Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 21

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 1: True Parents’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Chapter 2: Section 3: Establishing the Four-Position Foundation
Section 3: The Seven-Year Course and the Birth of True Children, Paragraph 19

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Establishing the four-position foundation

After the Holy Wedding 14 True Children were born in True Parents’ family, starting with the first daughter, Ye-jin nim, and the first son, Hyo-jin nim. With the births of their first daughter and their first son, True Parents completed the four-position foundation that Jesus had not been able to establish. The completion of the four-position foundation in True Parents’ family was a milestone in the providence of restoration that people need to replicate and realize in their own families. 

Even as she gave birth to her children, True Mother shared the same heart as other church members who were working on the front line. She lived a humble life, eating meager meals of steamed barley mixed with a small amount of rice, something usually only poor people ate because they could not afford white rice.

The church members, as the Cain-type children, needed to become one in heart with the True Children and thus set the condition to be reborn with the same rank, as if they were twins. To have them meet this condition, at the dedication ceremonies for Ye-jin nim and Hyo-jin nim, True Parents distributed three kinds of gifts to the members as three conditions of offering, and fed them three kinds of food: rice, seaweed soup and milk.

10   Through the birth of my sons and daughters, the path has been paved for all of you to be reborn. In order to be reborn, you have to go through a ceremony that establishes the same conditions as if you had been nursed on True Mother’s milk. So, following Ye-jin’s birth, a ceremony was held throughout Korea in which all members ate some seaweed soup with rice in it. This ceremony was also held when our son Hyo-jin was born. These ceremonies set the condition that you also were born from True Mother when she gave birth to those children.

11   You all should establish the condition that you existed as seeds within me that were yet to be born, and that then you were reborn through True Mother’s womb. You cannot be born on your own, so a condition has to be fulfilled by which you are born alongside my children. For this purpose, at the birth of both my first son and first daughter we held a ceremony during which you ate seaweed soup with rice in it. The first occasion was when Ye-jin arrived. Ye-jin is our first daughter. By paying the necessary indemnity, I established the condition so that all women who participated in that ceremony were reborn through True Mother’s womb. As a matter of fact, all of you must conduct your own ceremonies in which you resolve to unite with her for three years. Hyo-jin is our first son, and the men must go through the same ceremony.

Therefore, all women should celebrate Ye-jin’s birthday as the birthday of their Abel, and all men should celebrate Hyo-jin’s birthday as the birthday of their Abel. Then you need a conditional period in which you become one with him or her substantially.

12   Before the end of the 4th lunar month of this year 1963, all the entanglements of heart among church members should be resolved. And then you must pray for blessings upon your enemies. This is a period when any member who left the church before 1962 will be given the opportunity to return. By doing this we can set the condition to command Satan’s world to open the gate to us. Because I know this time is coming, I do not hate my enemies. Today is the 21st day since Hyo-jin’s birth. On this day you should rejoice over him more than Mother and I do.

13   For the title “True Parents” to be established, there has to be a basis to bring oneness among the children. Because the first human beings fell, there are two kinds of children in the world: internal children and external children, or Abel and Cain. From this perspective, the birth of our daughter Ye-jin and our son Hyo-jin between 1961 and 1963 made a profound contribution to the Providence of Restoration. Their birth and your oneness with them brought about the Day of All Things. And on the foundation of their birth, when the first seven-year course came to an end, I was able to proclaim God’s Day. 

Ever since 1968, following the end of that first seven-year course, it was possible for the Unification Church to begin to develop normally. The proclamation of God’s Day has the same significance as Adam and Eve reaching the completion stage in the Garden of Eden without having fallen.

14   Since Jesus was rejected by the people of Israel, a difficult job lies ahead at his Second Advent. He needs to restore you to your original position. Of course, since you were already born in the flesh and have grown up to become adults, you cannot return to the position of a seed within the body of perfected Adam. Therefore, you need to establish the condition to be born again by uniting with True Children who were born from True Parents.

There is a principle that through Cain’s complete surrender to Abel, both can be restored. Since the True Children were born free of original sin, they stand in the Abel position. Accordingly, you in the Cain position need to unite completely with the True Children. By uniting with them you will become resurrected children and receive the same benefit they receive.

