Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 213

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 1: Initiatives for North-South Unification and the Visit to North Korea
Section 5: True Mother’s University Speaking Tour, Paragraph 08-15

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8  Mother conducted a speaking tour of 40 Korean university campuses to inspire college students. We must educate the political activists on university campuses. I intend to take them to Russia for 21-day workshops. We have many Unification Church members there. We will take them to Moscow for just three weeks of education and show them around, and then they will all go back home. If we gather students from North Korea, South Korea, Russia and China, we will be able to form a federation that can confront communist ideology in Asia. Communism is doomed to collapse, anyway. It has already collapsed in Russia, and that is happening in China as well. We are going to teach them Unification Thought, which is a counterproposal to communism. We need to pave the way for North Korean students. This will be the quickest way. From the providential viewpoint, students from the Korean Peninsula represent Cain and Abel, and when they unite, their parents will unite as well.

9  Mother's speeches at 40 Korean universities were meant to separate the student social activists from the Christians and persuade the activists to unite with us. From the perspective of providential history, this is required in the indemnity course. With Mother at the center, CARP students and student political activists must lay the foundation again on college campuses. If student social activists in South Korea are regarded as being in Abel's position, those in North Korea are in Cain's position. South Korean student political activists appear red externally, but are white internally. In contrast, North Korean students are totally red, inside and out. We are taking South Korean student political activists and North Korean students to Moscow and training them. Pro-North Korean and pro-South Korean students in Japan will also participate in the workshops. Students from the United States, China, and the former Soviet Union will band together with the South Korean students, and as a group they will assimilate the students from North Korea. We have done our best to inform the North about these workshops. In Moscow, we are organizing the Youth Federation for World Peace. An international youth movement that transcends ideologies is unfolding.

You should not rely on CARP alone to do it. As we do not have a foundation in society, you have to gather and unite college alumni. Alumni and current students have a Cain-Abel relationship. Things can only progress rapidly if you bind together several groups and set up an organization to undertake large scale worldwide activity. This is why Mother, the Women's Federation for World Peace and the Students' Federation need to be in unity.

Movement on campuses

True Parents continued to spread the teachings of the Unification movement among college students and young people who did not have any experiences of war. The Student Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea and the Professors and Students Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea were established on May 15, 1986, and October 11, 1986, respectively. They kicked off a vigorous movement for unification with True Parents at the center. True Parents conveyed to university professors and students the exact ideological map for North- South unification. 

10  Now is the time of the second generation, the time to gather the young people together. Who will bring them together and educate them about our new worldview? Surely there is no organization in Korea to educate them that we can see. This is a realistic fact of history. This is why we have to mobilize the Professors and Students Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea. This is something that has never before been done. Its purpose is to unite Cain and Abel in vertical relationships. The teacher student relationship and the parent-child relationship are vertical Cain-Abel relationships. The time has come for us to push forward with an effective system.

11  The unification of North and South Korea is impossible without me. After professors and students unite, we must connect them to society's leaders, and solidify the young people of the second generation. There should be rallies in large convention centers in each area to unite young people. They have to form organizations and become one. This is why I set up the Professors and Students Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea. I want professors and students around the nation to unite. Never before in human history has such an organization existed, but now one has emerged based on my work.

12  Professors gathered at the Hannam-dong house on January 24, 1986, and made a new resolution before embarking on this activity of service to society. They left their mark on history by lecturing to the public in 166 locations on February 17 and 18. Five months later, scholars from around the world joined with you to ignite the fire of the historic new truth in 203 regions in Korea. This mobilization of prominent scholars to the front line was an amazing feat that will remain as a remarkable record in the history of humankind. The name of the organization that made this possible is the Professors and Students Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea. I have very high hopes for it.

13  In February 1986, I held a national-level seminar with professors who are members of the Professors World Peace Academy. It was an event proclaiming that the foremost intellectuals have united with me. Through these professors, I will educate all the professors in other parts of Korea. When I am teaching them, they should not oppose but rather welcome my teachings. By doing so, everyone from the highly educated professors to the uneducated country folk will stand in unity. When the country, on the Cain side, stands with the Unification Church, on the Abel side, focusing on the IFVOC, the government will have no choice but to follow the Unification Church. When this is accomplished, the whole world will start helping us unify Korea. You have to unite as a complete national organization, centering on the Unification Church and the IFVOC, and accomplish the unification of Korea. As we have created the environment in which everything can be united on God's side in South Korea, we have to assimilate the Cain realm on Satan's side. Now, starting from South Korea, I have set up a protective fence that can encompass America, Japan and even China.

14  By establishing the Professors and Students Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea, I have bound professors and students together. Students in Korea were staging demonstrations, demanding democratization and stirring up a commotion. To resolve this crisis, we delivered lectures on the current situation. We faced fierce opposition from student political activists crying out for democratization, and even Christians joined hands with them to oppose us. Therefore, the Professors and Students Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea must step forward to educate college students and the general public. The ultimate goal is to reach out to people in every district. What will determine the outcome of this battle? The young second generation must be mobilized in order to bring the first-generation people together. This is the same as the Israelites who entered Canaan after 40 years and built a nation centered on the second generation. That is why the second generation has to take the lead in nation-building. The place for this is on university campuses. The second generation consists of university students and middle and high school students. We have to bring together young adults.

The second generation must unite with their professors. This is the vertical Cain-Abel relationship. Siblings are in a horizontal Cain-Abel relationship. That is why the Professors and Students Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea has to become one both vertically and horizontally. They will not be able to exert any influence unless they are united.

15  Since the beginning of 1994, student political activists have been staging demonstrations, influenced by religious circles. We have to counter these political activist groups through CARP, thereby restoring the authority of the elder son. Student political activist groups have recently been helping CARP to register with universities. I was the one who organized the International Student Leaders Seminar tor World Peace in Moscow in February, and in Beijing in June. I was also the one who moved Kim Il-sung to let North Korean students participate so that they could meet South Korean students. Such a meeting could never have taken place without my help. I am the only one making progress toward the unification of Korea. All this time, attempts by the North Korean students and representatives of the Korean Federation of Student Councils had failed. I was the one who made it possible. I am leading the work of unification. Now that I have created a foundation transcending the nation on which students can rally to unify Korea, they will have no choice but to support it. CARP branches are being re-registered on 200 more campuses. Our activities are booming even louder than those of the Communist Party.

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