Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 25

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 1: True Parents’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Chapter 2: Section 4: Paragraph 31-Section 5: Paragraph 6

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31   The 15th day of the 5th lunar month in 2010 was an important date. On that day Mother and I together made a final declaration. At that time, Mother and I came to an agreement on matters about Korea and other matters pertaining to policies. That was when Mother promised that she would unite with me regardless of what happened. Based on her promise, we made our declaration. Amid the final battle with the fallen world, Mother and I made a solemn promise centering on God; that event took place at 3:25 a.m. on the 15th day of the 5th month by the heavenly calendar in 2010.

The hour of that proclamation is significant: three represents the three ages of the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament. In particular, it signifies that this is the third age, the Completed Testament Age, which must never fail. Thus we stated, “As we welcome the age for the completion, conclusion and closure of the Old, New and Completed Testaments, we offer and declare the age in which the ultimate realm of oneness between True Father and True Mother is perfected and consummated, and the age in which God is all-immanent, all-transcendent, all-powerful and all-capable.”

32   O Father, every being in heaven and on earth is totally focused on this day, December 11, 2011. On this day, True Parents perfected, finalized and consummated the original standard of the Creator. Now, Father, You have become the Owner of earth. Now heaven and earth, Father and children, and the family and the world can be totally liberated and enter the state of complete freedom. Accordingly, this is the day to proclaim the perfection, conclusion and consummation of Your victory as the True Parent of the Cosmos, and Your victorious supremacy in the world according to the ideal of creation. Mansei to God! Mansei to True Parents!

Father, as the prince who brought You victory by enabling the family kingdom to come by establishing the realm of total oneness between the True God and True Parents, I have accomplished everything that You asked me to fulfill. Based on all these victories, I proclaim that Your sovereignty is now secured. On this morning we, the Parents of Heaven and Earth who have become one, thank You for giving Thus this chance to proclaim that everything is perfected, liberated and concluded. Aju! 

Section 5. The Way to Become True Parents

True Parents are the example

All human beings were originally supposed to achieve individual perfection within the love of God, become true husbands and wives and true parents, and form true families. Each true family creates a special realm in which we can experience, in succession, love for our parents, love among siblings, love as husband and wife, and love for our children. It is also the fundamental foundation for completing the purpose of creation.

Hence, it is the hope of every human being to form a true family. A member of a true family will grow to become an embodiment of true love, not acting counter to God’s desire, hurting others or abusing the created world. Finally, for the first time since God’s creation, True Parents have fulfilled the ideal of the true family, and thus they have set the example for all human beings of how to live. All people need to pattern themselves after the tradition of the True Parents of Heaven and Earth. Throughout their lives they practiced a life of living for the sake of others by loving God, loving people, loving their nation and loving all created things.

1   True Parents’ family is the model for all families. Therefore, True Parents are re-creating all the families of the world on the horizontal level. Based on the Principle and its laws, they are bringing all families into unity with God. This way they can realize the four great realms of heart, the three great kingships and the realm of the royal family. We first must achieve the authority of the elder son, then the authority of the parents, the authority of the king, and finally the authority of the royal family. When we achieve all these, God will be able to go back and forth freely, day and night.

My vision of the united homeland is that we all can connect to every level—from the individual to the world. Every family should be able to forge connections with all others. When you interconnect as new families, you can build the original homeland. Upon building such model families, you will be welcomed wherever you go. It will be as if God is freely traveling with you.

2   Will you be a happy person when you go to the other world? If many people want to visit you and spend time with you there, you will be happy. Although you come from different backgrounds, races, nationalities and living environments, if you participate in a new family structure in which you have become one in mind and body, one as husband and wife, and one as parents and children and with your siblings, you will find that everything works out well for you wherever you go.

The world that the Unification Church is seeking is one in which we have restored the authority of the elder son, the authority of the parents and the authority of the king, as well as the four great realms of heart. Then everyone will be connected everywhere. As new families, you are responsible to become model families. When your families connect to one another, they will constitute the original homeland. Then God can be with them.

