Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 269

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 10: Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America
Chapter 1: Economic Activities to Create the Environment for God’s Ideal
Section 1: Establishing an Economic Foundation, Paragraph 11
Section 2: The Total Living Offering, Paragraph 05

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11  Everything the Unification Church is doing—praying and making offerings to God is for the sake of saving the nation and the world. It is not for the sake of saving the Unification Church. Church members complain, "Father formed Tongil Industries to do business, but when it comes to those of us who work there, he only makes us suffer." But in fact, you are not working there to suffer. You are working to restore Korea.

I founded Tongil Industries with the purpose of utilizing the latest technology to save this nation. Having built the company to the point where we can offer its current technological foundation to the nation, we will move forward to make foundations in higher, more advanced fields of science and technology, in aviation and space engineering, so we can offer them to the nation as well. This is why I think that what we are doing is right. But we cannot succeed if we are thinking only about our individual situations.

12  All of the assets that we own in the world, including those in New York, are a part of God's blessings. God created all material things, desiring to give them as gifts to His children. Due to the Fall, human beings were unable to become God's true sons and true daughters. However, once people are brought into God's lineage and preside over all material things as God's direct heirs, they will use them for God's glory. Such a time is coming.

Just because they were claimed by Satan, I do not regard material things per se as evil. It is human beings who manage and use material things. What is important is who owns them and how they are used. When a person who owns material things uses them for the benefit of humankind, with a good, God-centered purpose, God will gladly grant the right of ownership to that person.

13  We own many business entities. In the future, I plan to build educational institutions where we can educate the children of this world as well. The businesses will grow and our organizations will expand. I am planning to build ideal cities and villages in several places around the world. We will create communities in which people produce, work and help each other economically. The atmosphere in those communities will be different from that in the world at large. Our main goal is not money. With the money we generate from these businesses, Unificationists will carry out their responsibilities in service to God and humankind.

14  What is it that all people, whether in the past, present or future, generally value in life? Economic issues have marked the course of history, and continue to do so to this day. In our daily life, we cannot ignore the issue of money. Economic issues cannot be ignored in our family life, social life and national life. The economy has always been a major issue. But when we discuss economic issues, we must think on a global level. Although you need money right now in your families, you need to broaden your viewpoint and think about the economic issues affecting the nation and the world.

Section 2. The Total Living Offering

God's right of ownership

Due to the human Fall, the world was taken from God's dominion and placed under Satan's dominion. That is, as a consequence of the Fall, the realms of heart, lineage and ownership that should have been centered on God changed to being centered on Satan. In the providence of restoration, God has been working to reverse this dominion.

True Parents came to bring closure to all aspects of the providence. As the condition to complete the restoration of all material things under Satan's dominion, bringing them back to God's dominion, True Parents instituted the Total Living Offering. True Parents specified that to fulfill the Total Living Offering, each single member or each family had to make the condition of offering in their own names a designated portion of their assets to heaven. They emphasized the importance of this offering as the foundation to substantiate God's kingdom on earth. They also said that this condition is even more important than an individual's absolute faith, because it sets a condition for all eternity.

1  As a result of the Human Fall, everything that had been God's was separated from Him and became Satan's possession. This is a tragic fact. Everything in Satan's possession must be returned to God. In the Old Testament Age, it was the things of creation that were returned to God; in the New Testament Age it was the children; and in the Completed Testament Age it was the parents. More specifically, the Old Testament Age was the time for making sacrificial offerings of animals and other created beings; the New Testament Age was the time for offering the Son, Jesus; and the Completed Testament Age was the time when the True Parents offered themselves.

Everything that was separated from God must be brought into oneness with Him. When this happens, one's personal right of ownership will disappear. Looking at your family, the things your family owns belong to the Old Testament Age, your children belong to the New Testament Age, and you as the parents belong to the Completed Testament Age. All of them must be given up to heaven. That is why you need to make the Total Living Offering. You need to deny your current personal right of ownership and offer everything to God. By offering everything to God's side, all things in the cosmos will follow you, and thus, you will be able to reach the realm of perfection.

