Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 194

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 7: True Parents’ Course of Suffering and Victory
Chapter 3: Suffering In Danbury Prison And True Parents' Victory
Section 2: The Ascension of Heung-jin Moon, Paragraph 06-13

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6  I visited the scene of Heung-jin's car accident. I learned that a truck driver had hit the brakes to slow down as he was going down a hill, and his truck skidded into the oncoming lane. The truck could not go straight and veered diagonally, blocking the road. Heung-jin was driving up the hill headed toward the truck. His natural reaction as a driver facing danger would have been to reflexively turn the steering wheel to avoid injuring himself. But Heung-jin did not do that. Instead he kept his car at a slight angle toward the truck, swerving his car so that the truck struck it on the driver's side where he was sitting.

Why did Heung-jin do that? He did it because he loved the brothers who were riding with him. Their father had passed away many years ago, and he deeply loved them. When they studied together in the evening, if they said they were hungry, Heung-jin would go to the refrigerator and find something for them. He wanted to show them his love. He would say, "I need to take care of these brothers because their father is gone." Because he loved them like that, he turned the steering wheel to take the impact on their behalf. When I saw this, I was truly grateful to have had such a son.

7  When Jesus died on the cross, there was a thief on his right side and a thief on his left. They represented the democratic world and the communist world. Communism says there is no God. Democracy says there is. This time, there were two young men in the car with Heung-jin. Although Heung-jin lost his life due to the car accident, both the young men survived. 

Heung-jin's good deed was a great thing. He could have swerved the car in the other direction. But why did he steer the car so his side would receive the impact? This is the question. The car rammed into a corner of the truck. The two young men riding with Heung-jin said he turned the wheel as he did because he was thinking of them, so that they would receive less impact.

We can understand from this that Heung-jin passed away as a sacrificial offering for both the democratic world and the communist world. The two other young men represented the democratic and communist worlds, in the same position as the two thieves on Jesus' right and left sides. Heung-jin passed away instead of them. In Jesus' time all three died. In my time, because Heung-jin made himself a sacrificial offering, those two young people remained alive. This opened the way to liberate both the democratic world and the communist world.

8  Heung-jin's sacrifice stands on the national foundation of indemnity that I established in Korea for the sake of the free world and the communist world. His sacrifice connects these two worlds to this national foundation. Although the accident happened in America, he was buried in Korea. His body was returned to his homeland and buried there. Thus, Heung-jin stands on the victorious national foundation that True Parents established.

Because he stands on this national foundation, although Heung-jin dwells in the spirit world, he also has a spiritual foundation to settle on earth. This means that Heung-jin's sacrifice restored through indemnity what Jesus could not accomplish on the national level, and at the same time it laid the foundation for Jesus to interact with the earthly world on a higher dimension. Heung-jin made such a connection between the two worlds.

9  My court battle in America, up to and including the US Supreme Court, is the same as Jesus being hung on the cross. However, we are no longer living in an age to die hanging on a cross; rather, it is the time to advance while bearing the cross. At the time of Jesus, Judaism and Rome foundered, but now in the time of my legal battle, rather than colliding with me, Christianity and America are uniting with me. This means we have come to the time when we can restore through indemnity all the failures of Jesus' day. 

Why was Heung-jin caught up in this indemnity condition? It happened because this is the time when True Parents are bearing the cross, and hence Heung-jin was automatically in that realm as well. If you look at the positions of God and Jesus, God is the Father and Jesus is the Son. It is not God who must bear the cross, but the Son. In the present age, True Parents are in the position representing God, and Heungjin is in the position of Jesus. For this reason, his sacrifice corresponds exactly to the indemnity condition that requires him to bear Jesus' worldwide cross as the son.

After Satan struck Jesus down, God resurrected him. In the same way, when Satan struck Heung-jin down, True Parents resurrected him for the world-level providence. Whereas Jesus after his death opened the gate to spiritual salvation, Heung-jin opened a gate to the physical world. Hence, now the time has come for a new Pentecost on the world level that can unite spirit and body, like the Pentecost that occurred after the death of Jesus.

This is restoration through indemnity. Because Christianity opposed us, its failure had to be indemnified. On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came down to where 120 disciples had gathered on earth after Jesus' death, and launched Christianity. Over the next 2,000 years, Christianity expanded to form the Christian cultural sphere. If that foundation had been offered to the Returning Lord, a new Pentecost would not have been needed. But because they opposed us, everything was shattered and had to be rebuilt.

The victory of love

At 4:00 a.m. on January 3, 1984, at the Belvedere Training Center, True Parents proclaimed January 2, the day when Heung-jin Moon ascended to the spirit world, as the Day of the Victory of Love. They were able to make this proclamation because when he went the course of a sacrificial offering and triumphed over the realm of death, Heung-jin Moon embodied the standard for a new beginning in which God could take dominion over love.

