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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 10: Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America
Chapter 3: Jardim Declarations for Creating an Ideal Community
Section 2: São Paulo and Jardim Declarations, The São Paulo Declaration
Section 2: São Paulo and Jardim Declarations, Paragraph 03

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Section 2. São Paulo and Jardim Declarations

The São Paulo Declaration

True Parents celebrated the 36th True Parents' Day on March 31, 1995, bringing to a conclusion the 40-year course that began with the establishment of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. They proclaimed the Sao Paulo Declaration as the beginning of a new 40-year course. On this foundation there followed eight declarations on subsequent occasions. These are known as the Jardim Declarations.

True Parents proclaim the São Paulo Declaration, based on sacrifice and true love invested in the way of restoration, through paying indemnity for the past 40 years. True Parents have brought victory step by step, from the individual level to the cosmic level, and from the servant-of-servants level to the level of God. On the 36th True Parents Day, True Father presented the São Paulo Declaration, which proclaims the beginning of the Second 40-Year Course as a period in which all Unification Church members worldwide must inherit True Parents' foundation of victory and fulfill their own portions of responsibility.

On the way of God's Will, there can be no "self" in this regard, we need to achieve the state in which ego is non-existent. There must be no arrogance or individualism. True Parents' way of life has been one of loving the earth, loving all things of creation, loving all humankind and loving God single-mindedly, all for the realization of God's Will. It has been a path of pouring out true love. We need to inherit True Parents' lifestyle and make it our tradition, and by doing so accomplish the mission of tribal messiahs.

The Second 40-Year Course officially begins March 31, 1995, on the 36th True Parents Day. This is the period of our portion of responsibility, which has to be fulfilled on the level of blessed families, specifically focusing on second generation blessed families. Blessed families have inherited True Parents' victorious vertical and horizontal foundation. Because of this, their mission extends not all the way to the restoration of heaven and earth, but only to the restoration of nations. The blessed families who have fulfilled their missions of tribal messiahship need to unite to restore nations. In this way, instead of needing the entire 40-year period, they can complete the restoration within four to seven years, depending on their level of faith and how much they fulfill their portions of responsibility.

At this point in time, True Parents are initiating the establishment of a model ideal town and nation in South America. This has great providential significance. The providence in South America is bringing and extending into the Cain realm the victory and blessing of the Abel realm, which was established by heaven. This providence is to join together the foundation of North America, a Protestant realm, in the position of Abel, with the foundation in South America, a Catholic realm. Next, the victory of this united Abel realm must be connected to the Jewish realm and they must become one. Then, the victory of this united and expanded realm of Abel must be connected to the sphere of Islam and thus further expanded into a higher unity. Finally, the victory and blessing of this greatly expanded Abel sphere must be connected to the spheres of the other religions.

This is the future direction of the providence. With North America as the center, the worldwide Unification Church needs to make special effort to support South America. We inherited True Parents' realm of victory and we need to expand it, investing our utmost effort so that the Cain realm can receive God's blessing.

1   On the foundation of the São Paulo Declaration I will make a great move to the front line of South America. I have already announced that I am leaving North America, and will move to South America. I have downsized the organizations and agencies in North America, shifting the economic and human resources that were invested there to South America. It is time to build an ideal nation. We need to build an ideal house, an ideal city, and an ideal nation.

The 1st Jardim Declaration: Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience

True Parents designated the New Hope Farm Declaration, proclaimed on April 3, 1995 as the 1st Jardim Declaration. It reflects the measures they took to establish a model of the ideal society and nation. It states that emulating True Parents, we must stand on the foundation of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

Today the world is confronted with the serious human crises of sexual immorality, family breakdown and the surge of individualism. In addition, environmental pollution threatens life's very existence on this one and only earth. In our human relationships we need, now more than ever, a movement practicing love and mutual cooperation. With regards to nature, it is urgent that we begin a movement to love all creation and to protect and conserve our environment. Religious people in particular must lead this movement. 

From the early days, True Parents taught that unless one loves nature, which was created for human beings, one cannot claim to love people; and unless one loves people, who are created to be the true children of God, one cannot say that one loves God. It is natural that whoever loves God will love people, who were created to be God's children. Hence, one cannot claim to love people and God unless one loves nature, which was created for people.

