Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 222

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 3: The UN Renewal Movement, the Abel UN and the Parents' UN
Section 1: The UN Renewal Movement, The direction of UN renewal
Section 1: The UN Renewal Movement, Paragraph 30

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The direction of UN renewal

True Parents recognized that world peace is impossible to realize through the present UN, where nations operate to pursue self-interest. The UN must reform and restructure to contain an upper house of religious leaders dedicated to interreligious cooperation. True Parents worked to create an Abel UN to complement the present Cain-side UN. On September 23, 2007, at the Manhattan Center in New York City, True Parents founded the Abel UN with former heads of state before 1,200 participants. True Parents proposed the Women's UN, the Youth UN, the Students' UN and the UN of religions to become the Abel UN and stand as a counterpart to the Cain UN. When we embrace humanity with the heart of a true parent by creating the True Parents' UN, we can realize one family residing in a global village. On July 16, 2012, True Parents founded the Abel Women's UN at the Cheongshim Peace World Center.

15  Now I will create the Abel UN. I have created the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace, the Federation of Peninsular Nations for World Peace, and the Federation of Continental Nations for World Peace. The leaders of the member nations of these organizations will speak out, saying, "Let us not put our trust in the UN, but create our own Abel UN!" Which UN do you think the world will follow? The purpose of the Abel UN is to educate young people and families. We must save this world. This education will lead to peace. We are not talking about engaging in politics. We are engaging in education.

16  We must proclaim the Abel UN. We are stepping forward and raising the flag of the Abel UN no matter what awaits us, even if we face great persecution. After the appearance of the owner of a land that had no owner, that owner has to go over the summit accompanied even by his or her enemies. Accordingly, the owner has to educate and train them so that they can go to heaven. They really have no choice but to listen to the owner's guidance. Knowing that they must enter and receive training, the owner opens a big door and makes them feel welcome.

17  I am the only person who can gather this world together, but I did not gain this ability in just a couple of years. God planned for thousands of years to send the Messiah. Extensive preparations were made, both internally and externally, until conditions were ready for the time of the Second Advent. This is why the world cannot deny me. I even move the spirit world. Once preparations are completed, the UN will be renewed. I am making preparations for this through the UN and the advanced European nations, and mobilizing all of Asia. Once this is finished, the Abel UN will emerge. The Abel UN will be a group that will reach beyond the universe and attend God. A new world will emerge, just as it did when the world united and renewed itself after the Second World War. If preparations are complete and we gather the world together and move in one direction, heaven and earth will surely unite.

18  Going forward, we definitely need an Abel UN. The United States cannot stay idle. Japan, Korea, China and Russia cannot remain static. A decisive foundation for the Abel UN must be laid. The most effective place for building this foundation is not Washington, DC. It is Geneva, Switzerland. Switzerland is a small nation. They have a good political system. Each representative serves for one year and passes the position on to a successor. That's why I thought, "It is amazing to find a place like this! Unification Church members should learn from this. This is a suitable training ground." I was looking for a place that could serve as a model for those who will receive the cross-cultural marriage Blessing. Geneva is the place. People who might otherwise be enemies exchange greetings as they pass by each other. I thought, "When the cross-cultural marriage Blessing is accomplished, the world will truly be one family!"

19  The task of the Abel UN is not to fight and defeat the Cain UN. Its job is to invest sincere devotion, so that the Cain UN cannot help but follow it. Presently each nation is divided into two, Cain's side and Abel's side. Cain's side needs to follow Abel's side, which is the heavenly household. In following Abel's side, Cain's side must rise to embody the qualities of absolute faith, love and obedience, the qualities applied at the time of the Creation. In terms of loyalty to God, Cain's world must surpass the Unification Church. The Cain UN must surely achieve this. Cain has to realize how much wrong he has done, and, shedding blood for Abel, must live for his sake in the ages of the Abel individual, the Abel family, the Abel tribe, the Abel people, the Abel nation, and finally the Abel world. Materialists and communists have emerged and persecuted Abel, saying, "God is dead. There is no God." Communists, however, could not drive away their opponents completely. They failed because True Parents protected the Abel side. Because True Parents came and pulled everything together, you need to create the new beginning through True Parents' lineage, whereby the nation and world will flourish. You families must do this.

20  As we cooperate with the UN, becoming one in mind and body with the representatives who are sent to the UN from each nation, we must receive letters of resolution and pledges from them, saying that they will join the Abel UN. True Parents are making preparations for the sake of creating a region of peace on the Korean Peninsula centering on the Abel UN and all the institutions of peace. We must create the Abel UN in Korea quickly in order to neutralize the turbulent situation in North Korea. If we do that, the boundary line between North and South will become an area protected by all nations.

21  The Abel UN must be established. The Abel UN is slated to be situated within the peace zone of Panmunjom. I made the preparations to establish the Abel UN in Korea, the Third Israel. Therefore, the Seoul Peace Declaration of August 15, 2003, presented for the sake of drawing a final conclusion to the World Peace Summit, is called the Third Israel Proclamation. Since this is the age for the settlement of the First Israel, Second Israel and Third Israel, the United States and other nations in the region should render assistance.

