Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 228

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 3: The UN Renewal Movement, the Abel UN and the Parents' UN
Section 4. The Universal Peace Federation, The Universal Peace Federation
Section 4. The Universal Peace Federation, Paragraph 16

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The Universal Peace Federation

On August 18, 2000, True Father spoke at the UN headquarters in New York City during an assembly of the International and Interreligious Federation for World Peace (IIFWP). There he proposed that, for the realization of world peace, the UN should be reorganized into an upper house and a lower house. He also proposed the establishment of peace zones at the world's most sensitive borders, including the Demilitarized Zone on the Korean peninsula. 

On September 12, 2005, he inaugurated the Universal Peace Foundation (UPF), a new world peace organization that is intended to work with the current UN. At the keynote speech, True Father stated, "UPF will fulfill the mission of the Abel UN in front of the current UN in the position of Cain." He also emphasized, "This new organization will perform the role of stopping strife and conflicts throughout the world by promoting religious and spiritual awakening, thereby going beyond the UN's inherent limitations." Immediately after the inauguration of UPF, True Parents embarked on a world speaking tour to 120 nations, which they completed on December 23, 2005. During that tour, many world leaders, including the current heads of state of Burundi, Tanzania, Albania, Palau, and the Solomon Islands, served in the role of ambassadors for peace. True Parents had meetings with top leaders of many nations, who agreed to actively pursue the world peace movement. Those leaders included the presidents of the Philippines, Uruguay, the prime minister of Albania, and the crown prince of Cambodia.

10  I plan to establish an Abel UN. It will be similar to the United Nations. I plan to establish an international peace federation with the word "universal" in the name. Its name will be the Universal Peace Federation. This organization will lead us into the one world of Cheon Il Guk, where both heaven and earth are united around peace. That is why the word "universal" will be in it. I will make an official proclamation that the Abel UN will be formed centering on this concept.

11  God seeks peace and unity, whereas Satan seeks conflict and division. The world is at a crossroads, where one path leads to prosperity and the other to destruction. As God and Satan can no longer remain on the same course, evil will disappear and only goodness will remain. This is the path of the Universal Peace Federation. Once Satan completely disappears from the earth, the world will be embraced in the bosom of peace and prosperity. We must establish the Universal Peace Federation, and through its activities we will accomplish the goal of restoring God's fatherland. This has to be our life's goal.

12  The word "universal," meaning "of the cosmos" (cheonju), signifies the house of this universe. All within this house are one great family. The Universal Peace Federation is the organization that will bring peace to this large family. The peace among the members of this large family will naturally lead to the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. Its center is God. Since the center of the huge cosmos is God, it is not True Parents who take responsibility for it, but it is God who takes responsibility. It is not True Parents who are the central beings; we should entrust the cosmos to God's hands. If we entrust this task to the spirit world, as long we are aligned to the way God in heaven is leading us, God's Will can be fulfilled naturally. Wherever you are, you should pay attention to the Universal Peace Federation. In order to take even one step closer to the heavenly world, you should entrust everything to God. If you entrust everything to God, since God will be the center, there is nothing that cannot be realized. Since there is no indemnity and no opposition from Satan, God can do whatever He needs to do. Such a time has come. Since God can perform the role of the Owner, acting as He wills, you should live with the idea that He is carrying you on His back. Then when you advance, you can surmount any kind of persecution. That is the important significance of the establishment of UPF.

13  The Universal Peace Federation is the Abel UN. I already proclaimed its authority as the Abel sovereignty. As the Universal Peace Federation is the Abel UN, having the Abel sovereignty, it will support its UN older brother from the position of Abel, cooperating with its brother instead of killing him. They will establish the tradition of working together in harmony to solve world problems. Once True Parents can be involved, North and South Korea, Russia and China, and Russia and America will not be able to fight each other. Problems will be solved without needing to fight. Once True Parents are allowed to be involved, the communists will recognize them as their parents, and the democratic world will also recognize them as their parents. Then neither side will be able to oppose True Parents. Then and there, they will have absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience to the True Parents, and heaven and earth will be totally united. Then the age of the federation of peace uniting heaven and earth (UPF) will advance to the age of the Abel UN, and when all Cain and Abel relationships are resolved, we will enter the age of the sovereignty of the King of Cosmic Peace.

14  While upholding the banner of the Universal Peace Federation, I am willing to accept the risk of being cursed and beaten. I am the kind of person who wants to have a good end before I pass on to the next world. As I began with pain and suffering, I am willing to end with pain and suffering. I should not have any selfish desires. It is my wish that such things will never happen again, not only in my children's and grandchildren's generations but also for many generations to come. That is why I will hold on to this mission for ten years, even for 1,000 years if I have to.

15  Right after we held the inauguration of the Universal Peace Federation in the United States, I began a 120-nation speaking tour. I planted in those 120 nations the victories that we achieved during our entire life of indemnity. You people of the Unification Church face opposition, but I insist that you march forward without even a hint of fear. Members of the Unification Church in 120 nations have always wondered, "When will Father come to our nation?" This time I went to each and every one of those 120 nations. It was the task of planting our victories. That is why no one could oppose me. Not one among the 120 nations opposed my visit. There was no opposition in any nation, from island nations to peninsula nations to even continental nations. Then I passed on my victory to Mother. As I passed it on to her, I asked her to unite Cain and Abel. So Mother toured and spoke in 180 nations. Even though it was Mother who stepped forward for this task, she did not go alone. We were together, centering on God.

16  True Parents set out on a worldwide speaking tour through 120 nations on September 12, 2005. Its purpose was to establish the lineage that Jesus was not able to establish—to change humankind's fallen lineage to God's. While I was traveling with Mother, I opened the path for her. Eve, by her Fall, defiled the human lineage, and I had to rectify that. However, to rectify Cain's murder of Abel all people have to unite with Mother. As her sons and daughters, they have to take the path that True Parents have set out for them. Jesus in his lifetime, together with his wife who was to become True Mother, should have toured 120 nations and infused the ideal of true family, but he was not able to. Thus, while Mother traveled to 180 nations for this second UPF world tour, she had to bring together Cain and Abel who were divided. She had to bind together individuals, families, tribes and peoples who were all divided from one another. For this, I first had to sever Satan's lineage from humankind, and then Mother, who inherited my foundation, had to resolve the Cain-Abel children's problem worldwide.

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