Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 22

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 1: True Parents’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Chapter 2: Section 4: True Parents’ Completion of the Providence, Paragraph 0-10

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Section 4. True Parents’ Completion of the Providence

The proclamation of True Parents

After the Holy Wedding and the subsequent seven-year course, True Parents formed the True Family and established the four-position foundation on the family level. On that foundation they went through the eight stages to complete their mission, thus creating the foundation to establish and build the kingdom of heaven. As the providence of restoration progressed, they set indemnity conditions appropriate to each period of time and accomplished them. After each one, they conducted a corresponding proclamation ceremony so that Satan could not invade it. 

After True Parents had thus prevailed in the history of the providence of restoration through indemnity, by 1992 the foundation of the True Family was such that they finally could proclaim before the public that they were the True Parents of humankind. On August 24, 1992, at the celebration banquet of the 1st World Culture and Sports Festival, True Father officially declared in front of the assembled world leaders, “At the Women’s Federation for World Peace Leaders’ Assemblies that were held in five major cities of Korea in early July of this year, I proclaimed that my wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, and I together are the True Parents of humanity, the Savior, the Lord of the Second Advent and the Messiah.”

By holding marriage Blessings, True Parents have been carrying out the great revolutionary work of changing the lineage of all people to the true lineage of God. These Blessings have been interracial, interreligious and international in scope. True Parents come with the true love, life and lineage of heaven. They alone are aware of the providential timetable for holding these events, and they are completing the providence of human salvation in accordance with that timetable.

1   Christianity opposed me after World War II; hence, during the following 40 years I had to completely restore through indemnity what John the Baptist failed to do. I had to restore the failure of Christianity; otherwise I would have had no way to find and install the Bride. So, by paying indemnity for more than 40 years, I completely restored the failure of John the Baptist and the Christian cultural sphere. This work was to restore America and reclaim it from Satan. That is why True Mother went to the United States Congress and proclaimed “True Parents and the Completed Testament Age.” She did the same at the United Nations.

The United Nations originally was meant to represent the free world, which had lost the foundation to receive the Bride. Mother is the Bride. Hence, when she proclaimed True Parents throughout America and at the United Nations, America and the free world had to unite with her. Fortunately, there was no opposition. Although she made that bold proclamation about True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, all audiences were moved to applaud her.

2   The Fall of the first human ancestors caused the loss of the four great realms of heart and the three great kingships. Now, finally we are liberated to lift up the name of True Parents. We reached that position 47 years after World War II, after indemnifying all the failures of history. The lonely path of the heart that Mother followed her whole life was entirely to prepare for this one day, when she would fulfill the mission she was destined for.

In April 1992, Mother took the first step when, as chairwoman of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, she proclaimed to the world that the True Parents had come to earth to embrace all the families of humankind and bring liberation to the women of the world. Then in July 1992, she proclaimed that the True Parents had come, and that she and I are the Messiah, the Savior, the Returning Lord and the True Parents of humankind. By making these proclamations, Mother prepared a zone for providential settlement in which to build the one axis in a world that lacks a center and whose families lack a framework that gives them hope; all this was done at a time when the international situation was chaotic. Because she made these conditions in a manner that was acceptable to God, the era when we could proclaim the liberation of Mother and the second generation was ushered in. 

3   Korea is the land to which the Lord is to return. The Lord at the Second Advent whom Christians have been expecting is none other than I. Today, July 3, 1992 is the first time I am announcing this in public. For the first time I am putting it in writing, in order to let the world know who the Lord at the Second Advent is. What did I write? Sun Myung Moon! I wrote this for the first time. Now that I have made this official announcement, you need to clearly understand what it means. From now on, everything will be revealed.

4   In August 1992, during the World Culture and Sports Festival at the Little Angels’ Performing Arts Center, in front of the approximately 1,000 prominent leaders from around the world, including heads of state who were participating in the eight events of the festival, I proclaimed, “I am the Messiah, the Savior and the True Parent.” Even so, they nodded their heads; no one shook their heads in objection.

I am traveling all over the world. Don’t you think I know what to say about the current political scene? In fact, no one has deeper insight or a better brain for dealing with this transitional era than I do. The world recognizes this about me. That is why I must let the world know what is happening. Unless I proclaim who I am in public, I cannot take root in the world.

