Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 223

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 3: The UN Renewal Movement, the Abel UN and the Parents' UN
Section 1: The UN Renewal Movement, Paragraph 31
Section 2. Global Unification Leadership, Paragraph 07

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31  What we need to do is to have the Federation for World Peace, the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, the Women's Federation for World Peace, and the Youth Federation for World Peace all become affiliated with the UN. I believe that there will be no further problems on the road that leads to the unified world once these organizations are affiliated with the UN. The Women's Federation for World Peace is a powerful organization. It is the only organization like it. Therefore, it must become completely one centering on Mother. Because Mother is the center, all problems can be resolved once the Women's Federation enters the UN. A unified UN will emerge naturally once the first ladies of the world become members of the Women's Federation. The UN has no root, no nation. Mother is leading the world of leaders, the world of politics, the world of universities, and the world of youth. When first ladies join the Women's Federation, they will go out as UN ambassadors as a matter of course.

32  There will be no more fighting in the world once the Women's UN comes to fruition. This is because the original nature of women is that they do not like to fight. Moreover, I am a leader who can prevent people from fighting by providing people with a logical explanation for why they should not fight. With this accomplished, people create harmony. In the future, when the Women's UN appears, the wives of presidents and prime ministers will represent the Women's UN in their respective nations.

Section 2. Global Unification Leadership

National messiahs

At a True God's Day commemorative ceremony held on January 1, 1996, at the World Mission Center in the United States, True Parents presented awards to church leaders who had served for more than 33 years and missionaries who had served for more than 21 years. Following that, True Parents personally taught them at a 40-day workshop in Cheongpyeong, and then appointed them as national messiahs. National messiahs are tasked as True Parents' second selves with the mission to restore the nations of the world. True Parents told them that national messiahs teach, through their blood, sweat and tears, the blessed news of the True Parents: the change of lineage, the Word and the restoration of heart.

1  How do we restore everything that was lost in the Garden of Eden? We have to return to our hometown. For this purpose, I have sent out tribal messiahs and national messiahs. Originally, God could send only one Messiah, who was Jesus. But working from God's position, I have sent out national messiahs to 184 nations. These national messiahs are at a higher level than the tribal messiahs at the time of Jesus. What is the difference? Jesus was unable to marry. He did not have a family. Thus I have sent blessed families in my place. Their assignment as national messiahs corresponds to their being in the realm of direct dominion. If the family is not restored, the kingdom of heaven cannot begin. This is why I bless couples around the world and send out national messiahs. They each have their own family. They are to take root in the realm of direct dominion, which Satan cannot invade.

2  National messiahs must completely resolve Jesus' grief. Jesus had to completely resolve the bitter sorrow that resulted from the corruption of Adam's family. Jesus was to have established his family messiahship, united his nation and then assimilated Rome, but these things were not realized. Because I stand in the leadership position, whether in the United States which represents Rome in the present world, or in South America, the time for them to oppose me has passed. Since I am in the position of leading the world, from the position of the world Messiah, I could send out national messiahs. It does not necessarily mean that because there are a few nations where national messiahs cannot fulfill their responsibility that God's Will cannot be realized. What is intended to happen through the Third Israel is to bring all nations into balance within its realm. Therefore, all people of the 184 nations of the world are ascending to a position where they can receive God's blessing equally. National messiahs have been sent out with the mission of building bridges to achieve that result. National messiahs have to take on the responsibility for resolving the difficulties of their assigned nations. They cannot burden anyone else with it. They need to save their nation, even if it means selling their home or neglecting their clan. I have invested my entire fortune, my everything, to unite North and South America. The national messiahs require this same mind-set, in order to make great contributions that will last throughout history. God will cooperate with them only when they follow the same plan to achieve the same end. A national messiah is like a governor in his or her nation. The age has come when each one can govern a nation with full authority.

3  Blessed families from the four nations of Korea, Japan, the United States and Germany will go to 184 nations. Families from these four principal nations will be assigned to each nation. Four families for each of 184 nations totals 736 families. If the US falls short in this, then England and France will have to make up for it. Italy is coupled with Germany in the same way. The families will relate with their nation's embassy. These people from the seven nations will carry out the true family movement. The true family movement is the pure love movement and also the true love movement. Adam and Eve lost purity, true parents and true love in their family. That needs to be indemnified. All of these families have to unite under one responsible person, one parent, and influence their assigned nation and the world. These representatives are not sent out as tribal messiahs or family messiahs but as national messiahs. These will be national messiah family groups. So now that we have sent national messiahs to 184 nations, and once these nations are restored, the liberation of the authority of the global messiah will unfold naturally. This is the beginning of the movement that will restore kingship and realize the kingdom of heaven on earth.

4  I have come up to the stage of liberating the world. I have ascended to this stage from the stage of liberating the position of the Messiah on the individual level, family level, tribal level, people level, national level, world level and cosmic level, and finally liberating God. As I will place you in the position of national messiahs, you have to practice absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, just as I have done with God. So when you leave, sell your house, sell your land, and transplant all of that into your assigned nation. You have to invest everything, as I have done. Since what you have to invest is not that much, you should go as tribal messiahs, the messiah of 180 families. When you go to your nation, you should have them relocate there with you in one big move. You need to go to that nation as the messiah in the position of the subject partner and save it. To do this, a messiah must bring Cain and Abel to surrender. You need to unite the current president with the former presidents, and also unite the cabinet ministers. You must work so that after you make plus and minus completely one, you are able to achieve a national turning point and engraft the nation all at once. When you do that, national liberation will be accomplished. I have already created the environment. I have achieved the perfection of Adam, the perfection of Jesus, and the perfection of the Lord at the Second Advent. Within me are both Jesus and Adam. What this means is that I have completed what Adam and Jesus left undone. Thus, a ladder extending from hell to the heavenly kingdom has been built. Satan said he would break that ladder, but now he has surrendered completely. I fought against Satan and he surrendered. The highway has been paved. There is only one of its kind. This ladder I built in 40 years is something you cannot build in even 4,000 years. I am lending you this ladder of victory.

5  National messiah is a term never heard of before in history, but being a national messiah is more valuable than being the president of a nation for 10,000 years. National messiahs become the ancestors of their nations. They become the founding ancestors of the heavenly kingdom.

6  As a national messiah, you are the father of your nation. You must educate the people. You bear the responsibility to educate the president and cabinet members. And you must have the idea that after educating the nation's people, you are going forth to mentor them to become senators, cabinet members and even the president. You are mistaken if you think that without making such preparations, you will just meet your nation's president and do something with him or her. (286-188, 1997/08/10)

7  As national messiahs, you have to be a role model so that you can move the people of your assigned nation naturally. You cannot eat and sleep as everyone else does. Since you are a parent, you cannot do that. You have to be a role model. The problem is that everything depends on one leader. The one who tells others what to do yet fails to set an example before them is a thief. If you tell others to live for the sake of others, you also should live for the sake of others. Otherwise you are a fake. Indeed, you need to live for the sake of others until the moment you die. And if you die without having finished your work, you should repent with tears of agony. However, even in the world after death, you need to live for the sake of others. To keep in step with that vast, expanded world, you need to be able to influence every part of that world, with its many subdivisions. In short, you need to live centering on a love that encompasses all those subdivisions.

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