Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 193

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 7: True Parents’ Course of Suffering and Victory
Chapter 3: Suffering In Danbury Prison And True Parents' Victory
Section 1: The Tax Evasion Trial, Paragraph 17
Section 2: The Ascension of Heung-jin Moon, Paragraph 05

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17  There remains a road ahead of me, the road for the sake of the world. This road will take me beyond the United States. But once I leave, what will become of America? Unless you American members pledge to work harder than me, unless you are determined even to stand before a court and sacrifice yourself more than I did in order to lead your nation on the path that it must go, America will face a bleak future.

After your nation has treated me like this, how can it hope to stand with honor before the nations of the world? America has already been damaged.

I have been teaching you about heaven's law of public righteousness. I am not saying that I have no responsibility; I do have responsibility. I am speaking this way because I am taking responsibility. Yet, because I realize that you also must shoulder this responsibility, I am even more serious about you. A parent's heart desires to ensure his children have a bright future. The path of heaven's law of public righteousness must become your path. You must travel this path and live by this law.

18  You must inherit heaven's law of public righteousness and resolve that you will follow this path until the world welcomes us, until all the people of the world have the heart that they would share a prison cell with me. I was very serious during the time I fought the allegation of tax evasion in the American court. I decided flatly, "I am going to do this," and flew back there. Nevertheless, I never cursed America. I did not curse the prosecutors or the judge. I know that if I go in front of God, I am justified. In front of America's good ancestors, I am justified. They are on my side. Your future descendants will be on my side. In the future, when your descendants find out what their ancestors did against me, what will they say about what you did? That is why I am saying that the path of righteous men and women, of good men and women, lies before you. However, there is no path for the evil person to go. Evil people are bound to perish.

19  I am intending to conclude in 40 years' time the 4,000-year indemnity course of Judeo-Christianity that has unfolded from Jacob's time until today. Further, in these same 40 years I am trying to restore the 400-year indemnity course that early Christianity suffered under the Roman Empire. The period of all-out attack that occurred in this three-year period of legal battles corresponds to the three-year period of Jesus' course. I am indemnifying this in reverse. The course of indemnity goes in reverse. 

In this time, Christianity can indemnify the age of Judaism by attending True Parents. This three-year period in which I have been fighting in the US courts is precisely the three-year period when, as the Messiah today, I have been preparing the foundation for saving the free, democratic world. It is the same foundation that Jesus should have been able to prepare by fighting and bringing victory on the worldwide stage in Rome. During this period I was being crucified in America, just as Jesus was crucified. The legal battle has been like the crucifixion.

Passing through the first stage at the New York District Court and continuing to the second stage at the United States Court of Appeals was equivalent to Jesus who had died being brought back to life. The presiding judge in that court was on my side and the two other judges were against me. This corresponds to the age of the growth stage.

During the third stage of the fight, at the US Supreme Court, public opinion was boiling and the people shouted, "Reverend Moon must be released!" The entire free world and all of Christianity came together. As I carried the cross, Christianity, the free world, and the American people united to support me, just like the thief on Jesus' right side who supported the crucified Jesus.

20  America prosecuted me, but I am going beyond America; I am advancing beyond just America's hope. Tomorrow our achievement will be greater than it is now, and after one more year it will be greater still. We need to prepare the path along which all humanity will become one, which is the hope of God; and my vision is to choose the most direct path that can lead us there. When the judgment of the Supreme Court was rendered, I said, "God! What are you going to give me next?" Then Christianity turned around and supported the Unification Church. 

The result of the court battle is that I am going to prison. What great blessing will we inherit thereby? All people worldwide will come back to my side. Families will become unified families and follow me on the path that I am going. Ethnic groups will become unified peoples, nations will become unified nations, the world will become the unified world, and all of them will follow me. Accordingly, when I am released from prison, a group of people representing the unified world will be waiting for me. That is why I consider the path I am on to be a path of hope. That is why I intend to go the path of the cross, knowing that it is actually the path of joy and hope.

I know that because of today, the Unification tradition will connect everyone together in a single line, from the True Parents to the True Children to blessed families, Christianity, America and the world. It will grow and grow. 

On such a great day as today, when we are about to take that first step, I do not want you to send me off with tears. If you are going to shed tears, shed tears for the sake of this nation and the world. Your tears for the nation and the world should be tens and hundreds of times more than the tears I shed for them. If your hearts are hurting and feel sorrow, then become Unificationist laborers who, by the time I am released from prison, will have united 1,000 people, 10,000 people for the Will.

