Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 270

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 10: Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America
Chapter 1: Economic Activities to Create the Environment for God’s Ideal
Section 2: The Total Living Offering, Paragraph 06-13

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6  Thus far in the fallen world, Satan's possessions and God's possessions have been mixed together. That is why they must be divided. This means that you need to negate yourself completely. Any worldly habits and traditions that pervade your life will turn into walls and block you. For this reason, you need to liquidate all that you have and offer it. By bringing your offerings to me, I, as the representative of history, will make the Total Living Offering to God.

That is, I am trying to unite the world that has been divided and offer it as a whole to God. To make this offering, I am bringing together individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world, and heaven and earth.

7  Making the Total Living Offering establishes the condition to determine ownership. Hence, until everything belongs to God, you must not claim anything as your own.

In the Garden of Eden, Satan stole God's possessions. Therefore, if you stole anything from the church in the past, you must return it to God's side as soon as possible. Once you return it, God will forgive you. He will store everything in His storehouse.

That is why throughout my entire life, I did not have anything I could call my own. My right of ownership is determined by the number of people whom I restore to become citizens in God's nation. If you claim personal ownership before God's nation is established, you are violating heaven's law.

8  Elderly members of the Unification Church should not leave money behind to their children, but should donate it to God's nation before they die. That too is the Total Living Offering. You should place your assets in the name of the church and then go to live at the church. By doing so, you will be setting a condition that you lived on heaven's assets.

The era of individual ownership of property is passing, and we are entering the era of joint ownership of property. When you donate your assets to the church, you will not have to pay any inheritance tax. We are moving into an era when we will have nothing to do with inheritance tax.

Heaven commands that people who made money dishonestly, who sold out their nation and the people of the world, should not bequeath that money to their descendants. Instead, it must become church property. Individuals should donate their property to the church. Churches should devote their assets for the sake of the nation. After that, each nation should devote their assets to Cheon Il Guk, and finally these assets will arrive in the heavenly kingdom.

9  The Old Testament Age was the age to offer all things. The New Testament Age was the age to offer the Son (children). The Completed Testament Age was the age when the parents offered themselves. Based on these offerings, you must offer to God your family, your children, and all things of this world. That is the Total Living Offering. Globally, all families should come together and offer the things of creation, their children, and their own families to heaven.

God's true love, true life and true lineage is everything. Therefore, you should not think of anything else but the love of God and True Parents. This is the point from which the new world emerges. Therefore, everything should be brought together and offered as a whole. You must determine that everything you own belongs to God centering on True Parents. Eventually, all the sacred items offered to heaven will be bequeathed to families whom God loves, to become their possessions. It is at that point that we can claim our right of ownership. This is where the kingdom of heaven begins.

10  God has prepared a feast for His children and is waiting for them to come. Happiness comes when you share everything you have with everyone. The Heavenly Parent has a heart that wants to give and give, and even after He has given all that He has, to give still more. That is why He made the spirit world in such a way that it is being replenished all the time. In the same way, if you enjoy giving and still want to give even more, you will receive infinite blessings from the eternal world. You will be drawn to a world where you can give infinitely and have more to spare.

When I work, although I have money in my wallet, I never think about what I would like to eat or that I should buy something nice for my children. Whenever I have money, I think about how to use it for God's Will. If you use money that is earmarked for God's Will for yourself, the money will cry. See what happens if you place that money in your pocket and use it for yourself. It is like cutting away your own flesh and chiseling away your bones. That is what you should fear. Plundering public money is a serious sin. It is the same when making the Total Living Offering. You must invest yourself completely and forget what you have invested. A person who sets up his or her own domain and boasts about it is the most foolish person in the world.

11  What establishes you as an owner is that you receive God's love through His lineage and that you are able to love others on behalf of God. It is at this point that you are granted the right of inheritance. Otherwise, your inheritance will not be acknowledged.

Private property is not recognized in communist societies. Since they have already made all assets into national assets, all that is left for them to do is offer them and their nations to the Lord at the Second Advent. That is how the entire world can belong to God. Then God, through the Returning Lord, will redistribute all those assets back to the people. We have to do something similar. Only then will we enter the age in which we are entitled to personal possessions.

This principle must be taught to the big business groups. When the age of the Unification Church comes, I will meet the corporate leaders of the world and have them listen to my lectures for three or four hours. I should be able to impart sufficient understanding to them so that when I ask them whether their assets belong to them or to God, they will answer, "They belong to God." Then I will ask them whether they will return everything to God, and they will answer, "Yes." If some of them refuse to return everything, misfortune may strike them.

When they finally return everything to God, the world will fall into place overnight. But until then, God is loosening His grip on the rope so that people can be merry, eat well and enjoy their life. He is lowering the rope and letting it loose so that it sways in the wind here and there, but He is still holding on to the rope. Now people are eating well and enjoying themselves, but in the future when the time is ripe, God will yank on the rope and they will all come looking for the Owner. Then the world is bound to merge together in one place.

12  To this day, we as True Parents have been making sacrifices in order to attend God. It is the tradition we have observed throughout our lives. Because our material possessions belong to the Old Testament Age and our children belong to the New Testament Age, we have had to sacrifice them. We also had to make sacrifices as a couple. You must do the same; it is the way you can attend God.

Before you attain unity with the ideal realm of love in heaven and on earth, you have to pass through the stages of formation, growth and completion. There is no other way to attain perfection. It is your portion of responsibility that you need to fulfill. Everyone needs to follow this principle that I have taught to you. That is the conclusion.

I am sharing everything with the people of the world. I own nothing in my name. I have no right of ownership. It is because God has no right of ownership. Therefore, everything that we have ever owned is in Satan's grasp, and it must be offered to God. After that, God will redistribute all the wealth that He has received. Only then will the kingdom of heaven on earth emerge.

13  Now the time has come to establish ourselves as owners. If you wish to become the owner of what you have, you must first offer everything to God and then receive what He redistributes to you. If you insist that you have the right to own what you have now, you will not be able to stand in the position to receive blessings. Originally, ownership was supposed to be established only after Adam and Eve, without falling, had received the Blessing. They were not supposed to own things first and receive the Blessing later. They were supposed to receive ownership of all things in creation after they had received the Blessing from God; it was to be a gift to support their family after they gave birth to their children. Therefore, even though you may have already received the Blessing, you need to indemnify the fact that you owned things before the Blessing by offering everything. Only then can you be granted ownership.

During this process of restoration, you must return what you own to heaven. This will be temporary, since in time you will receive it back when the redistribution takes place. You will offer your possessions to True Parents, and they are the ones who will return them to heaven. Since the first human ancestors, the false parents, turned everything upside down, True Parents must turn it right side up. Then, on the foundation of having blessed all the people of the world, they will redistribute everything and bequeath the right of ownership. From that point on, our right of ownership will be established. This is the viewpoint of the Principle.

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