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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 10: Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America
Chapter 1: Economic Activities to Create the Environment for God’s Ideal
Section 1: Establishing an Economic Foundation, True Father's vision for economic activities
Section 1: Establishing an Economic Foundation, Paragraph 10

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Chapter 1.  Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America

Section 1. Establishing an Economic Foundation

True Father's vision for economic activities

True Parents recognize that God's providence of restoration requires a physical and economic foundation. For this purpose, they have been promoting economic activities and establishing numerous business enterprises around the world. From the viewpoint of the Principle, this is the work of re-creation. Creating the environment to build God's kingdom requires us to reclaim the physical world for God. In other words, re-creation is a process that involves recovering materials from Satan's world and bringing them to God's side.

Since the world of God's ideal is to benefit all humanity equally, one aspect of True Parents' vision is to realize the equal distribution of resources and technology. It will not be as it is in the world today, where the effective use of resources and technology is concentrated in the hands of particular individuals, companies and nations who use it primarily to serve their own interests.

1  In order for God to conduct the work of re-creation, we need to first prepare a proper foundational environment. Originally, in that environment, human beings would be the subject partners and all things of creation their object partners. Yet as a result of the Fall, we do not have the original materials that are necessary resources to re-create that environment where human beings can be re-created. Satan's side took them all away. Hence, we must recover them. We must re-create them. Since Satan deprived us of all the needed materials, we must recover them from Satan's world, even if it means going door to door like beggars. That is why the path of restoration on which we need to walk includes the path of a servant of servants, the path of a servant, the path of an adopted child, and the path of a stepchild.

2  God has been working to establish the tradition in which human beings become true parents who establish God's sovereignty over the earth. He does this to save us. Your ancestors carried out this task and now it is your turn to go out and work. You need to work for three and a half years with the heart that you will offer everything you have, in order to find the raw materials to recreate yourselves, by visiting all the villages where the vestiges of bitter sorrow obstructing this tradition still remain. When you raise funds for this purpose, do not use a single penny for yourself. You must have the heart to add something of your own for heaven, even if only a penny, to what you have collected in donations. For three and a half years, you have to go everywhere seeking donations—to hovels where beggars live, to the houses of government ministers, and even to the residence of the president. They may persecute you and kick you out at the door, but you must be ready to accept any kind of mistreatment. Whatever it takes, you need to gather materials that have been lost and offer them to God for the work of recreation. You are offering the condition of paying indemnity in exchange for these raw materials.

3  A patriot is willing to die for the sake of his nation. He or she is ready to invest everything, even putting his or her life on the line. If you do not invest your life, you will not be connected to life. That is the truth. So do not work halfheartedly. This is the formula.

What do you have to do in order to create a new environment? Our environment is composed of sunlight, water, air and earth. If you represent God, you need to love those things on His behalf. Also, you need to invest yourself in the position of a subject partner in order to create object partners with whom you can work to recover the elements you require for your environment. You cannot do it without investment. It is impossible to receive blessings while in a place of comfort. Whenever you encounter difficulties, forget about your situation and keep going. Then, you will gain boundless results. This is the formula for re-creation.

Invest yourself without limit and then forget whatever you invested. Do not remember how much you invested. Even if you do not have money or material things to invest, I am saying that you have to invest, by shedding tears of love, tears for life, tears for lineage, and tears of conscience. If you do so, God will be with you. Once you become an absolute minus, God, the absolute plus, will be with you absolutely.

That is why when you do something, never think of using others for your own benefit. It is wrong to even think like that. Even if you see that the person you are doing business with is trying to take advantage of you, you have to think that you are doing business with him or her so that he or she will prosper with you. You must not work for your own gain. Even if you were to gain profits in that way, they would eventually revert to Satan's world.

