Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 230

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 3: The UN Renewal Movement, the Abel UN and the Parents' UN
Section 4: The Universal Peace Federation, Paragraph 30
Section 5: The 180-Nation Tour, Paragraph 10

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30  The peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police are similar to the white blood cells and the red blood cells that protect our bodies. Just as these cells cooperate with each other to protect our life, the peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police absolutely have to maintain their structure until humanity passes beyond the boundary line and reaches the last stop, heaven. God is the absolute Owner of heaven, and the heaven that He rules will be absolute, unchanging, unique, and eternal.

31  Your mind and body should not fight with each other. This is the problem. You must unite mind and body, no matter what. The body has been sowing seeds of love while violating the mind. This has given birth to such things as sexual liberation, free sex and homosexuality. In today's world, people are addicted to alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Men and women alike fight with one another, each seeking conquest of the other. This has to come to an end. The peace kingdom corps has to be able to do this. UN forces came to Korea in order to liberate it, but they failed. We have to recreate them through the peace kingdom corps.

32  Your nation needs its own peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police. This universe, the physical world and the spiritual world, needs them as well. A police force and military corps that focus on peace are also needed in the angelic world. There needs to be two layers of defense. When we can perfect it on earth, it will be perfected in the heavenly world. These are not something that exist for the comfort of the individual. These police and military forces are needed so that everyone can enjoy the happiness that comes after the liberation. God was unable to create this safety measure in the Garden of Eden. He could not create the apparatus to provide Adam and Eve with security.

33  The newly created Universal Peace Federation is the Abel UN. It is the same as the United Nations of the heavenly kingdom. We need to create a foundation so that it can have genuine effect. That is why the might of a police force and the might of a military corps are important. These forces need to be stationed wherever there is a conflict. They can educate the people there, and bring an end to the conflict. That will not be a problem. Peace kingdom corps troops will not carry weapons. Their main armament will be education. In like manner, the peace kingdom police will serve as a simple means of defense. As these forces will be our strength in the background, we should not be careless. We have already organized them.

Section 5. The 180-Nation Tour

Rallies for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown

The Universal Peace Federation launched the rallies for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown with a Seoul area rally on March 25, 2006 at Sun Moon University. Similar gatherings were held in Korea's main regions over the ensuing ten days until April 3, and a total of one million citizens attended. At each event, True Parents proclaimed "God's Ideal Family and the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World" and presided over a marriage Blessing ceremony. From April 28 until May 10, True Mother held Universal Peace Federation events for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown in 13 major cities in the United States and Canada. Thereafter, she held events in 180 nations with the participation of the True Children.

1  Now Mother has completed more world tours than I have. Based on the official words that represent the substantial body of Father, and representing all women in the world, True Mother, indemnifying the failure of fallen Eve, must, on that foundation, conclude the fulfillment of her responsibility. I discovered the truth and defeated Satan from the husband's position, laying the foundation for success on the world level. Mother had to tour 120 nations and 180 cities, as if going through the pain of giving birth. Doing that work, during which she shed blood and sweat, she was in labor to give birth. After that comes the work by which Fathers substantial victory is inherited and Eve's responsibility is completed. In the Garden of Eden, Eve could not love and attend her husband. Therefore, carrying the name of the Mother that all the world is able to recognize, Mother had to travel around the world and return to her family, and must take her position. This is the time we are entering. For the first time ever, a family has been established based on a God-centered husband and wife. All women must now become the second selves of Mother and give birth to humanity. Mother cannot do this alone.

2  On March 25, 2006, we held the Universal Peace Federation gathering for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown. What happens now? The nation has received the Blessing and all people must register their names. As the first-ever generation, True Parents, in place of Adam, will be the beginning of the ancestral tree that will expand worldwide. Branches will grow. All humankind and all things of creation will be like one mature tree.

3  All members of the Unification Church worldwide are returning to their hometown after receiving the Blessing. The world is now in the Age of the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown. What you consider at present to be your fatherland is in fact not your real fatherland. That fatherland is Korea. That is where you find the blessed soil of your original hometown. Therefore, a great migration must take place. After that, you must register in your original hometown. Through this registration, you will become the ancestors of the heavenly nation. If you cannot register, you will feel deep regret. If you wait to register, problems will arise. It is not enough just to be here together today; if you do not register you will create a separation that could last hundreds or thousands of generations.

