Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 225

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 3: The UN Renewal Movement, the Abel UN and the Parents' UN
Section 2. Global Unification Leadership, Anointed representatives (boonbongwangs)
Section 3. The Mongolian Peoples' Federation, paragraph 05

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Anointed representatives (boonbongwangs)

On April 13, 2008, True Parents selected some national messiahs to serve as anointed representatives (boonbongwangs). True Parents asked them to go out to all corners of the world and complete a new heaven and a new earth, that is, Cheon Il Guk. Boonbongwang is a Korean word that refers to a position held by the prefects of Rome at the time of Jesus, who governed regions such as Judea. True Parents said that if Jesus had not died on the cross, he would have sent out these anointed representatives to all parts of the world through Rome, and thus realized Cheon Il Guk, the peace kingdom of liberation and freedom, at that time. True Parents emphasized, therefore, that the mission of the anointed representatives is to teach the highest leaders in every nation and bring them to work for God's Will.

18  At the Universal Peace Federations Rallies for the Restoration of the Home land, I asked the True Children to join True Mother and I. Because of the unity True Mother and the True Children had with me, we were able to hold the rallies. It takes more than Father to purify the lineage. The lineage is purified only when the ovum and sperm are united. This is why Father must create the path for Mother. The purpose of the speaking tour of 120 nations was to find people in those nations who can become anointed representatives. This is what Jesus should have arranged in 120 nations on the national level.

Anointed representatives govern representing heaven. Representing their nation, they have the authority to purify the lineage, and, centering on Cain and Abel, to separate people from Satan's lineage. That is why our sons and daughters had to be one with Mother.

19  Anointed representatives should unite those who have served over time as a nation's leaders. If there are six former leaders in a particular nation, the anointed representative should choose the two most exemplary among them and then pick one of those two by lot. Human will should not interfere in this. Even in a family, a father cannot do things arbitrarily. The father and mother should draw lots. Only when the person in charge receives heaven's approval can he act as the owner in his household. The Will is not fulfilled at random. An orderly world is formed in accordance with strict formulas and principles, and that is why this great universe has been able to operate as it has until now without its components colliding. These laws apply to the ends of the earth, and people who do not obey them will become corrupted and lost.

20  National messiahs are similar to the prefects who served during the Roman Empire. They are governors and Abel-type kings. Therefore, when you are a national messiah of a nation, like a prefect, you stand in a position where you can appoint ambassadors and lead that nation directly while positioned on the side of heaven.

21  Now we have to anoint representatives for 194 nations. An anointed representative is a person who should be able to solve the problem of who will be the nation's next president. This is why the kingship of parents must be established on the foundation of the Cain-type kingship and Abel-type kingship. From God's standpoint, the anointed representatives are more worthy, even, than the president of the United States.

22  The financial resources of Cheon Il Guk, the peace kingdom, have to be used to build embassies in each nation. Then the Unification family must send out the anointed representatives. The anointed representatives are like the prefects assigned to far-off places in the Roman Empire. The time has come for you who have restored the position of the elder brother and have become the number one son to be dispatched as the anointed representative. You are the people who have come forward with the mission to lead the peoples of this world as their ancestors. Those who do not understand the Principle cannot participate in this. God's peace kingdom is the true fatherland for blessed families.

23  National messiahs are like my anointed representatives. They are comparable to the prefects appointed by Rome, the governor-generals who ruled the provinces of the Roman Empire. My anointed representatives are Abel-type kings who are to save their people. National messiahs should take the position of my anointed representatives, my governor generals, and become one with the head of their nation. But you national messiahs failed to do this. Therefore, even now you should make a condition to go back to your mission country and educate the president of that nation about the Will so that he can follow it. When you go to your mission country, you should establish oneness with the national leader and work with the blessed families and church members there to turn that nation around. You are responsible to spread the news that I am the Lord at the Second Advent, the Savior and the True Parent, so that no one, not even slum-dwellers, can claim that they have not heard it.

