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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 9: Activities in the Media, Education and the Arts for the Culture of Heart
Chapter 2: World Media Conferences and Media Outlets
Section 3.The Washington Times, Paragraph 08-21

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8  In the midst of my legal battle with the American government, I approved the funds necessary to launch The Washington Times. I also created Insight and The World & I magazines. I did that in order to revive America. You need to know that I stood in the position to take responsibility for America and to protect America. Even though I faced a barrier of sorrow like an impenetrable fortress, I accomplished my mission and duty to step forward and go over that barrier. The central figure has to take responsibility and protect the nation. I stood in the position to protect America and lead America. The destiny of the numerous nations of the free world depends on this.

9  Through its commentaries on the news, The Washington Times should guide America so that it can deal with communism. Insight magazine publishes 100 percent of the votes cast by all members of the US Congress each day on proposed legislation. Every week we publish exactly how the senators and representatives voted, exposing their positions regarding proposals that are leftist or otherwise harmful to the nation. Lastly, based on contributions by the world's eminent scholars, The World & I is guiding the future direction people need to take in different fields, as well as the direction that America needs to take. In this manner, we are investing our efforts to help the world move forward as one.

Beacon of truth

The Washington Times has maintained a conservative tone, based on the traditional values of American society, and it has been proposing the direction and policies America needs to follow. Furthermore, The Washington Times became a very influential newspaper in Washington's political arena during the time of the Cold War, by publishing unbiased, in-depth reports on the dynamic changes taking place. It has received favorable reviews for its outspoken commentary. Apart from the news department, The Washington Times also initiated innovations in editing and design. On October 15, 1988, the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors awarded The Washington Times with their highest award at the International Newspaper Editors' Conference, which included the participation of major newspapers from the United States, Europe, South America, and Canada.

10  In the future, members of the United States Congress and those who serve in the administration are to  stand in a position of America's central pillar. However, being vulnerable to the ideology and trends of the liberal world, they have not been able to grasp any direction and have fallen into despair. This is why President Reagan gathered five men of great wealth and decided to create a conservative newspaper. However, will Americans pursue a project that will cause them to lose money? No one will do that. That is why I, the one they called the enemy of America and tried to expel, ventured to do this. We started making preparations on January 1, 1982 and published a newspaper on March 1. I sent out 200 people on January 1, and told them, "Make the newspaper by the first day of March!" This is how, 58 days later, the newspaper printed its first issue. This is unprecedented in history. Today The Washington Times, which began like this, has become the beacon of light for the conservative world.

11  Even America's administration and other government institutions know that The Washington Times strives to protect the world and create a peaceful world. The Unification Church has received much persecution in America, but it did not fight back and instead pursued peace. We carried out educational programs for citizens nationwide, and moved forward to plant our root into the most advanced new Christian thought. People know this and trust us. Therefore, American citizens also trust that if a complicated problem arises, The Washington Times will deal with it immediately. The Washington Post and The New York Times are different. The Washington Times always goes in one direction, focused on the traditions of Christian ideology and conservative values. But it is not just wedded to conservatism. We understand the principle of Cain and Abel, so we embrace both right and left. If we publish three articles about the party in power, we make sure that we also publish one or two articles about the party out of power, and maintain a good balance. In this way, no one can complain.

12  The Washington Times is at the cutting edge of the world's media organizations. It has become the number one newspaper in the conservative world in name and in reality. Now the American media, including The Washington Post and The New York Times, recognize The Washington Times as the number one newspaper in the conservative world. By adding an online presence to the newspaper, we are carrying out a movement to pull together the conservative world, and that is how we are in a leadership position. The conservative world is an extension of Christian ideology. We must take a leadership role in Christian thought, but not as a denominational movement. Working from the basics, we are pulling Catholicism and Protestantism forward. Academics and others who know us say that this process could break down unless the Unification Church guides it. So we are pulling everything forward. Because the media world affects everything, if we simply change its direction, we can assimilate everything and leave it healthier than it was.

