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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 1: Initiatives for North-South Unification and the Visit to North Korea
Section 4: Initiatives for Unification, Paragraph 09
Section 5: True Mother’s University Speaking Tour, Paragraph 07

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9  I built the automobile factory in North Korea with Kim Il-sung's personal permission. In fact, Kim Ilsung requested that I design both Mt. Geumgang tourism and the automobile factory. Therefore, I need to hand these over once they get going. There are many things with regard to these enterprises that Kim Ilsung and I decided jointly. The fact that Kim Il-sung did not announce all the details of this business development is something to be thankful for. I have a foundation in each nation through our world peace activism. It is well known that I can inspire support to help the world through an automobile factory.

10  Near the Botong River in Pyongyang is the Botonggang Hotel, managed by our Japanese members. There one can watch television broadcasts from America, Japan and South Korea around the clock. There is no other place in North Korea where this is possible. This reflects the extent of North Korea's considerable trust in me. The Botonggang Hotel is usually fully booked with foreign guests. 

North Korea may not trust anyone who goes in and out of the hotel, whether it be a group or an individual, but they trust the 15 Japanese people who manage the hotel. Twelve of them have given birth to children there and are able to travel freely to and from Japan. Even though their in-country travel is restricted, none of them has complained. North Korea trusts only these people, because it believes they will keep their promises and not break the law. 

Who taught these Japanese people to behave this way? When the North Koreans compare the Japanese members, who live without a word of complaint, with citizens of their communist society, they see a huge gap. This is why Unification Church members are welcomed in North Korea. North Korea will not allow any South Korean government official to enter, but it will welcome any Unification Church member.

11  After I visited North Korea, I laid not only the economic foundation for the North but also its foundation for communication with the free world. Installing a satellite antenna at the Botonggang Hotel enabled guests to watch broadcasts from the free world. I assisted the North in making preparations for broadcasting its own programs. And beyond that, I proposed a market system they could use and helped them understand it.

DMZ peace park

At the annual conference of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace held in the conference room of the UN Economic and Social Council at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City on August 18, 2000, True Parents urged the UN to promote the construction of a peace park in the DMZ on the Korean Peninsula. They have stressed that the DMZ symbolizes the agonizing historical pain of the Korean people, and that building a peace park there could resolve conflict and tension and eventually help bring about unification on the Korean Peninsula.

12  Now I am doing everything I can to guide the UN. Especially I am trying to transform Panmunjom, the North and South Korea meetinghouse situated on the ceasefire line, into a base of peace. 

The wealth of every nation in the world pours into Las Vegas. France, America and Germany all invest their national wealth to create special environments there. They build large casinos in order to boast of their cultural heritage. But they are locked in a competition that will lead its players to their ruin.

Therefore, we are going to take the opposite direction and build a foundation of culture that religions can be proud of. In that base of peace at Panmunjom, we will plant everything that we can be proud of within the realm of religious culture, whether the religious culture of England, America, France or Germany. At that location we must build a museum and palace that surpasses even the Louvre in Paris.

13  The ceasefire line must be abolished. We must give the UN ownership of the DMZ, the buffer zone around the ceasefire line, and eventually abolish the line altogether. We must normalize North-South Korea relations by allowing the UN to step in between. When this happens, both Koreas can engage in direct exchanges and treat each other as one nation. The UN is the only organization that can make this possible. This is why we are purchasing land around the buffer zone, the border area, the mountainous area and the rivers, and passing the ownership to the UN. This gives hope to all Korean people. This has to be done quickly.

The UN's purpose is to create a world of peace. To eliminate war, we must abolish national boundaries. Borders are usually drawn along mountain ranges and rivers. We need to allow the UN to take ownership so that no countries can interfere. The problem is how to cross a national boundary freely. For this to happen, the very concept behind that boundary must be abolished. To do this, we must conduct marriage Blessings that go beyond boundaries. Cross-cultural marriages will bring about world peace instantly. The UN must guarantee this path. We have to open the border and allow people free entry.

14  The UN and America must cooperate with each other to construct a palace for True Parents in Panmunjom at the center of a peace zone. Land mines were buried under the buffer zone at the ceasefire line. From now on, we must work together with North Korea to dispose of the mines quickly. The UN needs to help with this. The UN aided Korea in gaining independence, but it still has not resolved the problem of the ceasefire line.

Section 5. True Mother's University Speaking Tour

Opening the way for CARP

To transfer to Korea True Parents' worldwide victorious realm, as well as connect it to the worldwide peace movement and North-South unification, True Mother went on a speaking tour to 40 Korean university campuses from October 4-31, 1993. This tour alleviated the contentious relationships between CARP and political activist groups on campuses, provided an opportunity for mutual understanding and dialogue, and led to a series of seminars and exchanges of professors and students from both Koreas.

