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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 10: Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America
Chapter 3: Jardim Declarations for Creating an Ideal Community
Section 1: The Pantanal and the New Hope Farm, The original Holy Ground
Section 1: The Pantanal and the New Hope Farm, Paragraph 08

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Chapter 3.   Jardim Declarations for Creating an Ideal Community

Section 1. The Pantanal and the New Hope Farm

The Original Holy Ground

When True Parents first visited the Pantanal, they remarked that it was the place where all living things exist in their original state as was created by God. The Pantanal is in Brazil, which is also home to the Amazon River. The Pantanal is where True Parents dedicated the Original, Root and Victory Holy Ground. There they strived to establish the standard of loving nature as God originally created it. By the conditions they made there, they sought to make it a new beginning point from which to build the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven during the era of the realm of the perfect Fourth Adam.

Establishing New Hope Farm in Jardim and undertaking various projects there, True Parents worked toward realizing a new community. The purpose of True Parents' work in the Pantanal and Jardim was to establish a new center in the Americas for uniting North America, a Protestant realm, and South America, a Roman Catholic realm, to realize world peace.

1   The Pantanal exists in the state of nature as God originally created it. The fish, animals and plants exist in their most pristine state. I imagine it is similar to the earth as it was when Adam and Eve lived. That is why I have resolved to make the Pantanal the place where I will liberate the world from the suffering caused by the Fall of the first ancestors. There I will bring a new beginning for God and for the realization of the providential Will and the ideal of creation that has been His hope. Also, I am determined that the Pantanal will become the starting point and base for the new kingdom of heaven in heaven and on earth, which will welcome the era of the perfected Fourth Adam. 

Adam and Eve probably would not have lived in a cold region. God made all of creation for the sake of Adam and Eve. I believe that He blessed them with this kind of environment so that tens of thousands of generations of their descendants would care for and nurture it for the sake of their loving family. That is why I view this place as the holy ground where God is making a new beginning. It is the original holy ground. It is the first one. It is where the Completed Testament Age can begin. It is now the starting point for families that can open the gate and enter the kingdom of heaven, in heaven and on earth.

2   In the Pantanal we must build a zoo, an insect zoo, a botanical garden and an aquarium. It is the Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground and Victory Holy Ground, because nature can be seen there in its original condition, in the sense that none of God's creations there were wiped out by the Flood. It is well protected and preserved, so that we can love creation in its original state. It was made entirely for the sake of love. 

The conclusion is that the fish, trees, shrubs, green fields, and animals all were created for our sake. God created them all for our sake. They were created for each of us, centering on love. Therefore, when we live for the sake of this world of creation, the world of peace can be realized on earth.

3   Heavenly Father, the True Parents and the Unification Family stand at the forefront of the path that we must go. The era has arrived when we can bring Satan to submission and we can command him as the archangel. In order to take this first step, I have set up the Pantanal as the base of the Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground and Victory Holy Ground. May You enable us, the people of the world, to cherish this place, to offer our sincere devotion, and to gather all of heaven's blessings in this place, so that we may stand before You as one people, one nation and one world. We pledge that we will become true parents who will pass on these blessings to others. 

Thank You for letting us have a new start as the Unification Family, representing the whole nation. May we stand in the position of Your partners by loving and protecting this place and by treating this place as Your body and as our own bodies. O God, who is transcendent over all and immanent in all, with all authority and all power, please have dominion over us. We choose this place and offer it as the base of Your blessings, where we can enter the kingdom of heaven directly. We ask You to sanctify this place.

Through the devotion of our bloodstained hearts, may the grace of Your Blessing take deep root in this place, and cover the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven for tens of thousands of years. May You guide us to fulfill the way of filial sons and daughters, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters forever and ever through the new lineage by centering on Your love.

I sincerely pray that all the families who have received the Blessing can unite, inherit the tradition of the True Ancestors, and pass it on to their descendants for all generations to come. May they resolve to fulfill the way of filial sons and daughters. At this hour, we offer to You this place that we selected as the Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground and Victory Holy Ground.

4   In the future, Salobra, the Pantanal and Jardim, where I made the proclamations that united the spiritual world and the physical world, will become scenic destinations for tourists from around the world. They are places where the water and the land meet. This is where we are determining all matters related to water and land, as a basis for continuing on our path.

5   What I discovered this time is that the enormous region of South America, especially Brazil, is not simply a rough mountainous land. It gradually rises from flat land to reach a plateau about 1,000 meters high. You have no idea how many rivers there are, because when it rains all the water flows down many slopes in all directions. If the land were mountainous only a few major rivers would be formed, but because the lands are flat there are numerous river courses. The rivers flow and join together and divide again. The temperature also differs depending on the altitude. 

Just as different species of fish live in different areas of the sea depending on the temperature, the fish in all the rivers likewise search for areas which have the appropriate temperature; there they go to mate and lay their eggs. Even in regions several hundreds of kilometers away from each other, whether in the east, west or north, if the temperature is the same, you will find the same species of fish living there. Thus, there is a wide variety of fish.

6   Fishing is the best activity for focusing your mind to offer sincere devotion, and you can keep at it 24 hours a day. That's why I have spent 25 years on boats. There was a time when I went out to sea as soon as I woke up in the morning. But now that I have established the realm of liberation of the True God, I do not go fishing as much as I did then. 

I went to Kodiak and proclaimed Sa Sa Jeol, 4-4 Day. Ever since then, I no longer fish as before. Now I only love the fish; I do not worry about catching them. It is the responsibility of True Parents and Unification Church members to love fish first, and then love all the rest of creation, and to prevent species from becoming extinct.

Here in the Pantanal and the Amazon Basin we find created beings all in their original state. All the things that God had created exist here untouched. If we leave them unprotected, they will all become extinct. People who do not understand this come fishing here with nets although they are told not to; they do all sorts of things that must be restricted. Someone must love and protect this place. In order to prevent the extinction of creatures in this region, I am offering fish from the ocean as a sacrifice in their place. Just as we needed to make sacrificial offerings in order to liberate God, we need to offer sacrifices to protect all things of creation.

7   During God's history of bitter sorrow, He brought the Flood Judgment. The Flood of Noah's time touched everything but the world of fish. Did the fish die during the Flood? When the flood waters reached the tops of the mountains, fish that had been living in the mountain brooks were suddenly able to eat everything in the world as their food and take in its nutrition. In fact, the Flood Judgment was a time of total freedom for fish. 

Human beings initially come from water—their mother's womb. Because God created us with that kind of beginning, I came here to the Pantanal, the wetlands of South America. South America contains created beings in their original state as God created them, left almost untouched. In other parts of the world many species have become extinct, but most of the species in the Pantanal and the Amazon Basin still exist.

8   The law of nature demonstrates that the good digests the bad. Hence, only those who live with the authority of something eternal can be eternal victors in life. That authority comes from true love. This means that we must appreciate the low valleys as well as the high peaks. Do I like only high peaks and dislike low valleys? No, I don't. That is why I have come to the Pantanal. 

This place of lowland waters exhibits everything that is hidden in the world's watery depths. It is interesting to watch them. I can see all kinds of things here that I could not see in the northern hemisphere. It is such a delight. In all the years I went to the ocean to catch fish, I never saw a fish that could sing. But here, all the fish can sing. After catching fish here and closely observing the fish, I was able to hear their songs, that are so different and so diverse. You have no idea how magical it is to listen to the fish sing. They sound even more beautiful than an orchestra of human beings.

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