Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 227

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 3: The UN Renewal Movement, the Abel UN and the Parents' UN
Section 4: The Universal Peace Federation, Summit Council and Federation
Section 4: The Universal Peace Federation, Paragraph 09

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Section 4. The Universal Peace Federation

Summit Council and Federation

The first conference of the Summit Council for World Peace (SCWP) took place May 31-June 4, 1987, with 20 former heads of state, at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul. The Summit Council for World Peace, which convened conferences of former and current heads of state and other policy leaders in the global arena, became the center of the Federation for World Peace (FWP). True Parents founded the Federation for World Peace at a gathering at the Little Angels Performing Arts Center in Seoul on August 28, 1991, on the basis of their 1990 discussion with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. At the inaugural assembly, True Father said in his keynote address that each country must reject the pursuit of its own individual national interests as the basis for policy, and suggested the creation of a world summit that would build relationships of trust and mutual understanding among nations. In accordance with this suggestion, the participants deliberated on how nations might transcend their own narrow interests in order to further the cause of world peace.

1  True Parents, who come as the Lord at the Second Advent, must achieve the unified realm of the Third Israel with the cooperation of the United States and present-day Israel. No one understands this, and for that reason the Unification Church, which alone is aware of what must take place, must assume responsibility for it. World figures who have made a personal connection with True Parents must now connect with one another. The Summit Council for World Peace has been established for this purpose.

2  I see the most serious world problems to be first, communism, second, the crumbling of religions, and third, immorality among the young. Currently, world leaders are grappling with the problem of communism. We can divide world leaders into two groups, one group representing the secular, external world, and the other, religious leaders, representing the internal world. The question of how to revive a spiritually impoverished religious world is the one faced by religious leaders in the world today. And then there are the moral problems of our youth. I will gather scholars from around the world and create summit meetings with presidents and prime ministers from many nations. There, I will present a high-level view of the path of the future world. I have launched organizations and movements aimed at resolving these three problems. I have gone beyond the point of weighing whether or not this effort is possible. I am actualizing it. Academic communities of the world recognize that I am the only person who can defeat communism. Even world leaders understand that there is no one else to save this world from communism. And I have redirected the external world by gathering leading intellectuals and having them examine the centrality of absolute values.

3  When we convene the Summit Council for World Peace we must gather the best scholars. This is to lay a foundation to move the leaders of the nations. When a summit is convened, at least three people from each nation, including a former president or prime minister, should be present. This will give those gathered the authority to tell anyone, "You must listen to what we are saying." Problems will thus be solved easily. With this in place, when we bring the most authoritative scholars and former and current presidents of all nations to like me, the world will turn around.

4  In 1995, participants at the Summit Council for World Peace included former presidents and prime ministers. They stand in the position of Cain in front of True Parents, who bring the promise of the new realm of kingship. In every country, the president and former president have a Cain-Abel relationship. There are often at least three former presidents residing in a given country. I even know of one country with seven. Former presidents can influence the current president of their nation. I made a foundation by interweaving them in the background, and as a result, they will move the presidents to welcome me at a status above the level of state guest. I will deal with nations that accomplish this. I will visit those countries that promise to bring at least one-third of their citizens to stand together and participate in the Blessing.

5  Globally, I am uniting religions centering on the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, and I am conducting a movement to bring harmony in politics centering on the Federation for World Peace. Such a movement must be created either by someone who understands God's providence or by a nation that stands on the side of heaven. To this day, such a nation has not existed. Therefore, the one who understands God's providence must be the one to accomplish it. I am the one who stands in this position. As I achieved this, we must move directly forward, starting on the individual level and advancing all the way to the world level. I am the one who has triumphed over communism.

6  In order to come from the Old Testament Age and complete the New Testament Age worldwide, we must resolve all the conflicts that arose due to the death of Jesus on the cross. True Parents founded the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace and the Federation for World Peace in order to unite into one the right and the left, as well as the separated mind and body. True Parents helped resolve the problem between right and left, and we are binding people together in the Islamic world through the marriage Blessing. The position of the Returning Lord is based on a revival of the consciousness of Jesus. Therefore, True Parents must gather together the world of religion and the world of ideology. The Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace unites the entire world of the mind, while the Federation for World Peace unites the world of the body. Harvesting the fruit on the worldwide level, they will end the separation of mind and body.

7  In Europe, a cultural realm of oneness is being formed with Christianity at the center. However, the conflict between Protestantism and Catholicism remains a problem. Who will bring Protestantism and Catholicism together? We are the only people who can bring these two groups together. North and South America will become one, once Europe unites. Currently, the two American continents are fighting one another: the North American, Protestant realm of independence versus the South American, Catholic realm of Latin culture. But if Europe becomes one, North and South America also will naturally unite. If this happens in Europe, and in North and South America, then the Asian realm surely will follow. The Unification Church, which represents Asia, can pull everything into one alliance. Therefore, as soon as possible, Japan, China and Russia must bind together. This is the purpose of the Federation for World Peace conference, which convenes in Seoul in March 1994. Oneness must come about by establishing a values-centered viewpoint within the cultural realm.

8  Four powerful nations, America, Japan, China and Russia, surround the Korean Peninsula. My intention is to organize leading figures from these four countries and to hold a world peace conference. We will gather representatives from at least 120 countries to advocate this world peace conference, in order to place the United Nations in the Abel position. With that, along with the signatures of the representatives of these four nations, not one country in the world will decline from participating. Gathered here will be America, Russia, China, Japan and others, the most powerful economies in the world. If they are unable to accept the direction determined during this peace conference, they will encounter problems in trade, diplomacy and other areas. This is why I have founded the Federation for World Peace. A gathering of just a few powers from the same region cannot create a world of peace. The world's leading politicians have concluded that I am the only person with the foundation to lead the world in this direction in the future.

9  There have been many kinds of peace conferences throughout the world. However, when you analyze things carefully, you realize that participants cannot find the path to true world peace because they are blinded by individualism. They put their own interests or the interests of their own country first. In addition to the Federation for World Peace, I founded the Women's Federation for World Peace, the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace and the Youth Federation for World Peace, because I have a dream of creating a central global organization that represents humankind, which can lead the world of the 21st century toward a new altruism based on living for the sake of others. Looking ahead to the coming century, let us strive to establish a world characterized by the practice of living for the sake of others. Let us create a world order based on the practice of true love. I established each of these organizations as a platform for the practice of love on the world level. Even though it has been less than three years since the founding of the Federation for World Peace, many world leaders have come on board, and I am very pleased about that. All of you, please understand clearly the origin of my motivation to start this world peace movement, and let us strive to build a truly peaceful world together.

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