Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 229

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 3: The UN Renewal Movement, the Abel UN and the Parents' UN
Section 4. The Universal Peace Federation, Ambassadors for peace
Section 4. The Universal Peace Federation, Paragraph 29

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Ambassadors for peace

The first ambassadors for peace were appointed as flag bearers for the movement for world peace during the Assemblies for the Settlement of God's Fatherland that took place in 12 major cities of Korea from July 3 to 12, 2001. These ambassadors for peace, among whom are leaders of nations, come from many backgrounds, and they have been carrying out the mission to extend heaven's lineage to every corner of the world.

17  Ever since the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship, God has been saying to me, "Reverend Moon, you are My beloved Son of all sons, loyal patriot of all patriots, and saint of all saints. You have established My kingship, and I should go and sit on my throne; but where is My throne?" God was lamenting that He did not have His throne. It was heartbreaking to me as God's Son, that God could not stand in the position where He was entitled to stand. Thus understanding God's situation, as I prayed at the first anniversary of God's enthronement ceremony I expressed my apology, saying, "Heavenly Father, I am so sorry. I am ashamed." By now I should have united the entire planet Earth and also united the spirit world, and I should be able to attend God at His throne. In such circumstances, my son who was sent to the spirit world before me is united with True Parents on earth. I see him trying to save the spiritual world and the physical world. I see him ordering an all-out mobilization to educate the spirits of people. Despite all this effort, I was still unable to save God's face. Then God tried to comfort me, "My Son, you offered Me the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship with the authority of liberation in the heavenly world, yet you are still walking in sorrowful circumstances in the nighttime. You still do not have a nation that lights your path." This is God's bitter sorrow. I want you to know: the ones who can dissolve it are you, the ambassadors for peace of heaven's nation. You ambassadors for peace are the secret envoys of heaven's nation.

18  Ambassadors for peace are the secret envoys of heaven. They are the secret envoys in the position of ambassadors with full authority, special ambassadors on the front line. Ambassadors for peace represent the king. As secret envoys, their decisions are considered to represent the decisions of their nation. That is why they are secret envoys. You cannot tell the secrets of a nation to anyone. Ambassadors for peace are in a position higher than the ambassadors of their nations, even those with special portfolios. That is why they have the authority to go in and out of the Cheon Jeong Gung Palace.

19  Ambassadors for peace have their portion of responsibility to achieve their public mission. They have to go as the teachers who understand the significance of the independence of God's fatherland and the liberation of His hometown to all nations. They have to dean up all that is fallen. Their role is not to make small fixes, but to fundamentally restructure their nations according to God's expectation. In particular, they need to teach their nations' leaders to follow heaven's constitution. In other words, they have a responsibility to teach them about this as the ambassadors on behalf of the king of all kings and His anointed representatives. Ambassadors for peace are people who represent the responsibility of the angelic world. Therefore, they cannot go forth while claiming ownership. They have to offer everything back to heaven and uphold the public standard without claiming ownership over anything.

20  Ambassadors for peace are in the position to guide people to the path that leads directly to God. Walking this path requires more loyalty than they have invested in themselves. Now is the era of the ambassadors for peace. Most especially, ambassadors for peace need to align themselves with the principles of absolute sex. From the ground of the Garden of Eden they must dig out the root of our ancestors' Fall that was based on the failure to uphold those principles.

21  Ambassadors for peace on earth represent the angelic world. They can be in the position of elder brother or parent to the fallen Lucifer. The earthly world has been liberated through True Parents and the principles of absolute sex, but the spirit world is still divided. We have to reunite God's new world and the angelic world within the spirit world. Ambassadors for peace are those who have appeared in the midst of these two. They must bring this divided reality back into unity. When this world is unified around the tradition that follows the form of one family—the family that is established based on the principles of absolute sex—then Satan will be vanquished. Peace ambassadors now have to work on uniting the angelic realm with the rest of the spirit world.

22  Ambassadors for peace have to act as the older brothers and the parents of the Archangel Lucifer. That is why they have to put the fundamentals in order in the political world. In order to do that, we formed the Gyojeongdang (敎正堂). This organization is to teach what is right and build a proper home. People should join it and receive education, and various kinds of restructuring should take place. For this, UN troops should emerge again. Then, there will be no more national military forces, but only the UN forces. The UN forces will take the leading role.