In an ideal society or nation, people will transcend national and racial boundaries, establish mutual cooperation and harmony and live together happily. They will be fully conscious of being God's sons and daughters and of existing as one great extended family that can live as brothers and sisters centered on True Parents. This is the place where all the blessed families who have restored their lineage, realm of ownership and heart, living with True Parents' culture and language, will accomplish a world of freedom, peace and unity.

All people will share God's culture of heart and co-exist enjoying interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universally shared values. This world will have no corruption, injustice, war or crime. People will eliminate the causes of environmental pollution and will protect and love all things of creation as true owners. In this model ideal world, all of life's activities and labors will be expressed through the practice of joyful service for the sake of others based on a heart of love, which will equalize our standard of living.

On the foundation of blessed families, we will employ the advances of technology for the sake of education. The education of heart and of morality will have priority over academic education, physical education, and technical education. Education primarily will serve to raise up people of goodness who follow heaven's way. The realization of such an ideal can happen only on the basis of True Parents' thought, the teachings of true love for the sake of others.

Through the Fall, Adam lost his faith, so the destiny of all people is to pass through a way of restoration that includes absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. God established religion for this purpose, and this is why the absolute faith of providential figures such as Noah is so precious.

True Parents came to embody absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Through this, they brought victory in the severe battles they faced, not only on earth but also in spirit world. True Parents are now bequeathing their victorious foundation to us. We must imitate the tradition of True Parents in our life practice, thereby resembling the way True Parents love the world, all things of creation, humankind and God, so we can establish the model ideal nation.

At the New Hope Farm we are trained to practice precisely these things. Here we invest and invest again, loving the earth, the water and nature. Many people of the world will come together as brothers and sisters and practice this, here in the school for realizing God's nation. By showing all people what we accomplish, we will educate them in how to establish a community of love transcending skin color, and cultural and national boundaries. We also can demonstrate the standard of love and care for the creation and, at the same time, awaken everyone to the fact that through this worldview we can establish international management of the global environment. On this farm we can show humankind a model of how to rid the world of war, hunger and crime, and how to live in happiness and peace.

The 160 mission countries of the world will support this project with materials, manpower and prayer. Youth from around the world will receive training and gain practical experience here. They will return to their home countries and become frontline leaders, building ideal nations. Each continent will have to support this project. As the first step, 40 nations will send trip people each by May 1, 1995, and later they will send more. These people will participate in this historic movement.

2   I made the Declaration of the Second 40-Year Course at the Jardim farm. The first 40-year course was to resolve the bitter sorrow of history. We have to put everything that happened during that time into the proper perspective and pass into a new era. Who are the people who are standing with me at the front line and are prepared to set the tradition, to create a new movement in South America, with the Jardim farm at the center? They are not of Spanish, Anglo-Saxon or Germanic descent; they are Asian. Asians are coming to do this work. The Unification Church movement has never existed just for Asia, or just for Western society. It is revolutionizing not only the individual; it is an organization working to revolutionize the family, tribe, people, nation and world. We must establish and create a new world different from the fallen world. I am not trying to create another version of something that already has been created; this must be a new creation. And yet there are no new materials to make this new creation. We have to modify what already exists.

3   The Jardim Declaration proclaimed the second 40-year course. We must practice absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, which is the restoration of Eden. It means we have returned to Eden. By going back to Eden, we need to stand in a reciprocal and balanced relationship with God's own absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. To accomplish this, we must become beings of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience for the sake of our object partner, the creation. We have to give in order to resemble God. Since you have received, you absolutely need to give. This movement will expand and multiply only through absolute sacrifice and unconditional giving. Love exists through continuous reciprocation. That is why the declaration of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience came forth in Jardim, where contact with the unfallen creation is made possible in the sphere of equality. In this way, an entire world built with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience can be managed.

The Unification Church's marriage Blessings have crossed 12 mountain passes. With the 360 Million Couples Blessing the 12 passes were surmounted and it is time for the Blessing to settle on earth. Blessing 360 million couples eradicates Satan's bloodline. We have entered the age when we can realize the ideal true family desired by God, the glorified true family that can live with God.

What are we doing in Jardim? The blessed families have arisen on the vertical standard, but they have not been able to define themselves on the horizontal plane. Therefore, we must now establish the family that can live with God on the horizontal plane. For this, we must establish a new center for education geared toward creating ideal families for world peace. It is to educate those families who have received the Blessing. They need training in order to participate as God's absolute and glorified families. This is the Jardim family training.

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