It is only after their wedding that people can be officially recognized as husband and wife. Accordingly, I traveled throughout the nation and held banquets where I made proclamations about who we are. This was so that True Parents can settle; then heaven and earth can also settle. To found a nation, it is not enough just to select the members of the cabinet. The founder must proclaim himself to the public. That is why I proclaimed that we are the Messiah, the Lord at the Second Advent and the True Parents. Henceforth, we will build our foundation.

5   Centering on God, I proclaimed that we are the True Parents of humankind. I proclaimed worldwide that the unfallen True Parents who can liberate humankind have come to this world. Now that True Parents have emerged, their children also can become true parents; and all those who receive their teachings likewise can become true parents. Due to the Fall, the term “true parents” vanished and the persons who could have become true parents disappeared.

6   My encounter with Mikhail Gorbachev of the Soviet Union was equivalent to Jacob’s encounter with Esau in the Old Testament Age. I represented the United States, Japan and Korea in the position of Jacob, and Gorbachev represented the Soviet Union, China and North Korea. We met, and I planted God’s true love in his heart. This meant Jacob’s return to his hometown. Now the only remaining thing for Esau to do is to unite with his younger brother and attend the Heavenly Parent. He needs to bring his communist nations to unite with the younger brother nations of the free world and attend the Heavenly Parent; it is the only way for the communist world to survive.

This was an event without precedent since the beginning of history. It was a new beginning to bring victory for heaven’s side. For this reason, now that I have returned to Korea, I am holding this Rally Welcoming True Parents, to proclaim True Parents to the people of the Republic of Korea.

7   Now that True Parents have been proclaimed to the world, the cosmos is approaching a turning point. For the cosmos to follow True Parents, it must have true children, true clans, and true peoples. Now that you have been proclaiming True Parents throughout the world, it is time for you, as their true children, to proclaim the true family. Your proclamations should not be limited to the family level. Since the First Adam and the Second Adam were not able to complete their missions, to indemnify this you need to expand the realm of tribal messiahship. Therefore, all of you need to conduct events to proclaim True Parents while taking the position of true parents to your tribes. That is how you can build the foundation to bring change on the national level and the world level.

8   Jesus strove to fulfill the work that Adam failed to do, but he was not able to complete it. Since Jesus passed away before he could do this, the Lord of the Second Advent, who comes as the perfected Third Adam, is required to rectify the failures that occurred at the time of the First Adam and Second Adam and complete their unfinished work.

Originally, all humankind should have been the descendants of the First Adam. Even though the First Adam failed, had Jesus not died on the cross, this world would have been filled with Jesus’ sons and daughters. The world would have become one world by now. Had Jesus not died but married and given birth to sons and daughters, the members of his clan, in the position of the elder son, would have inherited the kingship on this earth for tens of thousands of years.

Democracy is a siblings’ ideology. It is not Parentism. Siblings compete and fight to get what they want. They fight because they have no parents to be centered on. That is why humankind must turn to Parentism. True Parents need to come in order to solve the problems throughout the world that came into existence due to the siblings’ ideology. 

9   In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve fell in their teenage years. The Fall was a problem of love between a man and woman. Since that is the seed that was sown, now that the harvest time has arrived worldwide, the problems of promiscuity among young people and family breakdown have become serious. All humankind is bewailing this reality, yet no real owner has stepped up to take responsibility for it. Therefore, True Parents, the original owners of creation, must come. When they do, everything that was defiled by the false parents can be resolved. In the Last Days, all these problems will face judgment. Individuals, families, peoples, nations, the world and the cosmos on God’s side will establish a new viewpoint centering on True Parents. Then we will undoubtedly recover the world where everything in heaven and on earth is united as one. For this to happen, True Parents must emerge and bring true love, true life, and true lineage.

10   The Messiah is the True Father. Because the Fall occurred, the false parents emerged and all human beings have been born from their false lineage; therefore, the providence of salvation is not an easy task to fulfill. No matter how many times the blood of the false lineage is purified, it cannot be purified completely. That is why the salvation of human beings remains incomplete even after tens of millions of years.

God cannot undo what was defiled by the false parents. The ideal of creation is that human beings complete their portion of responsibility, inherit God’s lineage and bequeath it to their descendants. Adam and Eve destroyed the ideal of creation. Therefore Adam and Eve must restore it. No one else can rectify it; not even God. That is why True Parents must come and restore it through indemnity.

What went wrong must be turned around to the original state. This is called restoration through indemnity. Restoration cannot be done by following a natural course. It must be done by taking the reverse course in order to return to the original state. Without going through such a course of restoration through indemnity, there is no way for human beings to return to the original world. Not for eternity.

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