4  What is the meaning of the Universal Peace Federation gatherings for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown? UPF is the Abel UN, but have you ascended to the same level as the Abel UN? If you rise to that position, you must not keep anything and claim that it belongs to you. You have to embody the restored substance of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. Only when you attain the level of embodying these qualities, which God applied during the time of creation, can God's love dwell within you. The question is whether you have achieved such a level.

5  Mother is giving a speech in Jakarta, Indonesia on May 29, 2006. We have to mobilize the entire spirit world, centering on the peninsula and the sea, to give birth to the cultures of the land and ocean. Then the completion of the Blessing will be accomplished. All those descended from the Mongolian peoples, who comprise the Cain realm, must be connected as blood relatives. After giving them the Blessing, we must bind the greater Mongolian people, who have spread out in all four directions, into one lineage. The Blessing, when given on the national level, will end opposition on the national and world level. Humanity is not static. Until now, True Parents have been working, but now the blessed families must step forward. The religious sphere and the national sphere must unite to form a grand Abel realm possessing greater power than that of Satan's world, and assimilate the realm of the greater Mongolian people. They must unite not through force, but through God's true love. This will be the start of a new unity between the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.

6  On June 2, 2006, Mother met the president of India. I heard that he said, "Reverend Moon's family ideal is wonderful." Ordinary people cannot think of gathering together families in order to form a single lineage. In doing this, I moved history forward. Leaders in the highest position understand these types of things immediately. They understand the reason I do this. True Parents, who have received so much lifelong persecution, have transcended the boundaries of nation and religion, and given the marriage Blessing publicly. The problems of the family and youth, which are becoming more severe throughout the world, can only be solved by True Parents' special authority.

7  There was a great commotion among the members of Unification Church in America regarding Mothers lecture that was held in Jerusalem on June 29, 2006. They said, "How can we hold an event in a war zone?" but this was not their decision to make. Was it sufficient that they just voiced their concerns about safety without thinking about going there themselves to shield Mother? When the leader in charge of the event called me to ask, "How should I deal with this?" I asked him, "What are you worrying about? Is whether you live or die your main concern? When you find yourself on the path of death, you have to complete that course! You have to take responsibility for the problems that you encounter." When someone stands in a central position at any time in history, that person has to maintain that central position, fulfilling his responsibility.

8  Only a few more African nations remain, and then Mother's world tour will be finished. We resurrected people in many parts of the world this time by holding life-giving Blessing events. None of that will disappear. Now every day the Blessing will gradually expand. It will grow every year until it covers the entire world. Mothers beautiful presence, her beautiful voice, and the quality of heaven's grace have the power to re-create. Therefore, when Mother sees prominent people attending her world tour, she joyfully steps forward with a heart that says, "Please become thoroughly immersed in the grace of heaven and become the ancestors and nations who will receive the respect of your descendants."

9  People are more valuable than money, knowledge or power. Accordingly, without Mother, I am miserable. Mother has now completed the events in Africa, and is halfway to Uruguay. Reaching Uruguay takes 16 hours. Without Mother, it seems as if I have no ground to stand on. However much one may mention the good things in the world, I cannot appreciate them. A man needs a woman and a woman needs a man as a companion to share that joy. The principles of heaven and earth require that there be companions who harmonize and go through life's vicissitudes together.

10  Now that the Universal Peace Federation events for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown have concluded, we must achieve global unification. Our sole final mission is to connect the nation and the world. This is now the time when, as blood relatives of True Parents, after taking responsibility for the spiritual and physical worlds, the blessed families on earth and in the spirit world together can attend God in the realm of grace. Until now we followed True Parents so that we could recover the original family and attend God. After reclaiming the family, we have reached the time when heaven and earth can attend True Parents and, through attendance, receive salvation. It is not the age of believing; it is the age of practice. The age of restoration has ended. Everything has been accomplished, and our job now is to attend.

Three generations of the True Family on the speaking tour From August 31 until October 14, 2006, the world speaking tour commemorating the founding of the Universal Peace Federation covered 12 cities in each of 40 nations, a total of 480 cities. The tour involved three generations: True Mother, who represented True Parents, some of their children, some spouses of the True Children, and some of True Parents' grandchildren as well as other members of True Parents' extended family. On September 5, at the former world headquarters church in Cheongpa-dong, True Father held a special gathering to pray for that tour. Then on October 18, at Cheon Jeong Palace, True Father presided over the celebration of the homecoming from the victorious tour.

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