Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 226

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 3: The UN Renewal Movement, the Abel UN and the Parents' UN
Section 3. The Mongolian Peoples' Federation, Founding the Mongolian Peoples' Federation
Section 3. The Mongolian Peoples' Federation, Paragraph 17

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Founding the Mongolian Peoples' Federation

On September 23, 2004, True Parents founded the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace (MPFWP) in Seoul. This organization is a global federation for peace that brings together people with Mongolian ancestry, who make up 70 percent of the world's population. In their founding declaration, True Parents stated, "Human history has now ushered in the era of great transition, when the barriers of religion, ideology and so forth will be abolished. We are founding the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace in order to take the lead in realizing a world of peace through reconciliation and cooperation, interdependence, mutual prosperity, and recovery of the original standard, based on the values of true love and true family." They went on to encourage people with Mongolian ancestry to come together in solidarity, fulfill the mission of pioneers, and bring all people of the world to be saved and blessed in marriage. Having something in common brings people together and unites them. Therefore, True Parents intend to connect humanity as brothers and sisters through this attribute of Mongolian ancestry that so many people share. In particular, True Parents said that these people are central figures who need to inherit and preserve God's lineage of goodness in its pure form. They called on the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace to fulfill its mission as the firstborn son.

6  We have to revolutionize the fallen world. This is why at the UN I declared the abolition of national borders. Because the UN has not pursued this, I created the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace. More than 70 percent of the world's population shares Mongolian ancestry. This is a fact of history. So if these people hear my teachings and decide to receive the marriage Blessing, they will form interconnected relationships throughout the world. If the greater Mongolian family follows my words, unites as one, and carries out enthronement and coronation ceremonies for God's kingship, barriers between nations will disappear.

7  People belonging to the greater Mongolian family can be found around the world. They transcend national boundaries. They can be found at the southern tip of South America. They even inhabit nations that compete with one another to conquer the South Pole. There is no way to prevent the Mongolian people from communicating with one another. The word "family" refers to a group of people who live in one town or under one roof, so a national border cannot divide them. This is why the members of the Unification Church, representing the internal aspect, the heart, and the Mongolian people, representing the external aspect, the body, must unite based on the faith and values of the Unification Church. Thus, we can set the stage for the entire world to be bound together completely as one great family.

8  There appears to be no way to create one nation and one world on earth. This is why I founded the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace. It is like the United Nations. By taking this route, barriers between nations will disappear. No one will oppose or criticize this approach. The nation of peace will emerge when we build the bridge that connects to the liberated world of peace, and thus we will begin the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.

9  More than 70 percent of all people belong to the greater Mongolian family. When the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace acquires a position higher than the UN, no one will want to miss its general assembly. Once the federation reaches that stage, we will have gone beyond the level of the UN General Assembly, so we will not have to worry about creating an Abel UN. National barriers will disappear, and we will be able to travel anywhere. The Mongolian birthmark indicates that we are the same people. People who live in the same locale are not necessarily coming from the same people. When people who come from different lineages gather together and support each other, they can become compatriots, but it does not mean they are the same people. But members of the same people are connected to the same ancestors from head to toe. Your face differs from that of others, but it closely resembles your ancestors' faces. You are connected to your ancestors and can receive their support.

In terms of lineage, a family is the fruit of thousands and tens of thousands of years of history. The bloodlines of tens of thousands of ancestors follow the laws of genetics, so their characteristics are bound to reappear in subsequent generations. This means a white couple can even give birth to a black child. Since you are the fruit of this process, you cannot say you belong only to yourself. You represent your ancestors, and you link the present to your descendants to come, for you are connected with them by a common lineage. If you were to pull in your bloodline, you would be pulling everyone connected to it toward you.

10  I founded the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace in order to hasten the worldwide conversion of lineage. Before we can convert lineage, we need to convert ownership, and before we can convert ownership, we first need to convert the realm of the heart. At present, the world is doing this backward, but conversion of ownership and lineage are meaningless without prior conversion of the heart. The conversion of lineage, ownership and the realm of the heart are the most difficult things to accomplish. Even if you live in an advanced and wealthy nation like America or Japan, you will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven if your mind and body are in conflict. I have a logical teaching about how and why the mind and body came to be in conflict. The human Fall began from Satan's love, and that has to be reversed through indemnity—going through situations where you have ownership over nothing, where you do not regard your body as belonging to you, nor your conscience as belonging to you. You will not be satisfied unless you revolutionize your mind and body and connect them to God by a grafting process. Wild olive trees have to receive a graft from the true olive tree.

11  In the liberated realm of the Fourth Israel, we need to unite the lineage and root. By so doing, we form the nation of the Fourth Israel, that is, a nation and a world expanded from a family, based on the united and liberated sovereignty of the king of kings of goodness. In other words, all nations should be brought together as one through the family ideal and connected to the world. When this nation in the form of a family is thus established both in heaven and on earth, all friends and relatives who have received the Blessing under God as their Parent can stand in the position of children and become members of our original homeland, our original nation of eternal peace and prosperity.