22  The Abel UN and the Cain UN need to be united as one. Accordingly, centering on the Peace UN, provided we can enter a world that has the form of one nation, which is an extension of a great unified family, the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven will be realized. From our position within the circumstances of the world, once we restore the age of the settlement of love, which has no trace of the Fall in the age of Adam, the age of the liberated realm of heaven and earth will be realized.

23  The reason we established the Abel UN is to embrace the Cain UN. The UN currently opposes us, but it does so out of ignorance. Nevertheless, we must protect the path of the UN. The current UN is in the position of the older brother who should give everything to the Abel UN. When this happens, so that the Abel UN rises to the position of the elder brother, it will offer everything to the Parents. When this happens, the entire world will be turned around in an instant. After passing over that summit, we must create the Peace UN. The Peace UN signifies unity. Within the UN there is the concept of a nation. However, within the Abel UN, the concept of a nation or of a federation of nations will disappear. In other words, the Abel UN will lead naturally to a unified world of peace. In reality, the world needs only one "nation." In the present world, there is the institution of kingship and also of presidents. Humanity entered the age of brothers after the kingship in Satan's world was brought down. Now we are going over from the age of kingship centered on the family to the age of kingship centered on the nation, the world, and finally the cosmos. The institution the Unification Church seeks is the kingship of peace, which will emerge in the realm of the Abel UN.

24  The Peace UN is created through the unity of the Cain UN and the Abel UN. The Cain UN has become impotent. The conditions do not exist that would enable it to establish the standard of world peace aligned with the Will of God. Now, for the first time, the unity of the Cain UN and the Abel UN has appeared as the Peace UN. It is a timely, providential development. By Cain and Abel becoming one under the loving True Parents, the UN stands not to perish, but to revive and become the UN that saves the world. The Peace UN has emerged for this reason.

25  What we call the UN is not a distant nation; it is your nation. Stand on the foundation of that nation. You are the owners of the UN. Adam and Eve are the owners of the UN, as is God. We must ascend to that position. True Parents seek to create the Peace UN, but every one of you must receive it as yours. After going through much suffering, we have prepared the environment that will cause Satan's world to surrender naturally. Therefore, we must create a representative world organization that will establish order in that environment prepared for us, that will be able to bring the world into an equilibrium of freedom and serve as a basis of happiness. That organization is the Peace UN. It is the central foundation for kingship in the heavenly kingdom. Please do not think that it is True Parents who must establish it. This is your task.

26  For the sake of the Peace UN, the first point is that families must pull together. Without the family, we cannot go beyond the foundation of the Cain UN of Satan's world. That is why there must be a federation of families that forms a nation. The family is the basic unit. It is an amazing fact that, centering on the blessed families throughout the world, we have established the Peace UN on the standard of having transcended the nation.

27  The Abel UN must become the Parents' UN. Once Cain and Abel become one, harmony, unification and peace will come about. People who cannot relate harmoniously cannot unite. With this in mind, it is time for the Abel UN to develop into the True Parents' UN. True Parents are the king and queen of the Parents' UN.

28  We will advance from the age of the Cain UN into the age of the Abel UN, and from there to the age of True Parents' UN. This is not an age in which two UNs fight each other. It is the age of the True Parents' UN, which exists for the sake of a new and peaceful unity centered on True Parents.

29  Now the entire world needs to advance from living within the limitations of individuals and families, and move on to living in the new world of the True Parents' UN. When this time arrives, heavenly law will emerge. We will enter the age of a heavenly constitution. We will not live outside the heavenly jurisdiction according to self-centered desires. We will live in accordance with heavenly law. Follow in the footsteps of True Parents. Enter the same world after overcoming the same obstacles. The door of the heavenly world will open. You will not be faced with one door that leads to heaven and one that leads to hell; there will be only one door.

30  Now is not the time for the Cain UN and Abel UN. Instead, we must enter the age of the True Parents' UN. Provided the Parents' UN understands the Cain UN and the Abel UN, it will be able to fulfill its role. This education has already begun. It is the education to proclaim the realm of liberation and complete freedom through our portion of responsibility. We must teach about the proclamation of the realm of liberation and our portion of responsibility. When God fulfills God's role, and True Parents fulfill True Parents' role, then on the foundation of God and True Parents becoming one, the true family will be able to fulfill its role. Consequently, it will be possible to generate a true tribe, a true people, a true nation and a true world. The peaceful unification and restoration of the fatherland of True Parents' true love is called the realization of the heavenly nation of the Parents' UN. Everything is included in these words. God's fatherland does not yet exist. The peaceful unification and restoration of the fatherland, which True Parents are seeking, is the kingdom of heaven, the True Parents' UN. Everything must be fully activated for the sake of that nation.

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