Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 195

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 7: True Parents’ Course of Suffering and Victory
Chapter 3: Suffering In Danbury Prison And True Parents' Victory
Section 2: The Ascension of Heung-jin Moon, Paragraph 14-22

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14  If the Christian spirits in the spirit world are going to come down to help Jesus on earth, what must they do? In the case of Christians on earth who are opposing the Unification Church, those in the spirit world are not able to help. However, on the basis of the sacrifices that we as a group are making, when Christians make a horizontal relationship with us on earth, spirits can descend to them and help.

Before Heung-jin's ascension, none of True Parents' blood relations who went to the spirit world were able to form a direct relationship with the spirits there. Therefore, the wish of spirits was to connect in a relationship of heart with True Parents on earth. But few Christian spirits were able to do that because their descendants on earth were opposing me. Now, having sent my son Heung-jin to the spirit world, those spirits are able to establish a relationship with him, and through him they can descend to earth and cooperate with the movement to assist and transform Christianity. Thereby, with Jesus at the center, the environment can arise where the Christian spirit world and the entire spirit world can return to earth and attend True Parents.

Marriage and eternal life

On February 20, 1984, 50 days after Heung-jin Moon's ascension, True Parents conducted the marriage Blessing of Heung-jin Moon and Julia Moon (Hoon-sook Pak) at the Belvedere Training Center. This marriage ceremony brought unity between heaven and earth. True Parents had promised their son as he lay dying in the hospital that he would be blessed and have children by adoption. On the foundation of the Unification Ceremony and the Day of the Victory of Love, they gave him the Blessing; moreover, they bestowed on him the titles of Ambassador of Love and Commander of the Spirit World, and charged him with the mission of liberating the spirit world.

15  Jesus died in his thirties, but Heung-jin passed away when he was 17. This became the condition to connect the two realms—the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle (the realm of indirect dominion) and the realm of God's direct dominion. Heung-jin can receive God's love through the love of True Parents who stand in God's place. Because of this, he is beyond the realm where Satan can interfere. He is within the realm of indirect dominion but he is also under the protection of True Parents and the archangels. This is why I can give him the Blessing on earth.

Jesus wanted to set up a path whereby Christians in the spirit world could go through True Parents on earth, but due to the disbelief of Christians on earth, that path was blocked. However, Heung-jin has set the indemnity condition based on True Parents' life on earth, and he has been resurrected within True Parents' realm of love. Hence, he does not need to deal with Satan's interference. I bestowed the Blessing on him 50 days after his ascension, which connected his offering to earth. This is an amazing thing. It is what Jesus has wanted to accomplish for 2,000 years.

This is equivalent to the Second Adam receiving the Blessing within the realm of the Principle and attaining the standard of perfection—the very standard that the First Adam failed to attain. When Adam fell, he was at the completion level of the growth stage, but this is the time when the Second Adam is able to connect directly with True Parents at the completion stage and enter the realm of direct dominion. Accordingly, we now have entered the time when the spirit world is bound to submit to and follow Heung-jin.

16  Today, February 20, 1984, is the 50th day after Heung-jin's ascension ceremony. It is comparable to Pentecost at the time of Jesus. After the Holy Spirit descended in tongues of fire to 120 people in the upper room, they began doing wondrous spiritual works among people of every nation. Likewise, today with the Blessing of Heung-jin and Hoon-sook, we will witness the beginning of a movement where the departed rulers of 120 nations will descend to earth, be resurrected, and perform spiritual wonders worldwide. This represents the Pentecost. Rulers from 120 nations in the spirit world with their sovereign authority will now be present on earth and move their nations toward unity with True Parents. Even if only one nation from among the 120 nations on earth attends True Parents, the gates of the kingdom of heaven will open from that nation.

17  Look at Heung-jin's wife, Hoon-sook; she lives alone, is devoted to God, is a filial daughter to her parents and a filial daughter-in-law to True Parents. So you blessed families no longer have any justification to complain about your three-year course or your seven-year course. By making these conditions, you establish on earth a point of origin and a tradition for breaking free from Satan's accusation. This is very happy news for you.

So, are you in a position to complain when your spouse is with you here on earth? I am giving you a gift that will protect you from Satan's accusation. If you are spiritually one with Hoon-sook, then Satan will not be able to invade your family. If you have a mind-set that you are living on behalf of Hoon-sook and Heung-jin, then you can purge Satan from your life. What an incredible result! This is why I strongly commanded the blessed families to begin their married life with a three-year course of separation.