23  In the Solomon Islands, I am making preparations to establish a headquarters for the ambassadors for peace of Oceania, in the free world. Japan is another island nation, but it belongs not to Oceania but to Asia. Taiwan as well is an island nation that belongs to Asia. The Philippines too, is in Asia, although it is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Indonesia is the largest nation in the Pacific Ocean, but it is also an Asian country. I have been heading a movement to unite all these nations. Now that rallies for this purpose have concluded, I have begun building an all-inclusive island nations' headquarters for the ambassadors for peace. I am establishing the Oceania peace ambassadors' headquarters in the Solomon Islands. We have to bring these countries to think like one nation.

24  We need kindergarten age ambassadors for peace, elementary school age ambassadors for peace, middle school, high school, university student and graduate school ambassadors for peace. Just as the True Parents, representing God, established ambassadors for peace in many nations and gave them the Blessing, you as ambassadors for peace should do the same on our behalf. Wherever you are, wherever you go, you need to build the foundation for people to welcome God and True Parents. When you do so, and have given them the Blessing, the place where you are will become the kingdom of heaven, the world of liberation and complete freedom.

25  I have even made kindergartners into ambassadors for peace. From now on, I will work with the second generation. It is their era. Once sons and daughters of ambassadors for peace become ambassadors for peace, their numbers will double. They are in the positions of the archangel and the children of the archangel. As you are in the position of UN ambassadors in Adam's family, you need to educate the people, lead them and fly with them. For this reason, once we make ambassadors for peace from kindergartners up to graduate school students and even the presidents of nations, a new world will unfold.

Korean War Memorial Federation, and the peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police On December 13, 2004, in Washington DC, True Father held a commemoration for UN troops that had participated in the Korean War and who had given their lives in order to protect the cause of world peace and freedom. To recognize the value of their sacrifices, he inaugurated the United Nations Peace Forces of the Korean War Memorial Federation in Washington D.C. Later, on June 12, 2006, he held a ceremony to launch the peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police under the auspices of UPF. True Father said that members of the peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police are to fulfill the responsibility of lookouts. Their role is like that of white blood cells in the human body, to maintain the body's health and remove germs invading from the outside. The peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police will guard the peaceful community that is organized based on True Parents' teachings. They will protect it, and also educate others to do so. Notably, they will have the mission to purify the world of evil culture from the infiltration of Satan's world, and to develop the culture of goodness.

26  I am establishing the peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police as a volunteer army and police force to protect the righteousness of God's nation. Veterans from the 16 nations who served with the UN troops that participated in the Korean War are eligible. Among those soldiers from 16 nations, those who survived are like Cain. The descendants of soldiers who died during the war are in the position of Abel, and they should bond with those in the Cain position.

27  I need to form the peace kingdom corps and the peace kingdom police. During the Korean War, 16 nations participated. The Korean War was one through which God fought against Satan. That is to say, it was a war for a divine purpose. The UN and the United States fought for the unification of the Korean Peninsula but returned without being able to fulfill that. This must be rectified. That is why I will hold an event for the United Nations Peace Forces of the Korean War Memorial Federation on July 26, 2005.

28  I will establish the entity called the United Nations Peace Forces of the Korean War Memorial Federation for those soldiers who died in the war on the Korean Peninsula that had a divine purpose, and I will bind together all those who still remain from the war. Then, it will become a world-level organization. I can bring the foreign ministers and legislators from those 16 nations to become ambassadors for peace. Once this is done, I can form the peace kingdom corps and the peace kingdom police. They can educate other soldiers in their nation's military and the members of their nation's police. If they do so, they will naturally bring their nation's military personnel and police to be part of the peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police. Since these entities transcend national boundaries, they will never fight among themselves. Israel and the Arab countries are in conflict at present, but based on this idea we need to help them reconcile.

29  I proclaimed the establishment of peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police in Ukraine. I made the proclamation on October 20, 2005 during my global speaking tour. The Soviet Union stored most of its nuclear warheads in Ukraine. Those warheads could destroy the whole world. If someone pushes a button and detonates some of those warheads, the heat wave could set off other warheads in a chain reaction. Just two or three of those warheads are enough to bring humanity to extinction. We are living in such a dangerous time. This is why, just as the Bible suggests, we have to quickly melt swords into plowshares.

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