Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 28

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 1: True Parents’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Chapter 2; Section 5: Paragraph 20-29

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20   You must become citizens of the kingdom of heaven. It is the nation of True Father, the nation of True Mother and the nation of the true elder son. When you are connected to them, you emerge as people of the kingdom of heaven. Each of you is a citizen, a son or daughter, and an owner of the kingdom of heaven. It is in the family that you begin to become owners of the kingdom. From there you can enter the realm of the royal family.

A filial child is the owner of his or her family, and a patriot is the owner of his or her nation. These must connect together as one; they must go in one direction on the same path. A filial child, a patriot, a saint and a divine son or daughter all move in the same direction on the same path. There is no other path. God wants you to follow a single path.

In the very beginning, you must become a filial child. You must become a person to whom God would say, “I absolutely need you. I am going to be with you whether you are in hardship or in happiness.” Become the person He wants to be with, all through your life. No matter how much you are rejected and persecuted, you must keep following this one path. Once you become a citizen of the kingdom of heaven, no indemnity is required. Once accomplished, results will last forever. Your re-creation is the one hope to which you should aspire.

21   True Parents are the owners of true love. True Parents are the king and queen of love. We have lost that most precious true love. The question is how we can recover it. True Parents, true love, true life and true lineage form a realm that Satan cannot touch no matter how much he tries.

Humanity must become tuned to God’s Will for eternity. God and all people must constantly maintain an eternal relationship as subject partner and object partners, with true love at the core. Unless we can arrive at this goal, we cannot maintain a life centered on true love, which is God’s ideal of creation. This is the Principle. No one can deny it. This is why we absolutely need True Parents.

22   As a result of Adam’s Fall, numerous walls were created. Now that True Parents have finally come, they have removed the barriers with their love and paved the way to the realm of heart, both in the heavenly world and on earth. Whether or not you tread that path is up to you, but the path is there. True Parents have built a highway in every village. To get onto that highway, you must bring your own car and find that road by exerting your own effort. Thanks to True Parents, the walls erected throughout human history that blocked the realm of heart and that separated the spiritual and physical worlds are now broken down. Just as water flows from a large main to every home, the road without any obstacles is now open to everyone. On this foundation, the realm of unity between the spiritual world and the physical world can finally be formed.

23   Henceforth we must establish the standard in our own families based on the tradition of Adam and Eve, the original husband and wife according to God’s creation. We must perfect the realm of husband and wife and become true parents. Then we must in turn bequeath true love, true life, and true lineage to our own true sons and daughters. 

This is the mission of all blessed families, and you must never forget it. The reason we become true parents is not only to bring victory from the individual level to the levels of the tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos; it is also to create the realm of God’s liberation.

24   True Parents come to deal with the fundamental problem of the family, and the Savior originally comes to deal with the problems of the nation. True Parents have both these responsibilities. When they engraft people with the seed of true love and true life, both of these matters can be resolved. Due to the Fall, human beings received the seed of false love and false life. Since that made them false olive trees, they must receive a graft from the true olive trees. Then they must connect to true love, so that by centering on true love they may inherit life. Otherwise they cannot belong to True Parents’ bloodline.

25   All leaders want their successor or heir whom they raise to be better than themselves. This is the principle of the creation of heaven and earth. Hence, you who are in the position of owners should open the way for the son or daughter who most closely attends you to become even better than you are. Even though Satan may close a door and cause your heir to fall away, still you must keep the door open for him or her to return. Then your successor can inherit the original lineage, perfect and flawless, and be free of the fallen lineage.

If you leaders believe this and put it into practice, then when I pass into the heavenly world as its governor—the True Parent, true teacher and true king in the position of having established a parent–child relationship with God in lineage—I will bequeath everything to you. I will consider you to be the representatives of the family of True Parents that God established, and I will give you the position of my representative as your inheritance. You need to believe that this proclamation is for heaven and earth. Hence, you need to put it into practice.

26   You too must become true parents. If you become so, will you be true parents for a tribe or for a people? Or even for a nation? If you reach the level of national-level true parents, you will ascend straight to the heavenly kingdom. There are many individual true parents. The best among them will be elevated to be the true parents of a tribe. They can even be elevated to be the true parents of a people, a nation or the world. Nevertheless, you cannot even begin unless you establish a true family.

Without a true family, you cannot go to the kingdom of heaven in the next world. It is a place that only families can enter. The structure of the heavenly kingdom is based on gatherings of families. The formula is based on gathering together. Thus, until you have your own family, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. This is the way of thinking centered on True Parents. This is the way you must also walk as true parents.

27   We read in the Bible, “I am the way, and the truth and the life.” But one thing is missing—love. Although it is written, “I am the way, and the truth and the life,” what can we do with this? We need to include love. What about, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life and the love. No one comes to the Father except through me”? Jesus Christ is the central person of love. He was to become the True Parent. It is just as the body takes after the mind: in the era of True Parents, if you resemble True Parents you resemble God.

28   When you relate to God, the question is how to attain oneness with Him as the Parent in the realm of heart. All beings, whether in the spiritual world or the physical world, whether our ancestors or those in the angelic world, exist to safeguard and protect Him. This should be their first priority. They are meant to feel in the core of their being that they are connected to God—that their body with its four limbs exists to connect to Him with a bond of true love. They are meant to have a relationship with their Lord centering on true love. All creatures in our environment in this world and this universe are meant to exist to become one with the Lord and to protect Him. Thus, when they perish, it should never be the case that they feel a grievance over having been a victim.

Then the question is how you connect to God in bonds of love, so you are one with Him from the core of your being in your body to every thought in your mind. You need to be able to stand before Him with the qualification to be a lord of creation, as God desired when He created you. Such lords or owners are the sons and daughters who take after God in everything.

29   We have the idea we should become perfect. How can we attain such perfection? We need to follow a formula, such as, “If you do this, you can build an ideal family.” And indeed there is a formula for building an ideal tribe, nation, world and cosmos. The owner of this formula is God. So if you base your life on this formula, you should have no problem taking root in perfection. We can reach perfection through unity between God’s large formula and our small formula. Then our individual foundation will expand to become the foundation of the family, the tribe, the nation and the world, allowing us to stand right next to God. And when we are with the Center, we can connect to the spirit world vertically. It means we can become God’s sons and daughters. To become God’s children, we must resemble Him. God is united in mind and body. Yet your mind and body are still struggling, even now. When are you going to unite them? If you are still on the way to uniting them, it means you are not yet perfect. This is why I am telling you to humble yourself, live for the sake of others, and devote yourself to fulfilling the Will.

If you have the conviction, “I am True Parents’ representative; I am one with God. I am His champion,” then you can stand in the central position. It means you are the second creator. Then you will have no problem reaching perfection on the individual level.  You will have no problem perfecting your family and your tribe. Your influence can extend even beyond your nation. You can make connections with other nations, transcending national borders.

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