12  After going through pain and suffering, the Lord at the Second Advent has finally restored the authority of the chosen people of Israel, eliminated Jesus' sorrow over being crucified, and appeared in this world as his substantial resurrected body. He has shouldered the responsibility to block the way of everything evil in this world and to reach the absolute standard of true love, true life and true lineage, not only to manage the origin of all love, life and lineage, but also to digest and absorb it.

True Parents, who have come to this world bearing the news of the Blessing for the change of lineage, have been opposed by Satan's world and by all people, both in the spirit world and in hell on earth. However, through the Blessing they have connected the realm that is separated from evil on the individual level to the realm that is separated from evil on the levels of the family, tribe, people, nation and world. On this foundation, True Parents have been enthroned as the king and queen of blessed families on the levels of the individual, tribe, people and nation, and they have taken the position of the king and queen transcending religions and nations, centered on the realm of religion.

Centering on the upper and lower houses of the Congress of the United States, representing the realm of the Second Israel, the True Parents—who recovered the name of the Owner of true love, true life and true lineage and who are in one heart and one body with the founders of the religions and their representatives on earth—won over countless Cain-type kingships in Satan's world and established the kingship of eternal and unchanging peace with God at the center. Then, centered on oneness within the world of faith, they established authority through their victory and inaugurated the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace, the nation that represents the Cain realm.

This is the age when we can unite the entire realm of brothers that was once lost, and dedicate its kingship to God. In this period, True Parents can now demolish the barriers in the Cain world on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos, and even hell, and create a realm of Blessing and liberation based on lineage, after creating a common value system with a just standard. By so doing, the betrayal of the blood relatives of Adam's family can be set right. Thus, we have ushered in an age in which we can inherit the liberated authority of victory of the earthly and heavenly worlds, based on the kingship that God, the King of Peace, has established, and based on the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace, representing the Cain world.

13  God is the King of Peace, and the nation where God lives is the hometown of peace and the fatherland of peace. You need to know about this God. The most important thing is how we are to understand this absolute God. Since human beings live on this one planet Earth, they are brothers and sisters, one bloodline, and one great family. God's providential view has been hidden from us. This hidden knowledge must be revealed. With this in mind, I have convened this conference for the Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace. This conference must be the meeting of God's children, the gathering of God's family. This is our goal.

14  Even though people bearing the Mongolian birthmark married each other, they also spread east, west, north and south and married local inhabitants. As a result, many ancestries became mixed in. Their bloodline diversified as they expanded across five oceans and six continents. Their descendants may be of the same family but they have a variety of ancestors. To resolve this, we need to turn the realm of the greater Mongolian family into a realm of the Mongolian blood-related peoples based on the standard of the Blessing that goes beyond the national level. This blood-related tribe does not come from different lineages but from only one. 

15  I founded an association through which religious people can unite, and I have also brought together the Mongolian people, so that they are now taking the same path. These two groups are Abel and Cain. Though they formerly fought each other, they have now planted the victorious banner of peace on this land. We have to resolve the bitter sorrow of Adam and Eve and attend True Parents. Then we must enter the presence of God and tell Him, "Heavenly Father, we have returned," and weep endless tears from the heart. We separated from God with tears, but after we have achieved restoration through indemnity with tears, we will enter the heavenly palace of the original ideal. And when God assumes His rightful place and all His people take an oath that they will become the owners of everything under heaven, that will be the beginning of God's eternal kingdom.

16  Uniting the greater Mongolian people through the Blessing is a movement to abolish national barriers. Mongolian people are present in all the nations in Asia, including not only Korea, Japan and China but also Russia. This is an amazing fact. Thirty percent of early European immigrants to America were also descended from the Mongolian peoples. Achieving world peace will not be a problem if we can bring them together through the Unification Principle.

17  In Adam's family, Cain killed Abel. Religions were established to escape from this path, and now the time has come for God to assimilate the Cain world through religion. Now that the kingship of goodness has begun, we have to find the trans-religious and trans-national realm. If the first son in Adam's family had not killed Abel but had established the authority of the elder son, as his parents' representative, the family could have been firmly established. That did not happen and the situation was turned upside down. Therefore, ultimately the Mongolian people need to unite as one greater family and take the position of the elder brother. Then they can establish the true authority of the elder brother, and their younger brothers can take their rightful position. Only then can we achieve the liberation of the angelic world, Satan's world and even hell. The fundamental rule of liberation demands that we serve the Cain world, respecting its older-brother position. Only then can this world become a world of peace. Now, by engrafting the lost origin of God's lineage, we can settle in a position of complete liberation.

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