. Can you change your siblings? You are connected by lineage. It is destiny. All families desire to reach perfection. It is their destiny to attain liberation and fulfill that desire. This is the mission of blessed families. It is not something that I fabricated. It reveals a secret about our destiny. This teaching content asserts our substantial value as equal with that of God. If you abide by it completely, you will be able to share in God's joys and sorrows. You will realize a land of freedom, where you have the authority of liberation and inheritance. When this destined Will is accomplished, you will be able to complete the four-position foundation as in Adam's family. This is certain. Only True Parents can make this proclamation. Not even God can do it. Satan cannot interfere with it. Let us return to the foundation on which we received the Blessing and actualize the heavenly kingdom. Then we can open the gates of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.

14   The 4th Jardim Declaration is the proclamation to liberate God from His bitter sorrow by fulfilling our destined parent-child relationship with Him. God cannot fulfill this proclamation alone. If He could have done it, He would have restored the Fall of Adam and Eve in an instant. The providence of history does not work like that. God does not want to see or touch the love lineage of the enemy, so how can He intervene? The lineage was changed, so it must be severed in order that the realm of liberation can come about. Through that, we can substantiate the proclamation that God can be liberated. The absolute relationships of parents, husband and wife, siblings, children, and family have been blocked throughout history. I have to eliminate the barriers that block us from realizing our destiny, which is to form these relationships. This destiny has been blocked since the beginning of history. When a perfected Adam finally accomplishes this, he can stand in a parent-child relationship with God and form an absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal connection.

The 5th Jardim Declaration: Sa Sa Jeol (4-4 Day)

On September 8, 1998, True Parents proclaimed the family Sa Sa Jeol in Kodiak, Alaska. On September 20, 1998, True Parents, while speaking at Belvedere on the topic "The Total Conclusion of the Providence," designated the family Sa Sa Jeol as the 5th Jardim Declaration.

According to the 5th Jardim Declaration, the loss of Adam's family was also the loss of the first four-position foundation. As a result, God lost His grandchildren, Adam and Eve's sons and daughters. To remedy this, True Parents have come to earth in place of Adam and Eve. In front of heaven, True Parents formed the first four-position foundation, and then helped their children also form four-position foundations, the latter representing the children of Adam's family.

Therefore, True Parents established the first and second four-position foundations on earth for which heaven had been longing. This makes possible the unification of North and South Korea as well as that of the whole world, and establishes the condition to unite heaven and earth. They proclaimed the Sa Sa Jeol to commemorate the founding of the first and second four-position foundations, both of which God had lost.

15   Heavenly Father, through the 360 Million Couples Blessing, we have completed abstinence education to sever Satan's lineage for the young people in Korea as well as in Japan and America. We are building a foundation to spread this throughout the world. Please guide us so that this education can steadily advance Your Will, so that Your victorious authority can bear fruit, and so that we can welcome the age that liberates Your full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and omnipotence. The four-position foundation of Adam and Eve, and the four-position foundation of Adam's sons and daughters have the number four at the center. I thank you for blessing us with the grace of welcoming the complete liberation age. Because True Parents established the four-position foundation, all families can stand in the same position as Adam, and eliminate Satan, cutting off all ties with the fallen lineage. They can do so even though the historical tradition could not be established globally.

Based on the year 1998, the number 9, which was Satan's number, and the number 19, which was also Satan's number, are being restored. By connecting them to the number 8, on this day, September 8, I declare a foundation for two number 4s, and establish the start of a new era of liberation. We thank you for the grace that allows us to enter the age of heaven, where families that have worked toward Your liberation can register. From today, I want to make a declaration before heaven, earth and humankind, in Your name and in the name of the True Parents, that Satan no longer can set conditions of accusation over numbers.

I sincerely pray that You can bless this day so that we can enter the age of liberation, in which You can rule with full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and omnipotence. At this moment, I sincerely hope that you accept this victorious proclamation of joyous liberation, where humanity can enter the realm of liberation declared in Your name and in the name of the True Parents. I pray this as God and True Parents once again declare Sa Sa Jeol, the day of liberation in heaven and on earth. I proclaim the Sa Sa Jeol in the name of True Parents! Amen, Amen, Amen!

16   With the proclamation of the Sa Sa Jeol, we approach the age where God may exercise full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and omnipotence. This means that everything heaven has planned now can come to pass on earth, and the time where direct results will appear has arrived. Satan's world is also systematizing itself. Things may be complicated, but we can become one with a commonly held standard, achieve one body, and take the same direction. Alter that, the all-powerful God can do as He pleases. There is no full authority in Satan's world. If we had entered the era of omnipotence based on a completed national standard, we would have entered the era of full authority. We will pass into the free world and will influence nations and the world.

17   After the Sa Sa Jeol Proclamation, the world will change. Satan's control of the world is on the national level, and he cannot interfere on the world level. Until now, neither God nor I could pray for the destruction of Satan's world. I told you to love your enemies, so how can I hope for their demise? If you do not do the same, you will definitely need to pay indemnity. You need to love your enemies. But now we have gone beyond the national level. God, along with all the families around the world, has gone beyond the nation and world. Satan has fallen behind, and this unlocks the gates of the age of God's rule over the entire kingdom of heaven, starting from Adam's family in the Garden of Eden. Thus the age of God's full authority, the time when God can rule according to His Will, has come.

18   We have started on the 360 Million Couples Blessing and achieved more than half the goal. As a result, we have entered the era when God can rule according to His Will. It is the era of His unrivaled authority over families, beyond the formation and growth stages. It is a great transition into the nation of God and a peaceful world. We have overcome two-thirds, having gone beyond the realm of growth and connected to the realm of completion. So God can now do whatever He wants. The physical world and the spiritual world had been separated, and the individual, family, tribe and nation had been separated, but they have become one. Families all over the world are transformed because the family of the perfected Adam and the families of his children have finally been realized. The world will turn upside down.

The completed family based on the heavenly standard contains God, Adam, and Adam's sons and daughters. We see a completed family of three generations. This is the completed four-position foundation. It means completing the three object-partner purpose. This gives God direct dominion over us.

Sa Sa Jeol is the proclamation ceremony connecting human beings to heaven through the True Parents. It is connecting the physical world and the spiritual world. By uniting what was separated from the ideal nation of God's creation, we can enter the palace of the heavenly kingdom. Everything that the false parents destroyed, the True Parents will mend and return to heaven. That is what Sa Sa Jeol proclaims.

Then, in the future, you will not need to pay indemnity. All the indemnity in history has led to an age where mistakes will generate immediate repercussions. It took thousands of years to indemnify the Fall of Adam and Eve, but now each mistake will lead to punishment according to heavenly law. This may include prison or various other punishments. Mistakes will be punished immediately.

19   You must all be able to organize 160 families. This is necessary. Why organize 160 families? It is to match the number 16, which is 4 times 4. That is why I proclaimed the Sa Sa Jeol (4-4 Day). During the Korean War, 16 nations contributed to the United Nations forces. Through the Seoul Olympics, North and South Korea became the 160th and 161st nations to join the United Nations. The number 160 not only signifies separation from Satan, it means Satan's end. Now there is only hope ahead of us—hope for a new beginning. This is an opportunity for Korea to take its proper role in the worldwide providence.

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