God likes True Parents. You like True Parents as well. Because you like True Parents as God does, He should be able to freely enter your life. Thus, your families must be connected to True Parents and expand. This is how we can build the original homeland. True Parents are building the model family. Based on that family model, many families will be multiplied.

3   What the fallen world needs most are True Parents who have prevailed over the fallen realm by centering on God’s original love. True Parents have gone beyond the stage of fulfilling their portion of responsibility. This is the perspective of the Principle. They have gone beyond the realm of indirect dominion and have entered the realm of direct dominion.

The realm of direct dominion is the world aligned with God’s love. Thus, in this realm there can be no owner other than God. This realm is absolute, because once we become one with God’s love, we do not want another owner. Even as God does not want another owner, human beings do not want any owner but God. God’s love becomes the eternal base.

This is the model True Parents have established. This foundation can be expanded to the family, tribe, people, nation and beyond. Then heavenly fortune will pour down centering on the axis of God’s love.

4   The original ideal world that the first human beings were supposed to establish according to the ideal of creation would have been a world where, centering on God’s true love, true life and true lineage, they would have established the four great realms of heart as true children, true siblings, true husband and wife, and true parents.

However, our first ancestors did not keep faith in God’s Will. Instead they entered into an illicit relationship that defiled their lineage and they inherited the evil seed. As a result of their illicit love relationship, these evil parents passed down the root of evil life and evil lineage to their evil children and thence to all humankind.

This all started when they were yet in their youth. Youth is the most important period in our life. Young people today are immersed in fallen love, behaving just as the first ancestors did. Their value system is reckless and confused. They deny morals and ethics as they pursue free sex and other selfish ends. They flout the parent–child relationship; they do not value the family. This world has indeed become a hell on earth.

If we are to create the kingdom of heaven on earth based on God’s standard of absolute true love, we must turn this world around 180 degrees to God’s side. The devil destroyed the human family. In order to save human beings, God had True Parents create the model of one true family through a reverse course. God is yearning for the world of love and peace that He originally envisioned at the time of creation.

5   In the world today, families are being destroyed. Parents are losing control, and there is no proper order. Siblings are divided. The family has no center, and family members are all going their own way. In order to halt the breakdown of the family, people need the True Parents. By knowing True Parents clearly, broken families can be healed. This applies not only to the families in today’s world; the families of our ancestors must be called back to earth and restored. This has now become possible.

It is called restoration by returning resurrection. The same applies to your descendants. Once you clearly understand the Principle and make it part of your daily life, you can protect them and guide them in the right direction. The reason you need True Parents is to make your family a true family. 

6   God’s ideal of creation is to perfect human beings as the models of love through eight stages of life: in the womb, as an infant, sibling, engaged couple, husband or wife, parents, true grandparents and true king or queen. This course of life was designed to establish the tradition of true love and to perfect human beings as models of true love, within the parent–child relationship. 

The true love, true life and true lineage of the True God are absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. He set up the family model, with unchanging true love at the core, in order to bequeath His true love, true life and true lineage to tens of thousands of future generations.

In the family model, parents and children, husband and wife, and brothers and sisters become one through true love. It is a son who makes his father an owner of true love; it is a wife who makes her husband an owner of true love; it is a younger brother who makes his older sibling an owner of true love. 

On the other hand, a couple without children cannot establish their position as parents of true love. The same goes for women with no husband or men with no wife: They cannot establish their positions as spouses of true love. Likewise, people who have no siblings have no way to establish their siblings as owners of true love.

In order to become owners of true love, we must lift up others and love them more than we love ourselves. As individuals we need to establish mind–body unity, with true love at the center. In the family we need to build unity between husband and wife and between brothers and sisters. Then we must unite nations in the same way. This is how we can create the realm of love through the eight stages and become model owners of true love. This is how we can build ideal families and ideal nations. From that point, eternal worldwide equalization can begin. When it does, the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven naturally will arise.


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