The Total Living Offering is a condition to separate God's possessions from Satan's possessions. It sets up a dividing line, a borderline between the two. In this way, the ownership itself is transferred. So, through making the Total Living Offering, all the possessions within your personal right of ownership are returned to God's ownership. When everything is given back to God, then your possessions are His possessions, your children are His children and you and your spouse also belong to God. Your entire family is under God, and it can stand at the starting line in the position of perfected Adam's family, having nothing to do with the Fall.

2  The Total Living Offering is about eliminating the realm of death and uniting with the realm of life. The ritual of this offering is about making a condition to determine the right of ownership. In the Israelite ritual of animal sacrifice, the object that was offered represented the person who offered it. Likewise, the Total Living Offering represents you, and therefore those who offer it regain life.

Everything in the Garden of Eden, where human beings lived before the Fall, was alive. It all belonged to God. However, after the Fall, all of it was thrown into the realm of death. It must be restored by going the reverse way. In order to offer all of your possessions to heaven, you must not remain attached to anything, even to your own name. You have to give up all attachments to your country. You should offer everything to God, so that it belongs to Him.

Nonetheless, there is no one among you with whom God lives in a realm of perfect partnership. Therefore, He delivers all things of creation as conditional objects to True Parents. Those objects are alive. True Parents will therefore use them to engraft families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world into God's great family. Once that is done, all things of creation become God's possessions. Then the age of sacrificial offerings will be over. Offerings will no longer be needed. This is the significance of the Total Living Offering.

3  Your material possessions are a microcosm of the entire universe. You need to offer them as a living offering to God through True Parents. When you offer them, you must not think about your children or your future. You must deny all such thoughts. However, the purpose of this living offering is to take us to a new level, beyond the realm where we have to deny ourselves.

We have been living in the age of indemnity. During the course of that history, offerings were cut in two and killed, just as the spiritual world and the physical world, and heaven and hell, have been divided. They Were divided along the line of life and death.

The Total Living Offering is needed in order to make these two worlds into one. That is why you need to make a living offering. When you make it, you have to offer something that is alive. Thereby, you can bring life to the Old Testament Age, to the New Testament Age, and to the Completed Testament Age. The Total Living Offering makes everything alive.

4  The right of ownership only comes into being when you establish a bond of love. All rights of ownership within the fallen realm are rooted in Satan. You can only have dominion over creation after you become an owner of love centered on God and His true love. That is why you must make the Total Living Offering; it is to wipe away Satan's right of ownership.

This offering is greater than absolute faith. Absolute faith is limited; it has to be renewed in each generation. On the contrary, this offering sets the absolute standard for all eternity. This is a serious matter. You cannot govern the spiritual world and the physical world unless you become an owner of love. Even God cannot become the owner of the spiritual world and the physical world unless He establishes bonds of love within His lineage.

5  Until now, because God was still pursuing the course of restoration, for anything to be separated from Satan's possession it had to be made into a sacrificial offering and spill its blood. Now there should be no more spilling of blood. God must become the Owner of all living things. That is why we need a ceremony to make the Total Living Offering. In this ceremony, the offering refers to the assets that are being offered. Those assets are the conditional object that enables God to claim the right of ownership over all that you own.

Until now, whenever an offering was made, it was divided into two; one part was claimed by God and the other by Satan. None of it belonged to the offerers. However, the entire Total Living Offering must be given to the Third Adam so that he can transfer it to God. Otherwise, you will lose everything. By making the offering in this way, God can claim all of it and reign over it.

For this, you have to do something so that God can fully reign over you; all of your families have to register in God's nation. However, because we still do not have an actual nation in that position, I gave the direction to register everything to the ownership of the church. Then, once we restore a nation, everything belonging to our church will be naturally transferred to God's nation. Until that happens, Adam and Eve have no rights of ownership.

In other words, on the national level, centering on God, each nation will have to offer all of its assets as a Total Living Offering. That is how all nations can connect to the ideal kingdom of heaven on earth, where God can freely move about standing above all nations. That is why I tell you that you should not have the concept of owning your possessions.

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