10  On December 31, 1983, we, as True Parents, visited the hospital and conducted the Unification Ceremony. That ceremony placed Heung-jin above both the communist and democratic worlds. It was a serious moment. Even though this robust son whom we loved more than anyone else was about to pass into the spirit world, we could not allow ourselves to shed tears. During the three days after the Unification Ceremony, when we instituted the Day of the Victory of Love, we could not shed tears. Since we were marking his victory over death while standing as the True Parents of humankind, we could not permit ourselves to be sad.

Adam and Eve by their mistake built a high wall separating human beings from God. This created the valley of death, the hell of death, hell in the spirit world and hell on earth. Standing at the highest point, we put everything in order and offered up our son. You cannot imagine how serious we were.

As a parent, if I could have slowed the passage of time, I would have. But at a time like that, I had to send Heung-jin off without any hesitation and keep a steady heart in front of heaven. I even had to tell Mother that if she cried she would invite misfortune. Only after we held the ascension ceremony in Korea and sent him off to heaven could we cry as parents. Only after the ceremony was completed did I shed tears, but those tears of grief were mixed with tears to celebrate his victory.

11  Satan cannot invade you as long as you love True Parents more than your own life. This is because Heung-jin died in your stead. On top of that, if you love True Parents more than Heung-jin did, then Satan will not be able to do anything to you. Until now Satan was in control of love, but from now on God will reign with love. Since Heung-jin became one with God based on this standard, I proclaimed the Day of the Victory of Love.

Now Satan will retreat in proportion to your activities. Therefore, based on the spirit of the Day of the Victory of Love, you must work hard day and night for three years. You need to push yourself to do so. Heung-jin is not resting day or night. He is working hard in the spirit world to mobilize all his juniors and elders so that they will move the young people of the communist world and democratic world. You too should work so that you achieve no less. You should have that kind of determination.

With the Day of the Victory of Love, the time has come when Cain can welcome Abel. In the past if you loved Cain, you had to pay indemnity, but now if you love Cain, you will receive blessings from him. In the past when Cain loved Abel, he suffered hardships from Satan even to the point of death, but now that time is over. The time has come when God will pour out blessings.

12  By setting up the Day of the Victory of Love on January 3, 1984, we broke down the barriers that Satan's love had erected in the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle (the realm of indirect dominion) and in the realm of God's direct dominion. Now that they have been broken down, with God's love we can dismantle any barrier anywhere, including in hell. Spirits in heaven can descend even to the dungeons of hell and then ascend. When they do so, since they belong to God's realm, the spirits in Satan's realm are bound to surrender to them. This is why we call it the Day of the Victory of Love.

God's love represents the past, present and future. Hence it can remove the realm of death in Satan's world. That is why we could claim victory. That is why we could set up the Day of the Victory of Love. At that time Mother and I were in a difficult position where we were not supposed to think any sad thoughts about our son who had become an offering. We had to walk such a path. 

You church leaders should resemble Heung-jin. Work just like him. People say that Heung-jin resembled me. Just as God never rests, I am working single-mindedly for world restoration 24 hours a day. You need to practice this lifestyle. So clean yourself up. Put yourself in order. You need to live and work like Heung-jin.

13  In the spirit world, Heung-jin is now an owner and conveyer of love. He is in the realm of God's direct dominion. Because of the way he died, separating himself from the realm of the Fall, God can call him His son and can love him unreservedly, saying, "This is my son. This is my son who overcame Satan's world." I was not able to fully love Heung-jin when he was young, but now God is redeeming that situation.

God's love for Heung-jin is His love for True Parents. Because Heung-jin made the condition that he loved True Parents with his life, all the situations where God's love could not be manifest can be solved. Hence, Jesus will be liberated, and the conditions can be fulfilled that will alleviate my pain and sorrow, that in the past I was not able to receive God's love at the completion stage. 

Because Jesus died at the age of 33, young people under 33 years old could not receive benefit from Jesus when they entered the spirit world. But now with Heung-jin's entry into the spirit world in his teenage years, all people who died as teenagers can enter that realm of love. By connecting teenagers as a group to the top of the growth stage, they can now enter the realm above the realm of indirect dominion where Satan could interfere.

The completion level of the growth stage was the level that Adam and Eve were at in their teens when they fell. But now that teenagers are connected to a realm that has no relationship with the Fall, others can also enter that realm. This is the result of what Heung-jin indemnified. Therefore, the time has come when Satan no longer has authority in the realm of indirect dominion, the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle. Now he cannot exercise his power there and must retreat. This applies on earth as well.

From the viewpoint of the Principle, Satan did not have a condition to demand that I hand over my son to him. Actually, he should not have been sacrificed. In the same way, it was not necessary for God to hand over His Son, Jesus. However, God handed him over in order to save Israel, Judaism and Rome. Likewise, although there was no need for True Parents to deliver Heung-jin to Satan, because Christianity had been faithless, we handed him over for the sake of Christianity, the free world and the whole world.

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