Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 221

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 3: The UN Renewal Movement, the Abel UN and the Parents' UN
Section 1: The UN Renewal Movement, The importance of Japan
Section 1: The UN Renewal Movement, Paragraph 14

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Chapter 3. The Un Renewal Movement, The Abel Un And The Parents' Un

Section 1: The UN Renewal Movement

The importance of Japan

The Interreligious and International Peace Council True Parents proposed establishing a religious council led by spiritual leaders at the UN for the realization of world peace. On August 18, 2000, at an assembly of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP) at the UN headquarters in New York City, True Parents presented a speech titled "Renewing the United Nations to Build Lasting Peace." In this speech, True Parents emphasized that in the future, the UN will have both spiritual and political representatives from around the world. The UN will be managed as a bicameral system. On October 3, 2003, the convention to establish the Interreligious and International Peace Council (IIPC) took place in New York City at the Manhattan Center, with 1,500 religious and international leaders. On that day, True Parents gave a speech titled "The New Elimination of Boundaries and World Peace" and bestowed the motto, "To complete the kingdom of heaven on earth is to complete the creation of heaven and earth." True Parents requested that the participants do their best for the Interreligious and International Peace Council, which is a new type of UN and represents a new hope.

1  I am planning to create a UN of religions. My suggestion to them is that religions should stand at the forefront to realize world peace. There is only one God. He is absolute. Therefore, no matter how many religions there may be, they need to be connected to one center. Though the four great world religions each have their own founder, there must be a center among those four religious founders. When heaven designates a person to represent this absolute oneness, and that representative emerges, the teachings of that representative must be heard. Then, after the religious world becomes one, the religions must carry out the work to bring about world peace. If they do not make such contributions, they will receive historical denunciation.

2  In the future, this world must unite in front of the Will of God. The UN General Assembly is the stage where such unity can take place. The UN General Assembly at this moment is a world-level organization representing politics. From the viewpoint of the Principle, it represents the body. That body is fighting with religion, which represents the mind. The body side has joined with Satan's realm of influence to wage a never-ending battle against religion, which is the world of the mind. This is just like the mind and body fighting within an individual. The fight between the mind and body has expanded to the world level, with the religious world and the political world fighting each other. From the providential perspective, the true and original relationship between the mind and body must be restored. The UN is the world-level organization representing politics, and it needs a UN of religions integrated with it. The mind and body that are currently separated must become one.

3  In accordance with God's providence of restoration we must heal the world that has emerged on the basis of conflict between mind and body. Because the world that follows the conscience is expanding for this task, the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace must be established in order to enable this world to reach its destination. In the future, religions that fight each other will perish. The 182 nations that belong to the United Nations, representing the body, do not think about world peace, but are concerned only with their own national self-interest. It seems clear that these nations should not be focusing only on their own interests; they should not use others for their own gain. Such action is not in accordance with God's Will. The struggle between mind and body, directly expressed in the fight between the political world and the religious world, must end on the world level, and one institution representing them both needs to end the fight between atheism and theism. The UN has to put an end to this fight. That is why we need the UN of religions.

4  An organization such as the UN of religions, representing the mind, is needed because the human mind and body are divided. The existing UN, as a political organization, represents the body. The foundations of the political UN exist in Satan's realm, which consists of countless nations. To counterpose this, a mind- or spirit-centered UN must emerge. A divided mind and body need to be brought back together. This is the purpose behind the creation of the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. Since the current UN represents only the body and lacks the presence of the UN of religions representing the mind, after forming the UN of religions, we must lead a movement to establish unity between mind and body.

5  The current UN stands as the body, but lacks the mind. That is why we must create something that will represent the aspect of the mind. Mind and body must be connected as one. That is why we must establish religious ambassadors who live according to conscience and offer a corrective course to the political world. The question is: How can we make this correction? The answer is to create the Abel UN. This effort is meant to create a world of love with God at the center, a world that is one with the sovereignty of love. This is what the religious realm wants. Because it is the innate path that everyone's mind is following, through it, the world's people can harmonize.

6  The political world by itself cannot establish world peace. Religious people must take part. They should serve as the role model. The UN should become the lower house, and there must be an upper house. The religious realm must govern the upper house in the future. This arrangement is similar to the relationship between the majority and minority parties. The religious realm is responsible for the position of the majority party. Who will unite these two that have been separated? This world that was divided by false parents should be brought together through True Parents. Now the UN is floating on the clouds and is unable to hold its place. The UN is not a nation. Here, the religious realm has to work with the political element. By means of forming the Parents' UN, the Women's UN, the UN of religions, Youth UN and Students' UN, we are creating the form of a nation and are preparing the structure that will take us to the world of peace.