4  If you wish to grow, you must invest yourself. This is the truth, and it is a principle for development in the entire world. So again, if you wish to expand and develop, you must invest. True development and expansion are possible only through pure investment. If you invest recklessly, you will end up with a reckless result. If you invest with a serious and pure heart, you will have a serious and pure result. A pure result is possible only by sacrificing yourself with genuine sincerity. Sacrifice is about investing yourself. So invest by sacrificing with genuine sincerity

5  The Principle is extremely comprehensive. There is nothing that cannot be resolved with the Principle. It is like an encyclopedia containing everything about the world. It is like a formula that is based on the fundamental bond with heaven. That is why the Principle can be applied to everything. It is also consistent with modern philosophy and psychology, and conforms with all the principles of the natural world. 

If we wish to develop a business, there must be unity among three primary elements; operations, technical know-how, and management. This is in accord with the Principle, which states that everything resembles human beings with their three attributes of emotion, intellect and will.

6  In the future, who will be in control of the global economy? Not the nations that have the most raw materials. Not the nations that produce the most goods. As you know, the oil-producing nations have a firm grip on the world. Underdeveloped nations, the consuming nations, and even the nations that sell to the market cannot control the global economy. In the near future, therefore, all these nations will be compelled to form a shared system.

Once raw materials are managed jointly throughout the world, their production and sale will also be managed jointly. In the end, the future world economy will depend on forming shared institutions that will organize the distribution of needed resources to the people of the world.

7  Up to this point, the advanced nations that produce manufactured goods have dominated the world. Now however, the era in which production determines dominance has passed. Now any nation that wants to can produce manufactured goods. Advancements in science and technology are equalizing the means of production. Now the issue is about supplying raw materials. We have gone beyond the era when the producer nations controlled the world. Now raw materials have become the crucial component in the process of production. With every nation trying to produce as much as possible, the lynchpin of the system is the supply of raw materials. That is why today we see that oil has become a serious issue.

Looking at the three main divisions of the economy—production, raw materials and the market which nations do you think will assume authority over the economy? It will not be the producer nations or the nations with raw materials. In the future, the nations that control the markets will hold sway over the economy.

8  Nations are fighting among themselves, and democracy and communism are struggling with each other. What nations will control the global economy? It will not be the producing nations, the consuming nations, or even the nations with all the raw materials. The time will come when the global economy will be controlled by an organization consisting of nations and religions, and inspired by a good philosophical system. It will run the global economy by managing, expanding and developing all the markets around the world. When such an organization emerges in the world in the future, who do you think will manage that organization? It will be institutions and people of vision, who can move history toward God's unchanging ideal.

9  I am going to host the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS) in order to create a global association of scientists. After that, I intend to create a global association of economists. I met one economist who dreams of an ideal world, a world of an ideal economic system. We talked about the overall problems of the world economy. In his view, the most difficult problems were the issues of human rights and different political and economic systems. His main concern was how to deal with these issues. Nations compete against one another, trying to take a leading position over others. That is why they end up in economic power struggles. The question then is how we can bring nations to transcend their own self-interest. This problem will only be resolved with a new vision based on the Principle.

A vision for economic development

According to True Parents, material things are an essential element of human life. They are God's gift to us, His children. For this reason, True Parents advocate equalization, saying that for human beings to become the true owners of the material world, they need to have equal use of the material things that God has given them. Thus, they warn against some nations dominating others by monopolizing scientific technology and economic power. Based on this view of economics, True Parents present the vision of a God-centered, global community rooted in the ideals of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values.

10  My purpose of doing business and making money is to perform the role of bonding all the people of the world, whether rich or poor. My financial foundation is to be shared with those in poverty for the liberation of all humankind. This is the equalization that I am trying to realize.

Developed countries try to place weaker nations under their control, but they should not do that. Rather, they have to walk with those nations hand in hand. In this way, all nations link together laterally. Yet because I work for this, I am stigmatized by people in the advanced countries, saying that I am trying to undermine their national economies. All I am doing is advocating for the equalization of the nations of the world. I am trying to place all nations on an equal footing.

Yet, to this day, some countries in Europe still continue to exploit Africa and implement policies to perpetually enslave the nations there. Likewise, the United States implements policies putting South America under its control. I am trying to do away with all of this.

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