Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 20

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 1: True Parents’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Chapter 2: Section 3: The Seven-Year Course and the Birth of True Children, Paragraph 0-9

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Section 3. The Seven-Year Course and the Birth of True Children

The seven-year course

True Parents’ Holy Wedding was performed on the foundation of 14 years of indemnity. The following seven years was the period in which True Parents’ family had to set a condition to be free from Satan’s invasion and complete the foundation of the original family that could enter the realm of God’s direct dominion.

At the Holy Wedding, True Parents’ family went beyond the completion level of the growth stage. During the following seven years they had to go through the completion stage while fighting against and prevailing over attacks from the spiritual world and the physical world. At the same time, that seven-year course was the period during which True Mother had to set the indemnity condition of absolute obedience to God’s Will and during which she was responsible to become absolutely one with True Father. For True Father, this seven-year course was the period to raise True Mother to the standard of perfection and thus establish the foundation of a partnership centered on God’s Will. In short, it was the period in which True Father and True Mother had to unite as one in faith and love, as well as substantially in body.

It was also the period during which the blessed families had to go through their first seven-year course. True Parents led their family and the blessed families as they pioneered the seven-year course of the completion stage, a path never before trod in human history. Finally they prevailed.

As True Parents went through this seven-year course of internal indemnity, they instituted Parents’ Day, Children’s Day and the Day of All Things to recover what had been lost due to the Human Fall. The ensuing proclamation of God’s Day on January 1, 1968 completed this foundation of victory.

1   What did I do until 1960? Like Jacob, I walked a 14-year course. Thus, although the 7 years starting in 1960 is the first 7-year course for you, for me it is the last part of my 21-year course. Through this 7-year course, we need to create the heavenly fortune that will enable us to successfully reach out to the people of this nation. During the first three years God wanted us to establish the internal standard of the family, and during the remaining four years He wants us to establish the external standard in our relations with society.

In order for us to accomplish this, I had to make the conditions to establish my family as the representative of all families, of the nation and of the world. For this latter purpose I set up the Day of All Things, and upon that foundation I established holy grounds throughout the world.

2   Jesus should have been able to establish a road of victory based on unity with Joseph’s family, representing David’s tribe, and then restore through indemnity the nation of Israel without opposition from the people. But he was not able do so. Hence, the Unification Church is now working to indemnify this. This is why I am trying to establish the Unification tribe by restoring individuals, families and clans.

Centering on the Unification tribe, I set up the first seven-year course and worked to fulfill the mission of restoring the people of the Republic of Korea. Now that we have laid this foundation, Korea cannot block the path of the Unification Church. I am saying that through this condition, we now stand in the position of having restored a realm that Jesus wanted to achieve in his time, from which we can launch a new world with the authority of Jesus’ resurrection. By completing the first seven-year course, we set an indemnity condition on the level of the Korean people to establish the foundation to restore the nation, which is what Jesus had hoped to do in his time.

3   In order to dissolve bitter pain and sorrow, the events that caused them must be cleared up and indemnity must be paid. This is why there must be a course in order to complete restoration. I went through a course of struggle to restore and perfect Adam and laid the foundation for his victory; hence, I can stand tall as a man. Likewise, in order for Mother to stand tall as a woman, she as Eve must go through the course of restoration through indemnity. This requires her to undergo a course of battles in heart, in body and in faith that no one else can fathom. The path that Mother had to pioneer was as dangerous as walking a tightrope.

While she was completing that indemnity by the end of her first seven-year course, we instituted Parents’ Day, Children’s Day and Day of All Things. Then, on January 1, 1968, we welcomed God’s Day. Thereby, Mother finally gained the qualification as the original woman on earth and stood in a position equal to mine on the family level.

4   After paying indemnity to complete my individual course, I established my family in 1960 and entered the path of the cross on the family level. Since I had to fulfill the mission of indemnifying the 6,000 year history of the providence, I focused on paying indemnity to carry the cross on the family level more than on you and the church.

While pursuing this path I instituted Parents’ Day, Children’s Day and Day of All Things, and when I completed it I instituted God’s Day. You cannot fathom the internal tribulations Mother and I had to face and deal with from 1960 until I proclaimed God’s Day on the first day of 1968. By winning a victory in the fight against Satan, I laid the foundation to secure the family level. 

5   During the period of the first seven-year course, we the Parents struggled internally before heaven and earth. We paid indemnity to clear up all the tangled bitterness and sorrow that originated from the Fall. This was the period when we could resolve and clear up all the historical circumstances that arose from Adam and Eve’s mistakes in the area of lineage. To move forward, we had to sort out relationships that could be offered to heaven, offered for the sake of the Will not only in mind but also in body. This is how we were finally able to complete the first seven-year course and True Parents could emerge into the world with victory.

6   The Unification Church launched its activities in earnest in 1960, on the basis of attending Mother. Despite persistent opposition from the nation and from Christianity, you laid the foundation to push through that opposition so you could welcome Mother and attend her.

However, this did not mean that Mother could just live with me right away. Just as you had to go through a three-year period of separation after your marriage Blessing, we too had to do dispensational work in order to secure our family. The path of the Principle is the same for everyone.

During the first seven-year course I had to indemnify all the complicated problems within the first family, that of Adam and Eve. Thus, the first seven-year course was the period in which to establish the family-level foundation, centering on Mother. Since Adam and Eve fell in the completion level of the growth stage, we had to pass through that level to enter the completion stage. 

7   What has God been doing for the past 6,000 years? What has been His unchanging desire throughout history? It has been to find the one person, True Mother. It is to find her through Adam, after re-creating him and sending him to earth. This is re-creation. Originally, God created Adam and then created Eve from Adam; therefore, for re-creation, Adam has to come to earth first and then find Eve. In other words, he must find and establish Mother.

In order to do this, during the first seven-year course I had to put Mother on a path that would enable her to break away from any condition by which Satan’s world could accuse her. This means that she does not need to fight directly with Satan; instead, Mother just has to have absolute faith in me and always unite with me. Then Satan cannot invade her.

Adam lost Eve because he failed to fulfill his responsibility. Thus, it is Adam who must set the standard of victory, by restoring his position in relation to Eve as well as bringing Satan to submission. I am fulfilling this purpose during this seven-year period. Moreover, having established this standard, I have to raise Mother, in the position of Eve, to that standard in heart and spirit. This is how we can reverse through indemnity the failure of the fallen parents. This is how we will secure the foundation of the True Parents.

8   Had Adam and Eve not fallen, they would have completed this first seven-year course. This was the path they were required to go to become the True Parents. Therefore, no matter what accusations Satan threw against us, Mother and I had to make a breakthrough during this time period. I paved this path, leading the way as the representative of the family during the first seven-year course. During this period, we, Father and Mother, had to unravel all the tangles of history.

In particular, this seven-year course was the time when I had to reverse Eve’s dominion over Adam and completely secure Adam’s authority. For this, I had to educate Eve. In other words, during this period I had to educate Mother in such a way that she would set a standard of absolute obedience and compliance before me, even at the cost of her life.

9   It was not easy for us to secure the family of True Parents. We had to rise all the way to the highest position in the world. We had to pass through the formation, growth and completion stages.

There was a seven-year course to reach the completion stage. Since Adam and Eve fell away at the completion level of the growth stage, my family had to walk a seven-year course beginning from that point. Until the establishment of God’s Day on January 1, 1968 Mother had to travel an arduous path as a woman. She passed heaven’s tests without any problem, and this is why she could become what she is today, our great Mother.

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