24  There are anointed representatives and ambassadors for peace in 194 nations. Those who have been assigned as national messiahs have to fulfill their responsibility as anointed representatives. After directly supervising the ambassadors for peace, the anointed representatives are responsible to teach them so that they can live as families of heaven’s nation. There are not many days left, and the anointed representatives have the responsibility to finish this work as quickly as possible.

25  National messiahs, as anointed representatives, should educate the people of their assigned nation. They need to become leaders who can educate their nation's present rulers and call upon its past rulers and instruct them. I have created the textbooks and trained educators who are more than capable of this. Therefore, I am the Peace King. The Peace King is the king of kings. I have become the King of Peace and live in attendance of God. This is why I am the king of kings and, at the same time, the king of all nations. I am the king of all kings. This is why God is with me. I opened the door and liberated God, who had been trapped helplessly for tens of thousands of years.

Section 3. The Mongolian Peoples' Federation

National messiahs

The movement to discover our roots On June 23, 1989, the Korean Root-finding Association,which researches family ancestry, made True Father its chairman. True Parents believe that if,through their clan association, people inherit true love, true life and true lineage by means of the marriage Blessing in accordance with True Parents' teachings, this will facilitate the restoration of humanity. Therefore, they supported this organization. True Father said that the movement to discover family roots will continue until all people become true children who have inherited God's lineage.

1  We have an organization called the Korean Root-finding Association. Science has its roots, philosophy has its roots, and religion has its roots. I therefore suggest that we create a root-finding association for all of these fields. What does the research of family roots mean? The root of such things as peace, love, unity, ideals and service is the absolute God. They all go back to the absolute God. Humanism will decline. It does not know the fundamental root. We are trying to carry forward such a movement.

2  Organizations that research family roots can encompass all aspects of human life. All fields that influence this world, such as history, science and religion, can be explored by these associations. There is only one root for everyone, be they politicians, economists or scientists. That is why this movement to discover roots needs to be globalized. The Korean Root-finding Association should first try to expand its scope to the greater Mongolian family, consisting of all people having the Mongolian birthmark. I'm saying that we should find our blood relations first. But this tribe cannot be the root; the ancestors of this tribe are the root. Other than God, the ancestors of the tribe with the Mongolian birthmark are True Parents on earth. So each and every member of that tribe has no choice but to gather on the side of True Parents.

3  One entity cannot have two roots. It can have only one central root. Religion has to present the truth and the theoretical worldview that can explain this. Religions should help us come to the conclusion that this root—which is in particular the root of the movements for unity and peace—is the personal God. At the same time, this root, which is one and unique, encompasses everything, including Confucianism and Buddhism. This is why their adherents are destined to accept the Unification Principle.

4  You blessed families are part of one great family. Whether you come from the North or the South, you are all one brethren. In Korea, people of all 286 surnames—such as Kim, Pak and Moon—are part of one great family. By assembling this greater Mongolian people with the Mongolian birthmark, we will form the realm that can bless a united world. More than 70 percent of the world's population, that is, more than two-thirds, have the Mongolian birthmark, so when they receive the Blessing and unite as one people, they will create a natural realm of peace. And when they come to belong to the one Father who has the authority as their Lord, with no obstacles separating Him from them, they will prepare the territory for the king of world peace. Since their origin and their root is God, no one will want to remain ignorant of Him.

5  Most people in Asian nations are part of the Mongolian lineage and have the Mongolian birthmark. Half the people in the Middle East, as well as the people in Europe, also belong to this lineage. You become a member of the greater Mongolian people by marriage, just as people could become Israelites by marrying someone of Israelite stock. In the same vein, we are now beginning Root-finding Association activities based on True Parents' lineage, the realm of the chosen people. We have to prepare for people to connect to the Root-finding Association to find their ancestors. They must go beyond the age of liberation and complete inner freedom and advance into the age of one eternal kingdom, the age of eternal peace and tranquility. People must now connect their lineages to God's lineage. The people of the Mongolian lineage are dispersed across the world, and we need to quickly bless them.

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