18  Today is the day of Heung-jin's Blessing. Blessed husbands and wives who were given a solemn direction to begin a three-year course of separation but have fallen short need to embrace each other and repent to each other. Then from tomorrow, they need to make a new point of departure on that path.

The important points are these: First, if Heung-jin does not have a wife, then the kingdom's authority cannot be established. 

Second, the people and kings with royal authority in the spirit world, which is in the position of the angelic world, must come to earth, to Adam's world, wrest Satan's foundation away from him, and completely bequeath to us on earth the authority of the kingdom in heaven. Just as the angels were supposed to protect and nurture Adam and Eve before the Fall in accordance with the fundamental rule of the Principle, the people and kings of the spirit world must protect and nurture this earthly world. God and the angels who attend Him must expel the angels who oppose God. The time has come when this is possible, because now, centered on True Parents' love, they can assert their authority to occupy and lead the realm of indirect dominion, based on accomplishments through the Principle.

Third, in Hoon-sook and Heung-jin, a lighthouse has appeared that shows the way to good fortune. They have created the bridge of true love between the spiritual world and the physical world. Satan can no longer interfere. This is the viewpoint of the Principle.

19  When you look at the realm of heart of Jesus and Heung-jin, Heung-jin is in the position of Jesus' elder brother. Jesus went to the spirit world first, and he had been in the position of the elder son in heaven. However, on the foundation of Heung-jin's realm of heart connected to True Parents, Jesus needed to hand over his authority to Heung-jin, the younger son. By doing so, he could connect to the original standard centered on True Parents' love. This was the essential step for opening the gate to enter the kingdom of heaven. It created the path between paradise and the kingdom of heaven. 

That is why the holy wedding of Heung-jin in heaven and Hoon-sook on earth, held on the 50th day, established the condition through which Jesus could come to earth. I made this connection with earth through their Blessing.

20  The Blessing of Heung-jin in heaven with Hoon-sook on earth built a bridge of love between heaven and earth. This opened the way for Jesus to come and assist the True Family and the Unification Church. Because I opened this path for him, Christianity centered on Jesus now needs to become one with the Unification Church on earth. Therefore, Christian spirits, in the position of the archangels, are helping the Third Adam and Eve as they direct the course of re-creation on earth. According to the principle that the archangels were to help Adam and Eve, these Christian spirits will assist in creating the bond between the Unification Church and Christianity on earth. 

Further, based on the oneness of heart created between heaven and earth, all the good Christian kings and rulers in the spirit world will create links among all nations, which are currently divided one from another. Thus far it was impossible to achieve the goal of forming one unified realm transcending nations, centering on the realm of heart of God's love; the gap was just too great. However, now it is possible, because we have entered the age of grace when we can establish a realm of partnership that connects the realm of heaven's heart with the realm of earth's heart. Now we can create the realm of unity between the two. This is all possible because I gave the Blessing to Heung-jin and Hoon-sook.

21  All of the members and leaders of the Unification Church who came and went up to now have fulfilled indemnity on the church level, but have not fulfilled the indemnity conditions required for the nation or the world. However, Heung-jin's case is different. He achieved the national level. That is why he could become the commander who represents the just cause of the heavenly kingdom. That is why he could become the subject partner of the spirit world, able to connect the spirit world to earth. Had he been married when he made his sacrificial offering, he could not have done it. It was possible because he was not yet married. As of now, people in the spirit world still remain unmarried.

Since I knew all this, I promised Heung-jin, "I will find a child for you to adopt." I can find him one because he achieved the national level. In order to find a child to adopt, I first had to find him an ideal partner. In the spirit world, where people are like unmarried men and women who want to marry, Heungjin with his wife became the center. He became the commander of that world. 

In the Unification family, the way we drive all fortune of the world is by making ourselves an offering and taking the position of a sacrifice. That is what Heung-jin did. Therefore, you need to love Heung-jin and his family.

22  I concluded the Unification Ceremony on December 31, 1983. Then, on the day before Heung-jin left for the spirit world, I prayed and promised, "Even if you leave this earth, I will find a child for you to adopt as if you were on earth and I will regard him as your actual son." If I am going to do this, I must give him the Blessing on earth. Otherwise, it would be impossible. 

God sent the Messiah to earth in order to save the physical world. However, in my case, in order to save the spiritual world, I sent the Prince of Love as my ambassador with full authority on behalf of True Parents. Even Jesus could not reach that position in the spiritual realm. For the first time in history God has come to have a son in his teens, whom He can call His own and love as His own.

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