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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 9: Activities in the Media, Education and the Arts for the Culture of Heart
Chapter 2: World Media Conferences and Media Outlets 
Section 2. Sekai Nippo and The News World, The News World
Section 3.The Washington Times, Paragraph 07

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The News World

On December 31, 1976, True Parents raised the banner of their first newspaper in the United States when they established the daily newspaper, The News World. On April 4, 1983, it was renamed the New York City Tribune.

6  So far the media is often an influence for unrighteousness rather than for righteousness. Therefore, we must stand upright for a media promoting justice. If we cannot set the media straight, we cannot save America. This is why I am getting involved directly. What can a religious leader do by running a newspaper? Because newspapers are often a bad influence, my eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, feet and heart are totally focused on establishing a newspaper. This newspaper has become an important starting point and dividing line. That is my policy. Next, we must witness. If we do not do these two things, America will come to ruin. The world will come to ruin. That is why I instructed the missionaries worldwide to obtain training in journalism. I counseled the missionaries and told them that we must go forward, clinging to the world centering on religion. This is the spirit of our media organization. This is a most worthwhile and impressive step.

7  When I said that I would make a newspaper company, The New York Times and The Washington Post laughed at me, saying, "Reverend Moon is making a newspaper company?" Not just anyone can make a newspaper company. A media organization is a complex operation that requires talented people in multiple areas. It cannot be done just by giving someone a salary. When I was establishing Sekai Nippo, I formed the organization four months in advance and then started publication. The News World was set up in less than four months.

8  We have the responsibility to help this nation when it is in crisis. From this perspective, we must make a bulwark according to the will of heaven. We are fighting a battle that is not visible to the naked eye. That is why we must choose a new starting point and direction, draw a line in the sand, and move forward. I have established the turning point centering on the individual, family and tribe, and from now on I must establish the turning point centering on the nation. Today, we must return America to the side of righteousness. If we do not do this, God's Will cannot be realized. When we accepted the will of heaven and carried it out, unexpected results appeared. The News World became famous worldwide. When Reagan and Carter were campaigning for the U.S. presidency, our newspaper predicted that Reagan would get over 350 votes in the electoral college. This was at a time when everyone was saying that Carter would win. However, The News World sent out these kinds of articles all over the nation. So you can imagine the extent to which people said we were crazy. They said, "Look at them setting themselves up for embarrassment."

9  President Reagan has no personal relationship with me. America is the central nation of Christianity, and yet Americans have forgotten their traditional ideology. That is why America is so susceptible to the communist point of view. And that is why I helped them. On election day morning, we published The News World with the headline, "Reagan Landslide." There are over 1,700 newspapers in America, and all of them were saying that Reagan did not stand a chance. In this situation, we stated that Reagan was going to win.

10  When Reagan was sworn in as president, I sent him a letter saying, "God will be with you if you are strong and bold." From now on, many protests will arise in America. Many strategies will be devised in order to attack the Reagan administration. Communist powers are planning to send guerrillas to El Salvador, to strike a blow against Reagan. On the basis of their international strategic plan, a guerilla war is unfolding in El Salvador. This is an undeniable fact. That is why, earlier on, The News World attacked The New York Times. The painful truth is that The New York Times is supporting the ranks of the left. This is the first time that any media company has struck The New York Times. All of this leads me to plan to establish newspaper companies in South America, the Middle East, and Europe.

11  In April 1983, The News World was renamed the New York City Tribune, an excellent name. People will see that the New York City Tribune is striving to establish itself on an equal footing with The New York Times. The same holds true for The Washington Post and The Washington Times. Labels such as Times and Tribune are royal trademarks in the newspaper world. People in New York want to learn about current events from newspapers, and they will evaluate The New York Times and the New York City Tribune on equal terms.

12  Now, Korea's The Segye Times, America's The Segye Times, Japan's Sekai Nippo and The Washington Times must all join The News World Foundation. Then the New York City Tribune, Noticias del Mundo, Ultimas Noticias, and The Middle East Times also must join. All these media organizations should be part of The News World Foundation. When The Washington Times in America reaches a certain standard of success, it will become a powerful voice. Once we reach a new scale of readership, the profitability will strengthen our administrative resources, enabling us to expand our services. They hold great potential to benefit society.

