Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 26

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 1: True Parents’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Chapter 2: Section 5: Paragraph 7-12

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7   The world of peace will find its beginning when True Parents emerge and educate humanity, showing the world every aspect of the model family. The international marriage Blessings that True Parents are conducting throughout the world are more than the marriage ceremony of one religious group.

They constitute a movement to save the nation and the world by establishing the tradition of God’s love. This movement teaches young people the value of maintaining their purity prior to marriage. For adults, it promotes the marriage Blessing in which they vow to absolutely maintain trust and fidelity between husband and wife, with God’s true love at the center. The marriage Blessing builds up families of true love, stops family breakdown and sets up cornerstones of peace in nations and around the world.

Especially with regard to the international cross-cultural marriages, once people from nations that have politically and historically been enemies overcome their high barriers and relate to each other as in-laws within these families of true love, they can transcend the boundaries of their national and racial backgrounds. This is how peace can come. Truly, the high-level formula for creating true peace is to bring the children of nations that relate to each other as enemies into the realm of the marriage Blessing and have them wed each other across national and cultural boundaries to build true families of true love that heaven and earth desire. When enemies accept the cross-cultural marriage Blessing, peace can begin to unfold.

The formula is the same, whether the conflict is between families, between nations or between ideologies. In cross-cultural blessed marriages, people can transcend their ideologies and build a world of peace and happiness far greater than what their ideologies ever envisioned. The eternal world of peace that both God and humanity long for can begin from this point.

8   If you have absolute faith in the indemnity course that True Parents are walking and that you walk with them, when you go to the spirit world it will become a condition by which you can surmount the barriers of the past. It is because the standard of your attendance to True Parents will connect to the spirit world.

Therefore, you must live as True Parents have taught you and become one in heart with them, with the goal of inheriting their true love, true life and true lineage. You must become sons and daughters who are centered on my thought, aligned with my heart and bonded to my lineage. If you are such sons and daughters, then when your own children become husbands and wives, they will be the substantial fruit of God’s love and life.

When you become couples, you unite with the realm of heart of the Original Being of dual characteristics. As the Original Being engages in origin–division–union action through you, the heavenly realm and the earthly realm unite as one vertically. At the same time, east and west, or right and left, become one centering on your conjugal love, and when you have children, they will become one with each other in relationships of older and younger. This is the model of the family, the standard model. There we can experience all the types of God’s love. 

When you experience life through your sons and daughters, it is as if you are experiencing God’s life, and when your sons and daughters expand your lineage, you can feel it is the expansion of God’s lineage. Since you are in oneness vertically and horizontally, you become sons and daughters and couples who can represent God’s life. And through you, God’s love, life and lineage can connect everywhere on the horizontal plane.

9   God is the Owner. God is the Teacher. God is the Parent. This is the three great subject partners principle. Because of this, becoming the True Parents required that we become the teachers of all teachers, the owners of all owners and the parents of all parents.

Accordingly, if you want to become a true owner, a true parent and a true teacher, you must know the True God clearly. Centered on the ideal of the True God, you need to teach people how to become true human beings, how to establish true families, how to build a true nation and how to become true citizens of that nation. Since you have not known about all this, True Parents are here to guide you to follow the true path. They teach you how to become true parents. They also teach you how to become true owners. 

10  At Cheon Jeong Gung Palace, I wrote the following calligraphic precept, “The true, holy and virtuous Emperor of Cheon Il Guk, reigning over the myriads of people and triumphant on all levels, begets generations of holy people living in peace and prosperity for whom everything goes well.” You need to carry this motto in your heart as you lead your life. By now, even without anyone’s help you should be able to know thoroughly the principles of heaven and earth and the formula for the course you need to follow in your life. Then you will not need any other textbooks. This is the ultimate level you need to reach.

11  True Parents overcame all the challenges they encountered on earth and gained the supreme victory. Now, along with the inauguration of God’s kingship, we have established the world of liberation. This was achieved by victoriously inaugurating the heavenly nation of God’s sovereignty, the united world of spherical oneness.

Whether or not you fully unite with True Parents at the center will determine the conclusion of the entire providential history before and after God’s creation of the world. You must succeed in uniting with them in order to receive the seal of approval from God, Jesus and True Parents. This is how you can be truly liberated.

You as individuals cannot indemnify the things I must resolve. Therefore, instead of that, you must have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience in front of True Parents. Your priority should be True Parents; you must place them above your own personal concepts, possessions and desires. No matter what, you have to maintain absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience toward them.

You must build a model family that will never leave its position as True Parents’ partner, one that works with them not only on the levels of the individual and the family but on every level up to the nation, the world and even the cosmos. You need to stand as a subject partner whose blessed marriage is of such a standard that it can be publicly recognized by all people. Only then can you return to the original world where the Fall is unknown, the world that manifests the ideal of creation. I mean that you can go to the united world of all-embracing oneness.

12  True Parents’ family is the model. Individuals and families who emulate that model are free to travel anywhere. It is the same for the tribe, people, nation and world. All people must unite with that model. From the family to the world, everyone must inherit True Parents’ tradition; this is how they can be integrated with God and True Parents as their true children. Then they will establish the unified homeland.

The True Parents’ family is always the model. For this reason, all of you must unite with it. Even the world must connect with it. True Parents’ family is the model for all your families, but it is also the model for the whole, having transcended the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. Therefore, God can freely travel back and forth to True Parents’ family. This is why everyone must unite with that family.

Moreover, True Parents are the ones who set the tradition from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation and world. Hence, from the family to the world, all must inherit that tradition. By doing so they will be integrated with God and True Parents as their true children. Only then can the unified homeland be built. To be integrated means you are with them in total harmony.

The term “True Children” means the True Parents’ direct children. In modeling yourself after True Parents’ family, you should have the same bond of heart with True Parents as their direct children have. To become a model means to represent God and True Parents. In order to represent God and True Parents, you must unite centering on True Parents and their children. This is the condition for unifying the homeland.

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