For this reason, when True Children without original sin are born from the True Parents, you have to establish the condition of having shared the same food and received the same things as they. You should do this so that you go through the course of participating in the True Children’s position.

Through whom can you make the condition to unite with the True Children and be reborn as a child? It is not only through True Father; that is not enough. You absolutely must go through the True Parents. No matter how important Father is, you cannot be reborn unless you go through both the Parents and their children.

15   For three years, from 1960 to 1963, all the blessed families in Korea went through the course of restoration on the national level. Since the national-level foundation was lost in Jesus’ time, all members in the church left home and participated in mission activities to restore the nation.

During that time, as they worked on the front line, Father and Mother joined them in heart by eating the same meager food. When we ate, we did not place our food on the table but on the floor, just as many members did. When we did so, we had even the child inside True Mother’s womb set the condition of participating with other church members to make the condition to restore the nation.

16   Some of you here must have eaten seaweed soup when Ye-jin and Hyo-jin were born. This was to make a condition that both Cain and Abel were born together. You blessed families are in the position of Cain, so you must attend the True Children in the position of Abel as if they were God or even higher. You must attend them more sincerely than you attend True Parents.

Do not look at this from a secular viewpoint. Actually, you have been united with them from the time when both of you were in the womb. You should have been born like twins. As twins you should restore the authority of the elder son. As Perez and Zerah reversed their positions as twin sons in the womb of Tamar, you should reverse your position with a particular True Child. As soon as he or she is born, you should bring your blessed family to connect with that child with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. These should not be just words.

Since God created human beings with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, unless you blessed families engraft to the True Parents by demonstrating the same elements of absolute faith, love and obedience in your own circumstances, you cannot create the realm of partnership with the people around you.

17   You cannot enter True Mother’s womb, so you must become one with True Parents’ infant children. For three years you need to be in the position of a baby inside the womb. This is why I gave you these mottoes for the three years from 1960 to 1962: first, “Let this be the year of the best result of our lives,” second, “Let us become Heavenly Father’s representatives,” and third, “Let us become people who have something to show and who can be proud of ourselves.” What I mean by “show and be proud of ” This the restoration of the four-position foundation by restoring many people.

Centered on the three stages expressed in my mottoes, all of you must make the condition of eating and living together with the babies in True Mother’s womb. For those three years, Mother ate barley rice, the same as you did on the front line. When you went out to do church activities, she participated alongside you in the same activities. Ye-jin and Hyo-jin were born when Mother was making the same conditions you were making. In other words, Mother lived with the same heart as all of you.

18   The archangels were supposed to attend, serve and honor Adam and Eve from the moment they were created until the time they were married. But the angelic world failed to attend Adam and Eve and became fallen. The bitter sorrow and resentment thus created by the angelic world must be resolved. For this reason you need to have three spiritual children and guide them to attend your own children from the time they are within the womb. Otherwise you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven with only your own children. Had you established the indemnity condition of gaining three spiritual children before you received the Blessing, your own children would not need to have their lineage restored. If you are unable to achieve this condition before you go to the spirit world, it will become a stumbling block for you.

In the 1960s I already had made all the required conditions of restoring spiritual children while my children were in their mother’s womb. After their birth, you were given seaweed soup, milk and rice. That was the condition I set up for all of you to have the same birth as the True Children.

19   Until 1963, True Parents worked with you, sharing your situation and eating humble meals of barley rice. We had to set that indemnity condition for three years on the family level. At the same time, you had to go out and struggle to give birth to your spiritual children. Just as you ate barley rice, True Parents also had to eat it. Now we will have to offer our sons and daughters internally when we go to America for a course of sacrifice on the world level. This is what we have to do.

All of you ate seaweed soup with rice after Ye-jin was born; it was as if you were receiving blood from Mother while inside her womb. As Mother ate soup with rice in it, you ate the same food, which was like receiving her blood. It was the same when Hyo-jin was born. Based on this foundation, I established Children’s Day and then the Day of All Things. It was because we attained such a standard that I had the foundation to establish these holy days of blessing. Thereupon, when the first seven-year course came to an end and True Parents’ family was liberated, I instituted God’s Day.

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