Section 3.The Washington Times


On May 17, 1982, True Parents founded The Washington Times, a daily newspaper in Washington, D.C. It is a conservative newspaper, striving to protect America from the misguided elements of leftist thought. As one of the two major newspapers in Washington, D.C., the other being The Washington Post, which tends to represent the liberal viewpoint, The Washington Times built its reputation through its commentaries on United States government policies, over which it had extensive influence. Also, in 1985, two sister publications of The Washington Times were launched: The World & I, a monthly magazine, and Insight, a weekly news magazine.

1  America is like the head because it leads the free world. If the head becomes dysfunctional, everything will die. Since I knew what would happen to the world in the Last Days and had to deal with it, I had no choice but to make preparations that no one else had thought about. That is why I founded The Washington Times. The Washington Post, which was the only newspaper in Washington, D.C., was contaminated by leftist ideology. What becomes of people who read this newspaper every day? In order to ameliorate that, five conglomerates came together and tried to establish a new newspaper, but they failed. This is because a lot of money has to be invested into it every month. Without a conservative paper, there was no way to mitigate the liberal wave in Washington, D.C. There was no newspaper there that presented a God-centered conservative viewpoint. At that time, there were 1,700 newspapers in America, but The Washington Times came to be the only newspaper standing on God's side. Therefore, The Washington Times was the only one to shine a searchlight to the north, south, east, and west into a world lost in the dark of night. It was the lighthouse for conservatism in a dark world.  

2  I founded The Washington Times in order to save America, the very nation that has been opposing me. Furthermore, I guided political parties and leaders for the sake of America's future. True love involves loving your enemy and still having more love to give. Therefore, the founding traditions of America have to be established anew, and we need to show even greater loyalty to this nation than its own citizens do. If I, as a Korean, do not have greater feelings of patriotism toward America than toward Korea, then the heavenly nation cannot be inaugurated.

3  During the seven-year period after Korea's independence in 1945, heaven was supposed to gather together the world and advance into the messianic realm, but instead Satan destroyed the entire world. He divided Korea, Germany, and the whole world into two. That is how Satan's side became dominant. I am a representative who battled that world. I came to America, raised a flag and put a stop to the Soviet Union and the communist bloc. Gorbachev was not the one who made the Soviet Union collapse the way it did. Based on God's Will, I founded The Washington Times, as a strong anti-communist voice, which put the brakes on communism worldwide. That is why the Soviet Union broke apart.

4  The Washington Times strives to prevent the breakdown of families and aims for a moral world. That is why we have become famous for publishing a special "Family" section in the newspaper. The Unification Church hosted the International Holy Marriage Blessing in Washington, D.C. Where else in America can you hear such good news? Those who have made a name for themselves on the stage of international relations or politics will hold great respect for the Unification Church's family movement. Both rich and poor are interested in this movement in their own ways. If this wind sweeps across America and reaches the level of a typhoon, all of history will pass away, a new spring will come, and new buds will bloom. Holding on to this hope, I carry out this work.

The Washington Times must become a standard-bearer in America's revival. Even if we receive opposition, including from journalists, we have to perfect the founding ideology through a constitutional amendment. The constitution has not yet brought Americans into a perfect union. Centering on a new Puritan spirit even greater than the first, we must create a constitution for the people of the kingdom of heaven. We will not be able to do this work if we depart from Christian thought.

6  The articles found in The World & I are different from those written by regular newspaper journalists. When The World & I publishes an article, it makes suggestions for the future direction we should take, and regular newspaper journalists are unable to do this. Through the vast knowledge of the contributing scholars, we say, "This is Asia's situation, this is Africa's situation, this is Americas situation, this is Europe's situation; therefore, here are the results that are going to come." Thus, The World & I steers the media in the direction of the future. We did not necessarily expect this, but as the years went by, all the predictions and results envisioned by these scholars came to pass. They made great contributions by suggesting the direction that the world's policies need to take.

7  The research done by famous scholars is sleeping in university libraries. This is such a loss for humankind. These research papers should be presented immediately, so that they can be accessed by all educated people. These research materials belong to all humankind. They are not just to be stored in certain university libraries. I declared this at the ICUS in November, 1985. As of now, the PWPA has been established in 82 nations, so many scholars belong to this organization. These scholars send in manuscripts every three months. They immediately send their research in various fields and all the materials that can help resolve the world's problems to the editorial department of The World & I magazine.

I started that magazine in December 1985. Because many great scholars from throughout the developed world are contributing to it, educational institutions need to teach this content. Without gathering the world's great scholars as a vanguard, having them propose a new direction, and then moving forward, the world will come to ruin. No scholar or journalist in America has ever thought about this.

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