7  We have to create the Abel UN, made up of leaders who value religion. The current UN represents the body. There is no UN representing the mind. Mind and body have been in conflict due to the Fall. Human history is essentially the story of the mind-body battle. How do we bring this battle to an end? Mind and body have not been able to come to a ceasefire or enter into a truce agreement. The Women's Federation for World Peace, the Youth Federation for World Peace, the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace, and the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles are on the side of the mind. These groups are the center of the new Abel UN.

8  Our objective is to affiliate with the UN. With the Unification Church organizational foundation this should be no problem. To form a nation, land is necessary. Each nation has embassies; these are Cain-type embassies. But we need embassies for the world of the mind, not embassies for the world of politics. If we develop a city that meets conditions equivalent to the Vatican, we will have the status of a nation. For there to be a nation, there has to be a territory, people and sovereignty. We then will join the UN, but when we join, we will not be joining just by ourselves. The religious world needs to unite and join the UN with us. That is why we must establish the UN of religions. Once we create this religious federation together with the Women's, Youth and Students' Federations for World Peace, they all should affiliate with the UN.

9  The Apostolic See of Catholicism registered with the UN through Vatican City, a nation-state which is a kind of UN of religions. Once religious people make an alliance of nations together with the world UN of religions, they will make one nation, a nation of the religious cultural realm. An embassy, registered with the UN, established by religious people working together, can be fully equipped with good ideas, and can propose new directions. This arrangement will serve as a religious protection with foundational axioms that will function to prevent conflicts and wars in the world. Within this realm, we will be able to fulfill the ideal of the family, in which husband, wife, parents and children unite as one. A heaven of oneness with True Parents at the center will be established, and one nation will be formed upon this UN of religions foundation. I am making preparations for this.

10  The religious realm will stand clearly at the forefront once the UN creates an upper and a lower house. Nations of the religious realm can send their ambassadors to the UN. Communism naturally will retreat. Only then will the free world, which has been fractured by humanism, be brought together. This can quickly come to pass based on the decision of the General Assembly. This very important task has yet to be accomplished.

11  The time has come when people and entire nations, both east and west, can all receive the Blessing at the same time. Heaven and earth can be liberated in one day. Once this is decided, this position of being completely free can be announced within a day, two days or a week. All human beings can receive the Blessing within a week. It is not the age of individual salvation. It is not an age limited to family salvation. The Interreligious and International Peace Council (IIPC) is the symbol of the Abel UN, which is on heaven's side.

12  I proclaimed God's fatherland and the age of the peace kingdom. The age of the peace kingdom has started already. It took several years for everything initiated by True Parents in the spirit world to appear publicly. I have been organizing things for four years, since 2001. When the Interreligious and International Peace Council (IIPC) was established, we said it was the UN in the Abel realm. When I spoke of the Abel realm centered on heaven's side, I was speaking of the eras both of the individual and of the family. The Abel realm overcame the world Satan controlled. The formation of the Abel realm nation was established internally, opening the road to paradise and the kingdom of heaven. It had to pass through the eight levels starting from hell. As the Abel realm UN, the IIPC must win over the Cain realm UN. There is no owner of the Cain realm UN. Until now, I did the work of trying to establish an owner, but there was opposition. Therefore, I founded the Peace UN so as to move beyond that. The Peace UN is built upon the unity of the Cain UN and the Abel UN.

13  It is now the era of the Interreligious and International Peace Council (IIPC), or the Peace UN. The era of the Cain UN is passing. I affirm clearly that this is the era of the Peace UN. Ambassadors for peace were established for the era of the Peace UN. Previously, the world did not have the Peace UN or ambassadors for peace. The world also does not have a concept of a high priest for peace or a people for peace.

14  Without a constitution, we cannot create the legal framework for the departments of a government. Since this is the era of the Peace UN, I have asked those involved to formulate laws governing the legislative, judicial, administrative and education branches. The relationship between church and state that has existed until now needs to change. That is why we did not create a religious assembly, like an upper house of the UN, but prepared the Interreligious and International Peace Council (IIPC). We created the Abel UN to stand in the place of the Cain UN. The Abel UN must surpass the Cain UN. The UN has no counterpart in the religious realm, so we can bring this to pass. No one will be able to accuse or judge us for establishing the Abel UN and then calling it the Peace UN.

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