Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 27

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 1: True Parents’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Chapter 2: Section 5: The Path to Become True Parents - Paragraph 19

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The path to become true parents

As a result of Adam and Eve’s Fall, we are destined to travel the path of restoration. The only way to sever our connection to the Fall is to follow in the footsteps of True Parents’ model course. True Parents triumphed over billions of evil spirits and brought them to voluntary submission. They succeeded because they lived a life of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience before God. 

True Parents not only prevailed on earth; they also endured the most miserable circumstances to prevail in spiritual struggles in the spirit world. Thus, in both worlds they have become the greatest examples of living for the sake of others with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience before God.

They allowed us to receive the marriage Blessing, thereby bequeathing their victorious foundation to all blessed families. All people should inherit True Parents’ tradition of true love, true life, and true lineage and become second selves of True Parents. Then they should fulfill their responsibilities as tribal messiahs and citizens of Cheon Il Guk.

13  Human beings are born from fallen parents. This is why you find yourselves changing every day, living in ignorance of your purpose and direction, groaning in despair. However, the path you are destined to go is not a path that changes from one moment to the next. You must not be fickle—one way in the morning and another way in the evening. You need to have the firm belief and conviction that “True Parents’ path is my path; True Parents’ daily life is my daily life; where True Parents stand, I will stand; True Parents’ world is my world.” And you should be able to say you cherish True Parents more than you do anyone else in the world.

There will be storms on your path while attending True Parents. Yet no matter how furiously the tempests blow, you should be able to surmount them and even find delight in them. If you do so, you will not be just dreaming about the restoration of the world in the future; you will be actualizing that united world.

This is why I tell you to become the families who can exemplify True Parents’ family and meet the standard of True Parents’ tradition. Your families should be the hope of the future world that all people have been hoping for. This law does not change. If you are a family who can embody that law, then you are of the family of True Parents.

14  You cannot become perfect on your own. You can be perfected simply by the love of your parents. This is why, once a baby is born in the bosom of its parents, the child takes after the parents. It doesn’t matter whether the parents are good people or bad, handsome or plain.

The Unification Church teaches that we must meet True Parents and receive their love. For you it is the blessing of all blessings. The hope of all people is to meet the True Parents. You must meet the True Parents even if you have to face death along the way. You may lose all of history, all the present era and even all your future descendants, but if you can meet the True Parents it is as if you are recovering the ages of history, the present era and the future. Such is the value of True Parents. Throughout fallen history people have longed for one united world. Human beings all cherished in their hearts the hope that a world of peace would be built on earth at some point in time.

15  The time has come for our blessed families, centering on True Parents’ family, to present the ideal of the family to the families of humankind throughout the world. This is the era to restore the family. Therefore, now that we are building exemplary families on God’s side, we should teach the right path to all the families in Satan’s world. We should present the one perfect model, surpassing the imperfect standards of families in the fallen world. This would be a family in which sons and daughters attend their Heavenly Parent, a wife attends her husband, children attend their parents, and a younger sister serves her older brother. What I am saying is that all of you should inherit the heart of the vertical Parent and horizontal True Parents, with true love at the center, and become perfected true children. Then you yourselves can become true parents. When you fulfill the ideal of perfect siblings that God has envisioned in His heart, you can become husbands and wives. As married couples, you should become the best among all couples, perfect in the sense that you are what God has desired to see. When you become parents, you should become perfect embodiments of God’s heart.

True Parents have emerged as the ones who perfectly embody God’s heart at each stage: children, siblings, spouses and parents. They are the ones whom God has awaited and envisioned as the center of His own family.

16  You need to place God and True Parents at the center of your life. This is the original standard. After taking this position, you need to expand it into a new future. You need to build a world that is the expansion of God and True Parents’ family. For this, you need to establish the structure of your own family based on absolute, original, true love. This is the beginning point of the tradition of God and True Parents.

Yet you are now too distant from this standard. You are going in the wrong direction because of your many bad habits and worldly concepts. These things become conditions for Satan to accuse you when God brings the judgment in the future. That is to say, what you must fear most is what you are carrying within yourself. From now on, you must eliminate all your bad habits and the conditions upon which Satan could accuse you, and advance to firmly secure the structure of your own true family.

17   All members who received the Blessing must become true parents. We are now living in the era when we must bring all the families of the world to become families with true parents. Since we now laid the foundation to bring unity throughout the world, the time has come for all the blessed people throughout the world to become true parents, and by doing so to enable others to become true parents.

For this, all you blessed wives must first inherit True Mother’s tradition. In order to become a true parent, you need to do so. On behalf of True Mother, you too must experience the pain of childbirth in order to unite everyone in your tribe at this time of making everyone into true parents. True Mother represents the Holy Spirit; therefore, she must give birth to all of humankind, but this time not only in terms of the spirit but also in terms of the flesh. Accordingly, you blessed wives have the responsibility of Mother to give birth to young adults and even older men, no matter what their age—everyone of the first generation. You need to resurrect them all.

Second, you need to liberate families and expand the realm of family messiahs. You need to give them rebirth and liberate them. If you do not give them rebirth, they cannot be resurrected. All human beings must be reborn. As family messiahs, you must give birth to the families in your clan and bring them into oneness as your tribe.Th en each of you, as a tribal messiah of your own tribe, must bring your tribe into the realm of the one tribe. Thus, in the position of True Mother, you must give rebirth to families and tribes and bring them into oneness. This is what is required to reverse through indemnity the failures of Adam’s family and Jesus’ family.

18   Now you need to go over the individual level of Adam and Eve when they lived with God prior to the Fall, and even beyond their life as a family. You must go further, to fulfill the family ideal at the levels of the tribe, nation, world and cosmos.

Within our own generation, we, the True Parents, had to resolve all the historical entanglements of Adam, who by falling had become the false parent. Within our generation we had to resolve humankind’s defilement by the blood of death that began from Satan, a matter whose truth was unknown through all the ages of history. We had to establish the original foundation as a family with God’s love within the world of heart and the realm of oneness and expand it to the levels of the tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. Because we have completed that, we can finally settle.

Starting from Adam and Eve, human beings together with God went through the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age. Only today have we finally settled in the realm of the Fourth Adam’s heart. Your families have inherited a position of liberation that was only attained now, tens of thousands of years after the time of Adam. Therefore, all of you can now become the ancestors of your newly formed clans.

19   You need to fulfill the way of filial children in your family, the way of patriots who live for the nation, the way of saints who live for the world, and the way of divine sons and daughters who live for heaven and earth. Your family represents not only your own family; it represents the model for your tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos. Therefore, you are required to live for the fulfillment of them all.

When Adam fell, though he was but one individual, that one moment brought the downfall of all the billions of people in the future generations of his family. Accordingly, when you restore people through indemnity, you need to restore each person or family as if they represent multitudes of people. This is the responsibility of each blessed family. Thus, with your own merit as the center, each of you blessed families will become the starting point of new tribes. Satan’s world expanded horizontally from individuals to tribes.

Now all people throughout the world should unite by developing the mind-set of world-level individuals and world-level families and build a common base with True Parents’ standard. This is how the world can come to be perfectly in accord with True Parents’ model. On behalf of your entire family, you need to be in accord with True Parents’ example and be willing to offer your body as a sacrifice for the sake of the world and for the sake of all humanity; then you can receive God’s Divine Seal. We as the True Parents have been working throughout our lives to pioneer that standard and be that example for you.

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