21  While going the way of the Will, I spent a lot of time in prison. However, I was always grateful for the fact that my life did not come to an end. I welcomed my path with joy and entrusted the result to heaven. I thought about the miserable circumstances of God, who has to fulfill the Will, even though it required putting me on the verge of death. I thought about God's miserable situation, having to see me go through that kind of suffering in order to surmount those obstacles and advance the providence. 

Even now it is the same. At this time, as I stand in this central position with this world and the spirit world interacting in oneness, I must resolve to make myself a sacrifice. This is the way in which I can harvest beautiful fruit for God in these Last Days. You should know that this path—this tradition-will remain, and that you too must follow it.

Section 2. The Ascension of Heung-jin Moon

Sacrifice of the second son
From December 14 to December 23, 1983, True Parents led Victory Over Communism rallies in eight major cities in Korea. These rallies were held to thwart North Korea's growing ambition to unify the Korean Peninsula under communism. At the final rally in Gwangju, True Father delivered his speech amid rising tensions due to reports that a group had been sent there to assassinate him. On that same day Heung-jin Moon, True Parents' second son, was badly injured in a traffic accident in the United States. His injuries proved fatal, and he passed away on January 2, 1984. At a time of opposition from that Christian nation and the increasing danger of communism, his death became a sacrificial offering.

1  In December 1983 I spoke in eight major Korean cities at Victory Over Communism rallies in order to unite the citizens of the Republic of Korea in defense of their nation. I also assembled 72 national delegates from the Professors World Peace Academy, representing the world and Christianity. I had a fierce battle with Satan as our rallies swept the nation. The entire nation of Korea was caught up in our movement. Through these rallies, I intended to subjugate Satan, who was working through North Korea to invade the South. 

At that time my own family was under extreme duress. As the representative of the entire world, my family was under attack. Since Satan could not attack me directly, he attacked my son, Heung-jin. During the last Victory Over Communism rally in Gwangju, while I was actually speaking, my son was involved in an automobile accident.

2  When I went to Korea in December 1983, both America and Japan paid careful attention to what I was doing. These three providential nations were leaning toward communism. However much Satan wanted to destroy me, he could not do so because I had established victorious indemnity conditions. Although the democratic world opposed the Unification Church, I had already made the indemnity condition to triumph over the groups that were attacking me there. However, Heung-jin, who represented the children, lived in America, and he became Satan's target.

Satan always seeks a way to strike. Just as the Victory Over Communism rallies in eight major cities were ending with great success, Heung-jin was seriously injured in a car accident. This happened while I was delivering my speech at the last rally in Gwangju. My speech began at 11:00 in the morning, but the arena was already packed by 10:00. There were assassins in the audience plotting to harm me, but the hall had become so crowded that they were unable to carry out their plot. The space was filled so tightly that people could not move freely. Thus, the conditions in the arena naturally protected me from them. As Satan could not attack me directly, he took my most beloved son.

3  When I returned to Korea, I held Victory Over Communism rallies. The last venue was Gwangju. At that time, some spiritualists warned me not to go because the communists were sending agents to get me. But should I not go just because they told me not to? A public person should be willing to risk his life at any time. So I went, and heaven worked. At the rally the aisles were crammed with people so that those sitting down could not get up and move around. That was how I was protected. A serious incident took place, however; the car accident that claimed Heung-jin's life occurred at that very moment.

4  Many things were accomplished through Heung-jin's sacrifice. In life he was the most filial son, but now this most sincere and pure child is in the embrace of God. If Heung-jin's sacrifice had not occurred, there could have been two very unfortunate developments. First, the North Korean military could have invaded South Korea; second, my earthly life could have ended. Already, because of the success of the Victory Over Communism rallies in Korea, Satan could no longer attack South Korea. Satan still tried to attack me, but instead, at the exact time when we were harvesting victory in Korea, he claimed Heung-jin, and my son became a sacrificial offering.

5 Heung-jin, my second son, was always extremely concerned about my safety and security. He had the mind-set that if an assailant came to shoot me, he would jump in front of me to take the bullet for me. He organized the blessed families in East Garden and trained them to have this mind-set. At night he would station blessed family members and stage surprise attacks to keep them alert. He was so concerned with my safety that he went through all this effort to train and test the security staff to make them into real bodyguards.

Furthermore, at the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences in Chicago, Heung-jin stayed up and stood guard all night alongside the official bodyguards. He did not fully trust the bodyguards. In his mind, they had not reached the standard of heart that they thought of me as their own father the way he did. Heung-jin felt that if I were in genuine danger of assassination the bodyguards might flee. He said, "I am not like that!" That is why he gave mental and physical training to my security staff, so they would protect me properly. He was always ready to offer his life for me.

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