Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 291

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 10: Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America
Chapter 3: Jardim Declarations for Creating an Ideal Community
Section 1: The Pantanal and the New Hope Farm, Paragraph 09-16

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9   Perdido, which is located in the vicinity of Jardim, has the most ideal land for farming, planting orchards, and planting forests. It is the best land in Brazil and the best land that I know of in all of South America. Brazil and Paraguay in South America are mainly flatlands, but this place has mountains as well. Its natural features are exactly like Korea's. It has mountains and crystal-clear waters, rivers that empty into clear lakes. It is quite difficult to see a clear river in South America, but here there are clear rivers and waterfalls, which you can even swim in. The land that we have purchased has 22 waterfalls, some of which are famous. One of these is called Iguazu, which it is unequaled as a tourist site. That place also has many fish, including dorado and a wide variety of other fish. When you fish there, they tend to take your bait well. Even when you are not fishing, if you put something to eat in the water they come rushing to eat it. Young children who visit there go wild; they want to live there. People in that area wonder, "Why is Reverend Moon so interested in Jardim?" However, after coming and experiencing the heart and spirit there, they exclaim, "Wow, this is like heaven!"

10   One thing that amazed me when I went to South America was the thousands of birds that gather together and sing in concert, "tweet, tweet, tweet." It was an incredible performance, just magnificent. I thought to myself, "So this is what a bird orchestra is!" 

I believe that the best concert in the world would be one in which an insect orchestra, a bird orchestra, an animal orchestra, and a human orchestra performed together. I am sure God would be intoxicated with joy to hear the sound of all of them singing in harmony.

All the fish in South America can sing. The fish in the northern hemisphere cannot sing. In South America it is always springtime, always like summer. The flowers are always blooming, and there is always abundant food to eat. So they have nothing else to do but to sing. That is why even the fish sing all day long. But creatures in the North have to go into hibernation for four months. No wonder they cannot sing!

The zones with greenery and water make ideal places for people to live; they are ideal areas for all things of creation to live as well. We will make heaven in such a zone of greenery. If people experience joy and happiness in an environment where human beings, animals and all nature dance together to the combined sounds of a human orchestra, an animal orchestra and nature's orchestra, this will take them to the best part of the kingdom of heaven.

New Hope Farm in Jardim

True Parents first visited Jardim on December 8, 1994. At that time, they went fishing in the Pantanal, and decided to build New Hope Farm and establish Jardim as the base from which God's nation would be realized.

The reason True Parents built New Hope Farm in Jardim is because the ecology there was untouched and protected. They saw it as the best place to establish an ideal community that would resemble the Garden of Eden that God had created in the beginning. So True Father gathered people from all over the world in Jardim and trained them to live in a community as brothers and sisters in harmony with nature. Long ago, there were prophecies that Jardim would be "the place where the Lord will come."

11   The reason we are working to unite the world here in Jardim is because we urgently need to build a substantial foundation to bring the teaching that all the nations of the world are equal into actual reality. I am doing this in Jardim because we need an environment that transcends nations. Jardim is like the original garden. By garden, I mean the Garden of Eden. 

Interestingly, in the past, Catholic priests had prophesied that the Lord would come to Jardim. Hence many people said that the place where I built New Hope Farm was a blessed place. At an altitude of 900 meters, it is a good region for agriculture; it is suitable for growing both grains that do well in tropical regions and vegetables from the cooler regions. Rice farming or any kind of farming can easily be done here.

12   Only when you love the land and all things of creation can you truly love human beings, who are the lords of the animals and all creation. Only when you love human beings can you truly love God. If this is so, where would you go to love the land, the creation and human beings? You need to go to New Hope Farm in Brazil. That place represents heaven and earth. It represents all the animals of the world's 160 nations. You have no idea how many birds, insects, fish and trees, whose names I do not even know, exist in that region. I thought, "Ah! When they make love, it must be so beautiful." 

In the morning, I wake up to the sounds of birds. There are birds arrayed in the five cardinal colors. In the United States, people say that in autumn the insects sound like an orchestra, but in South America, the orchestra is made up of birds and fish. Every species of fish can sing. Knowing this, we truly need to love this land.

13   Just as all creatures were placed in Noah's ark, all things of the creation will be included in the region of Brazil and Paraguay that centers on New Hope Farm. There will be a museum, a zoo, a botanical garden, a fish farm near the lake, and hunting grounds in the mountains. Next, I will make a passage to the ocean. In this way, I am going to make it possible for everything in the world to exist here in this place. In the future, scholars, naturalists, botanists, agriculturalists and scientists from all over the world will gather here. I plan to set up the best industrial plants, bringing technology from all over the world. Therefore, this place will become the ideal nation of God. All ideals since the time of creation will be realized here. It will become the textbook, the Garden of Eden for all humankind.

14   I am going to make New Hope Farm into the only farm of its kind in the world. I am going to make it into a ranch that everyone will visit. Ranch owners around the world will say, "Let's go to New Hope Farm to learn." I am also thinking of building a museum that will exhibit rocks, plants and animals. To support these things in the new nation that we are building, we will need to bring families, create villages and build cities. This will become God's nation, unprecedented in history, and it will be called the kingdom of heaven on earth.

15   I love the ocean. I love the water. Water is the source of all life. Water can embrace and digest everything. In Jardim there is the Miranda River and the Plata River; they represent the dual characteristics of yin and yang. The Plata River is clear, while the Miranda River is muddy. When the dear water of the Plata meets the muddy water of the Miranda, it immediately swirls around like a whirlpool. Although the color of the water changes due to the mud, the river has the power to clear itself over time. That is the teaching of God and True Parents. Water has the power to make living things grow all the way to the top. It also has the strength to reach thousands of meters beneath the surface of the earth. Having this ability to relate with anything and everything is a characteristic of God's ownership. Since the Unification Church has inherited this teaching, its members must be able to carry out their mission to represent God wherever they go, similar to the nature of water. We must become the power that can embrace and digest everything. We must be able to stand proudly before all created beings, encourage them and renew them.

16   In Jardim there are two rivers, the Miranda and the Plata. One is muddy and the other is clear. The golden mud of the Miranda represents the color gold, while the clear water of the Plata, the best water in the area, represents the color silver. Gold is the color of the land of the earth, while silver or platinum is like the brightness of the realms of light in the spirit world. So in Jardim, where these two rivers merge, I plan to establish the Water Palace and the Fishing Palace. Two-thirds of the human body consists of water. All creation uses water. Water makes it possible for all living things to exist. This is the formula. All living things on earth can sustain their life by water. This is a land that can represent all the required conditions. So if True Parents, together with the people of the world, come to embrace these two rivers, it will symbolize embracing all things of creation in heaven and on earth.

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