1  The question of who will lead the young people in the future is a global one. The first generation of Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years and died there. The world has now reached an era similar to the time when the second generation of Israelites entered Canaan and found what they had hoped for. The surviving second generation had to construct a nation and a world with a philosophy of nation-building and world peace, and accomplish what the first generation of the Israelite tribes could not. The Unification Church must restore this through indemnity. All these issues depend on women. They depend on mothers, who play an important role.

2  From now on, mothers have to properly educate their children. The Israelite mothers who entered the land of Canaan, as well as their sons and daughters, were influenced by the people who were already there. Unable to preserve their own religious traditions, they failed to establish the kingdom in Israel. In order to restore this through indemnity, mothers have to imbue the traditional ideas of our church into the second generation so that they will establish heaven on earth instead of being influenced by Satan's world. This will reverse the failures of the past. After mothers and their children become one, how do they establish the kingdom in Israel? That is their mission. The Israelite mothers failed to think about this. They, together with their sons and daughters, followed in the footsteps of the seven tribes of Canaan. That was their grave mistake. 

We must go the opposite way. Mothers, sons, and daughters must unite in establishing the heavenly kingdom. Mothers have to educate their children so that they can have an influence on their university communities. Hence, after women of the world become second selves of True Mother, they must turn their children around 180 degrees, even if they have to hold onto them and not let them go. To achieve that, you have to do the same as True Mother, who went on a speaking tour of 256 venues over the two years following 1992. You have to save your relatives and your nation. This is not some vague notion but a real problem. What is real is that I fought for 40 years searching for a heavenly nation. I gave speeches in the United States in order to pass the baton to Mother, who went on to influence the university communities. Mothers have to rescue the second generation, their offspring.

3  Centering on Mother, CARP is in the position of Abel, and the political activists on university campuses are in the position of Cain. Mother must manage the dispute between Cain and Abel. The rightwing and leftwing activists of South Korea have to unite and stand in the Abel position, and then unite with North Korean students, who are in Cain's position. Then all will end well. It does not matter how much people in positions of authority oppose this. On the day when the young people unite with Mother, the fortune of unification will visit this land. We have no choice but to do this, as herein lies the fortune of heaven. Now is the time to light an unquenchable fire in their young, glowing hearts.

4  Mother delivered speeches to the US Congress and the United Nations General Assembly and received resounding ovations. The United Nations is the congress of the free world. She also achieved great victories in the Eve nation, Japan. On Korean university campuses, political activist groups had kicked out CARP, but Mother turned the situation around all over the country. This was the restoration of the elder son's birthright. Although previously Christians had united with campus activists to defeat the Unification Church, the situation has now been reversed. The right has become the left, and the left has become the right. By siding with the Unification Church, former communist powers are coming to the heavenly side. The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.

5  Mother shouldered a great responsibility when she had to stand on the front line for three years, from 1992 until 1995. The number 3 is a number of separation from Satan. That was the separation period, starting in America and progressing to the United Nations, to Japan, and to the world. She went on a speaking tour of 40 universities throughout Korea, connecting them to 40 nations in the world. They represented Cain and Abel centering on Parents. Finally on the world level, Mother stood in a position equal with me. I had passed on all my victories to Mother. At the end of World War II the world did not welcome me but chased me out, but now in the second course for the dispensation of restoration, the True Family was welcomed worldwide. This restored it through indemnity.

6  From now on, you have to focus on witnessing to your family and relatives, middle and high school students, and college students. Now is the age of the second generation. The people of Israel turned a deaf ear to Moses. Before the landing in Canaan, Moses and all of the first generation people perished. However, I have landed together with the second generation. This land belongs to the second generation, so I feel responsible for them. Mother and the sons and daughters of True Parents' family are conducting a speaking tour not only of 100 universities in the United States but also of 3,300 universities throughout the world. Starting in Japan, I must bring together all the world's students. It is my responsibility to win the hearts of young people from age 16, when Adam and Eve fell, to 21 and, adding another three years, to 24. The time for this has come.

7  The Unification Church stands in the position of Abel to other churches. Thus, Christianity cannot invade the victorious Unification Church, which has reclaimed the elder son's birthright. Their position is similar to that of Esau, who could not strike Jacob because he had wrestled with the angel at the ford of the Jabbok River and subjugated him. 

Mother delivered a speech at the US Congress and also reached out to embrace university communities in Korea. CARP had been forcefully expelled from some universities by student activists, but Mother turned this around and CARP was reinstated. She spoke at 40 universities at a time when the North-South relationship was sour; it was a case of Abel seeking Cain. With the end of opposition to CARP, things began to change on the campuses. Mother knew it was a very difficult task, but she urged CARP members on.

On the basis of Cain uniting with Abel, South Korean students saw an opportunity to hold exchange programs with North Korean students. Beginning with the International Student Leaders' Seminar in Moscow, CARP sponsored Korean university student leaders' training seminars in Washington and a North-South Korean university students' seminar in Beijing. Empowered by the name of True Parents, CARP took the lead in guiding North Korean students, who were in the Cain position, as well as South Korean student activists.


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