Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 224

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 3: The UN Renewal Movement, the Abel UN and the Parents' UN
Section 2. Global Unification Leadership, Paragraph 08-17

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8  National messiahs are in the position where they will have to invest on behalf of God. And when investing as an individual, they should not give priority to their family or anything else over the nation for which they are responsible. If national messiahs plan to make money in their assigned nation and return home, they will be punished. You cannot return home. You need to create the proper environment in your nation. To do so, you need to invest love and life even when you give directions. Then the people of Satan's lineage will surely bow their heads before you. We need to eradicate Satan's lineage in this way. We cannot do it by force. We have to bring about voluntary surrender. Such is the work of re-creation. This is the same as God's great work of creation, which He accomplished as the absolute subject partner investing His entire being without any expectation of recompense. The same applies to you. National messiahs are the true parents who invest for their nation. That is why national messiahs have to invest everything in their nation. They have nothing of their own. You should not leave behind a house or land and think, "I will come back later and live there." You should not have anywhere to return to.

9  As national messiahs, you represent True Father and True Mother in your nation. Therefore, you and your spouse should form relationships with the couples who represent that nation, such as the president and first lady. That relationship connects the past, present and future. If there are many good ancestors of that nation, every one of them will make contact with their descendants on earth. Ancestors connect to the physical world through their descendants, but their descendants may not be in high positions. Because this world has been under Satan's dominion for so long, bad people have stood at the forefront of power. Good people, unfortunately, have been in relatively low positions. Therefore, when spirits in the incorporeal world visit the descendants of good ancestors and try to cooperate with them, the fact is that the people they cooperate with might not be in high positions. This is why you should not confine your attention to the people of the highest social classes. You represent your nation's head, be it the president or king, and should treat all the people in your nation impartially. If you fail to do this, you will block heavenly fortune from coming to your nation.

10  The national messiahs' nations have religious leaders, and the national messiahs have to be more devout than those religious leaders. There are patriots in that nation, and national messiahs should not be outdone by them. It is the national messiahs' duty to surpass their offering. That is the task given to national messiahs. In light of God's Will, responsibility is given to people in high positions. We do the opposite of the way of the world: the higher your position, the more important and various the fields you have to invest in without any expectation of recompense. This is why my life is exhausting, far more than if I were to live for my own sake. Though exhausting it may be, I do not consider it wearisome. You must understand the importance of the position you are in as national messiahs. Your families have been established as the representatives of Father, of True Parents, and you should work accordingly. For God to come to your nation and work freely centering on your family and the Unification Church, you need to stand in the position of an owner who can bring about re-creation. You have to recreate through the power of God.

11  National messiahship is a conditional responsibility on the basis of a covenant you have established in front of God and Father. You cannot expect to continue the old habits you developed while living freely in Korea. You must become new. You need to set conditions according to the standard of the age of equalization. You will find yourself in great trouble if you continue to live as you please and forget the conditions you need to set. Your entire clan will perish. If several tribes are destroyed, your nation will not be able to follow the path it is meant to go. Your nation itself could be destroyed. I have no doubts because I know that this is the way. In my life, I have never doubted. I always fulfill the things I believe in and promise, even if it means having to go to some trouble to do so. You too must set a condition in front of heaven so that you can eliminate any condition for Satan's accusations. Only when you stand in the position of liberation and freedom can God protect you. You receive blessings by performing ancestral rites well. Therefore, as national messiahs, you need to fulfill your conditional responsibility. Since you have gone to your nation taking responsibility in my place, you need to follow my direction and distribute blessings to each country.

12  In their assigned nation, national messiahs must wake up earlier and go to bed later than their church family. They are in the parents' position. If your church brothers and sisters do not have clothes to wear, the national messiahs should give them their own clothes. It will not do at all for them to fail to give such personal care and yet wish to exercise authority on the national level.

13  National messiahs must become people who are able to manage their body with their mind as the center. They need to become the most successful business people. They need to become the most prominent in the religious field—people who can discuss the spirit world and all faith traditions better than anyone else. If they can achieve this, the president and leading figures of their nation will surely seek them out.

14  National messiahs must follow the life course I have walked. They have to abandon their own nation and go out into the world. I did not say I would support them financially. They have to make money as best they can and become self-sufficient. National messiahs must assign tribal messiahs and family messiahs who center on the clans within their nation, and move these clans on a grand scale. Each tribal messiah connects to 180 families. Thus, when they give the Blessing, they give life to the nation, their tribes and their succeeding generations. They must develop this in their Cain nation representing the world before they return to their own nation. God can establish a nation centering on those tribes. This is something that must be done.

15  National messiahs must secure the authority of the tribal messiahs. They must repair on this earth the families of Satan's world, centering on the completion of family messiahs. They have to eradicate Satan's lineage. In this way, the spiritual world and physical world can be turned inside out. Accordingly, in the new original world, True Parents must follow God. National messiahs will follow such True Parents. Tribal messiahs must follow such national messiahs, and family messiahs must follow tribal messiahs. This is how the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven works. God's ideal of creation, which has been left unfulfilled even to this date, can be accomplished when everyone finds their place in this way.

After finding again the original heart with which God created Adam and Eve and the substantial realm of love, we must harvest the fruit of love through the substance of love. Once we establish the condition of returning to the original position that serves as a blueprint for a nation based on the ideal family model, we will be able to advance to the age when God is present everywhere, immanent everywhere, with all authority and power. When that age comes, we will be free. Such is the great mission that has been given to national messiahs. National messiahs are the Abel kings. They must take responsibility for everything in their assigned nations.

16  I have sent out national messiahs to convey the marriage Blessing to the people of each nation, to take them to the kingdom of heaven, and to make it possible for them to go to the liberated kingdom in the spirit world. We have to bless everyone in every nation, from the president to the last citizen. National messiahs are true parents who have been sent to each country. True parents bestow upon people the right to enter the kingdom of heaven.

17  What age will come when the age of the national messiah passes? When the national messiahs fulfill their responsibilities, the age of the kingdom of heaven on earth will dawn. Those who are responsible for welcoming this age that is fast approaching should not act on their own accord. They need to be at the center, and mentor the politics, the economics and the culture in their assigned nation from the first to the last. This is the enormous responsibility they need to fulfill. A messiah has that kind of responsibility. The terms "family messiah," "tribal messiah" and "national messiah" will not fade away. The beginning of everything is True Parents, so there cannot be any family or siblings without True Parents at their center. The children who are born of the lineage of True Parents cannot deny True Parents. This is because True Parents are the beginning, the process and the result of everything. National messiahs have to follow my direction. It will not do for them to act on their own accord as they see fit, or follow their old habits. Now the time has come for them to move forward, following the formula course. They have to move in accordance with the formula.

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