Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 248

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 9: Activities in the Media, Education and the Arts for the Culture of Heart
Chapter 2: World Media Conferences and Media Outlets 
Section 1. World Media Association, Paragraph 12
Section 2. Sekai Nippo and The News World, Paragraph 05

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12  The media organization that I have established has become so successful that media in the communist world consider it a threat and a problem. I founded The Washington Times, hosted the World Media Conferences, and began the fact-finding tours. By engaging in these activities, the media has entered my sphere of influence, and that is why the communist world feels threatened, so on May 12, 1984, it attacked me as soon as I arrived in the United States. This attack was unprecedented in American history. We confronted and fought the communist power. The communists accused and tried to defame us. Any ordinary organization would barely have survived, and might have even been destroyed. However, we grew even stronger through this fight between good and evil.

13  Based on The Washington Times, and through the World Media Conferences and the fact-finding tours, I established a foundation for the media to set a new direction. My media network is feared most by both the communist world and liberal media outlets in America. Through our organizations, we are receiving all sorts of sensitive information from around the world. We are in an age of information warfare. It is amazing that we can stand on such a global foundation and deal with such issues.

14  The Washington Times had a significant influence on the Reagan Doctrine. In the absence of that influence, the reformation in the Soviet Union and its open-door policy would not have succeeded. Furthermore, at the time of the Gulf War, The Washington Times emphasized that Christianity, Judaism and Islam should not be divided because of this war. If a religious war had broken out, it could have become a race war, costing countless lives. Furthermore, Buddhism and Confucianism are Eastern religions and Christianity is a Western religion, so even an intercultural war could break out.

15  There is one way journalists differ from other people. When journalists from around the world visited the Soviet Union, the authorities told them to follow their guide. But the journalists said, "Don't be ridiculous." There was no way the journalists were going to follow their guide. Whenever the guide took them somewhere, one-third of the journalists would disappear. They all looked around collecting information, and exposed the Soviet Union's restrictive policies being carried out behind the scenes. That is why the Soviet government said, "We are in big trouble; we cannot let this happen." But they could not deny what the journalists had seen and reported. 

In this way, after having visited the Soviet Union, the journalists changed from pro-left to a more true and open way of thinking. They came to know very well that the Soviet Union disguises its actions and thus deceives people. This is straight out of communist theory. Their political system has carried out hidden activities and deceived the world throughout its 70-year history. They deceived people and nations, creating a foundation for global dictatorship. Therefore, journalists no longer have any choice but to realize that until now they have been wrongly accusing conservatives. Journalists will eventually come to see from my point of view.

16  Through the World Media Association (WMA), I sent fact-finding tours all the way to Moscow. There was no other way to expose the Soviet Union. There is no political approach that can block Soviet attacks on the free world. If I had not taken action, there would be a big problem. Communist forces thought that the world would become communist by 1984. I knew this and blocked them, which is why they had to revise their timetable. There was no way to expose the Soviet Union other than through the media. The Soviet Union itself mobilized journalists and utilized diplomatic contacts. We must do the same to counterattack. I founded the WMA and have been carrying out activities related to the Soviet Union for over 15 years.

We must mobilize the media. There are about 1,700 newspaper companies in America. Until now, they have been used as tools of the Soviet Union's foreign policy. That is why America is collapsing. It is on account of the media. At the time of the presidential elections too, they gathered behind-the-scenes information and manipulated public opinion. I have begun to put a stop to this, and now I am implementing a strategy to defeat the world of sensitive information. That is why I created a fact-finding tour, invited the press corps and sent them all over the world.

17  We have to stand in a position to lead the conservative world and resurrect it. The world I have been dreaming of has opened before our eyes. This is why I started and have been hosting conferences under the World Media Association. I am bringing together eminent people to build a world with God at the center. I plan to nurture them to serve as representatives in all fields.

Therefore, it is crucial that we have newspaper companies as well as cable television companies in 185 nations. The Internet makes it possible to connect everything. We need a means to connect the information we gather to the political world. An information highway is necessary. Figuring out how to make this information highway is an urgent matter. With this information highway, it is possible to guide the entire world from the highest point.

In order to establish a reporting and information system that offers worldwide coverage, we need to connect media organizations, cable television broadcasting companies and the Internet. When that happens, instantaneously we can share information from any one location with the entire world.

Section 2. Sekai Nippo and The News World

Sekai Nippo

True Parents realized the need to spread the values of the free world in Japan to deal with the  threat of international communism. Therefore, on January 1, 1975, they founded the daily newspaper, Sekai Nippo. Sekai Nippo, in particular, stood on the front line during the Cold War to warn people about the threat of communism. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the paper attracted attention for its defense of the basic values of freedom and human rights. Sekai Nippo provides exemplary and responsible media coverage, criticizing leftist mass media, newspapers and broadcasting stations.

1  From now on, I must challenge the mainstream media in this country. How will I do it? I will create a media organization and raise a voice from an independent position. Media outlets are leading the world to ruin by becoming the mouthpieces for communism. In the near future, I will establish a newspaper company even greater than The New York Times. We are preparing to publish a daily newspaper in Japan. We must surpass communism quickly. It also can be done in America. If I determine so, it will be possible. Newspaper companies are now facing difficulties with home delivery, so one by one they are disappearing. In the near future, we will build an organization that surpasses current newspaper companies. We have a foundation upon which we will be able to reach distant regions.

2  The Unification Church of Japan owns the daily newspaper, Sekai Nippo. It was established on January 1, 1975. During the previous four months, I had directed preparations to publish this newspaper. I told our members, "We are going to start a newspaper company, so make preparations!" Had those people ever seen a newspaper company? Even if they had, they would not know how to start one. That is why in the beginning they worried, "What are we going to do?" However, I gave them the strict command that this newspaper must be published on the first day of January 1975. That is how Sekai Nippo came about. On the first day of publication, people said, "The Unification Church is operating a daily newspaper, but how long can it last? It will not even last six months." Yet now a year and a half has passed, and our newspaper, far from perishing, has perfected its organization.

3  I told the leaders in charge of each region to distribute free copies of Sekai Nippo every day. Give people free copies all the time. Do this as a volunteer. How grateful do you think the recipients were? Then we would say, "You receive the newspaper for free, but you can place advertisements in it, so please do your advertising in our newspaper." We had local editions that included local and regional news, from the Shibuya district of Tokyo, for example. Therefore, advertisements in our newspaper would be seen by every single household in that district. It became more effective to advertise with us than with any other famous newspaper.

4  I founded Sekai Nippo and then began the World Media Conference. It was the first time I attempted this, but it was successful. Even Japan's leftist newspaper representatives said, "That conference was very interesting." On the other hand, they also said, "Without a doubt, the media worldwide will split in two because Reverend Moon is doing this." The participants were amazed to find out that I founded Sekai Nippo.

5  If I can influence economies, mass communication and universities worldwide centering on Unification teachings, you will see that I will be able to move the world. All of you working in our companies around Japan also will report local news stories as reporters for Sekai Nippo. Go to different places and investigate each field. If people working in America have valuable information, they will send it to Japan's Sekai Nippo. If we can firmly establish Sekai Nippo in Japan, we can train young people from America and Japan to establish newspaper companies around the world. Then we will make a news agency, so that breaking news can be sent out to 130 nations. Without doing this, there is no way to counter the propaganda that media influenced by the communist world is feeding our nations.

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