13  Today, the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) has become an issue. The development of SDI needs to  be understood from the perspective that the Soviet Union and the United States have countless nuclear bombs, and America is trying to develop guided missiles to defend against Soviet attack. I encouraged The Washington Times to take the lead in arguing on behalf of SDI in the debate over government policy on the matter. Even while being accused, centering on The Washington Times, I encouraged the Reagan administration to pursue SDI as a policy. When President Reagan held talks in Geneva, we sent our editor-in-chief to tell them that we must not back down on SDI development. I worked so that they would promise to make that decision.

14  Why is it that the foremost editors-in-chief and owners of media organizations attended the World Media Association conference in London? If journalists in the conservative world come and go for the sake of their own benefit, their differing opinions in multiple newspapers can be a distraction to a nation that is deciding on policy. The world's public opinion should not be like a cloud floating in midair. This is why The Washington Times, representing the conservative world, has been preparing to provide articles to conservative newspapers via the Internet. This will bring these newspapers together. By means of the Internet, The Washington Times can provide articles that are of a quality higher than those they obtain from their private news services. Because of this, people in the media all over the world will be interested in The Washington Times and it will become their primary resource. Our standard has risen to that level. 

15  The media influences the government's executive branch by supplying informative material. This is not the government's job; the government gathers and summarizes these articles that come from the media organizations. It issues the resultant data every week. The Washington Times provides 65 to 75 percent of that information. This means that The Washington Times is informing the decision-makers in all the branches of the administration. Summarized content, centering on the articles of The Washington Times, is issued and disseminated to the whole world through the government's public information agency, which has a great influence.

Thus, The Washington Times is performing a great service by contributing to the world of information, the global tide extending into the future. Through this, communism is melting away. Until now, we moved forward based on the confrontation between communism and democracy. But now we are moving forward by restructuring Christian thought and establishing family ethics as the standard.

16  The Washington Times retains a vast amount of information. If it wants to do an investigation, it can immediately extract and view all the relevant information. Without such a capability, we cannot provide guidance for the world. America's Department of Defense, State Department, White House and libraries send inquiries to The Washington Times regarding obscure and detailed questions. In this way, The Washington Times is becoming known as one of the world's best information sources. That is why the articles published by The Washington Times have the power to influence the world, even moving readers to tears.

17  The Washington Times has experts on the North Korean issue. The State Department's officer in charge of dealing with North Korea has relations with The Washington Times and, while exchanging information, that officer makes inquiries. These people do not know the direction of the providence. They are coming to depend on us. The media and even the politicians are looking to The Washington Times. This newspaper is the place where the best information networks put together a picture of the future. The Washington Times, competing with hundreds of other newspapers, ranks among the top. The advanced nations of the world that hold sway over the six continents, and the world's news services, know that The Washington Times is trusted as the most conservative newspaper in America.

18  If you disconnect from the world of information, you cannot be a leader. Information is that important. That is why I founded a newspaper. What is so outstanding about The Washington Times? It is located in America, but I do not work just for the sake of one nation alone. I work for the Will of God and for the sake of the world. That is why The Washington Times has become a first-class newspaper and has risen to the highest echelon.

19  In 1985, 300 newspapers were selected from American media organizations for review. From among them, the newspaper considered most influential, most talked about, and most productive of exclusive stories was The Washington Times. America has abused me and communist forces have threatened me for publishing The Washington Times, but I continue treading the path of suffering for the sake of the free world, for the sake of the Will of God, and for the sake of the path He desires me to take. We are brave soldiers, confronting these communist threats and freeing the world of communism's cancerous foundation. Heaven has led the historical search for justice, and it tries to establish such organizations and set them up in the central position, the position of the owner. Centering on The Washington Times, the American media will have no choice but to yield naturally.

20  At a design competition entered by 8,000 of the world's newspaper companies, The Washington Times received the grand prize and awards in 38 of their 100 categories. There were 12 judges involved, all of them experts in the fields of performing arts and visual arts from major international newspaper companies. In 1988, the panel of judges voted unanimously for The Washington Times as the first-place winner. There had been a unanimous vote only one time previously, in 1971.

21 The Washington Post and The New York Times are following the way The Washington Times designs its newspaper. I am the one who advised The Washington Times regarding its layout. For this work, my artistic sense is excellent. I advised the staff about everything from the spacing of lines to the overall layout. This design has been taking first place at exhibitions for the past ten years.

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