Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 171

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission
Chapter 3: Special Tour of Japan and Sending Out Missionaries
Section 2: Ministry of Japan, Paragraph 21
Section 3: Missionaries to the World, Paragraph 08

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21  You have upheld True Parents' will in different areas and you have suffered both internally and externally to this day. I have heard much about this through the reports of leaders who visit Japan frequently. I thought extensively about how to support you even if in small ways, while comforting and encouraging you. Human history was to have begun in glory, but due to the Fall of Adam and Eve, it began as a history of restoration filled with bitter sorrow. Emerging from this history, each person's life is about going through a course of persecution, hardships and endless ordeals. There have been many hidden, indescribable circumstances that have contributed to today's global expansion of the Unification Church foundation. In a nutshell, it was a blood-stained history of suffering in which one could not hide from an endless stream of tears. I am sure you have all had such experiences. Satan does not give us a break. He does not budge an inch. I'm sure you are familiar with the details of the trial in America. Heaven will be victorious without fail.

22  The reason we have visited Japan is to unite Korea and Japan, the Adam nation and Eve nation, and to unite America and Germany. All other nations are part of the "clan" of kingdoms within God's kingdom on earth. Until now, we did not have the authority of the elder son and the right of kingship. With the authority of the elder son in the direct lineage, we have to establish a standard of tradition that is more than enough to guide all people through history. God's ideal was to plant the seeds of true love and allow them to take root, thereby laying a foundation that would not change even after 10,000 years. I have to re-educate the people of Japan with this ideal. Japanese people must not remain in Japan but have to unite with True Parents and take great leaps into the world. Beginning now, on the foundation of having been blessed economically, if Japan can arm herself spiritually, the tragic history resulting from the division of the mind and body will come to an end, the mind and body will unite, and Japan will become a country that has established its completed, substantial form. 

Section 3. Missionaries to the World

Expanding the scope

On the foundation of pioneering Japan in 1958 and America in 1959, overseas missionary work began in earnest in 1965 after True Parents' first world tour. The first world tour created momentum for sending missionaries to many nations, including Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Jordan and Brazil. Missionaries were sent out continually after this period, and this led up to a world mission conference at the headquarters building in Japan during True Parents' February 1975 Japan tour. There they decided to send missionaries to 95 nations. Missionaries eventually were sent to 127 nations beginning May 5 of that same year. The Unification Church went on to set a record in the history of world missions by planting churches in 195 nations

1  We must save the world. We must send missionaries to 120 nations by 1974 without fail. For this purpose I selected 120 holy grounds in 40 nations. We must send out these missionaries during the second seven-year course. Who will be sent to foreign countries? If I send blessed families, there will be less persecution, so I am thinking of sending blessed families instead of single church members. Nevertheless if I cannot find the right blessed family to send, I will send someone whose parents or grandparents are from that nation or who has some other connection to that nation. If a member has blood ties to a nation, I will send him or her there. Once we begin the third seven-year course, we must have these 120 nations set up as the foundation for world evangelism. We are preparing for the third seven-year course during the second seven-year course.

2  In 1975 I will send out 360 missionaries to 120 nations. Up to now I have been sending one person at a time, but now I will send three at a time. One will be Japanese, the second will be European, and the third will be American. I will create an international task force with 1,000 Europeans on one team, 1,000 Asians on another, and 1,000 North and South Americans on the third. This international task force consisting of 3,000 people will work in each nation for a month. They will zealously witness and win 1,000 people. One team consists of 1,000 people, so I am saying each of the 1,000 will witness to one person per month. I believe it will not be a problem for each person to get one person to join us within three months at the most. Even if members are not good at witnessing, they each have to be able to find one person in three months. In this way the membership of the Unification Church will rapidly increase in number.

I am preparing so that in the future the Germans, French and any other brilliant people in this international task force can be assigned to international missionary projects. They will engage in missionary activities for three years. After three years, they will have laid a complete foundation.

3  Our missionary teams are not composed of people from the same nation. This is the first missionary campaign that is stirring things up by sending out a German, a Japanese and an American—people from three nations—at once. If any mission nation causes a problem for them, it will become an international issue. If a nation oppresses the Japanese member, the Japanese government will come to his or her defense against that nation. If it persecutes the German member, Germany will come to his or her defense against that nation. Thus, the entire world will get involved. The entire human race will accuse the offending nation. I am sending these missionaries out in order to save humankind, to give the world hope and to campaign for goodness. The people who oppose us will have troubles. The people who live for and support goodness will not.

4  Just as Christianity expanded globally on the foundation of Jesus commissioning 120 disciples, the Unification Church must send three missionaries to each of 120 nations in order to expand globally. Everyone must depart for their mission country between the end of April and the middle of May.

This year, 1975, we must pioneer missions in 120 nations. This will expand the four-position foundation established by Jesus and his three disciples to the world level. Then the national-level foundation will have a horizontal, global-level foundation for the reciprocal relationship that allows spirits to return to and cooperate with the earthly world. Hence, we absolutely need the national standard. Only when we offer complete and total indemnification will all spirits be able to act freely on earth.

5  God's Will can be accomplished only when worldwide Christianity becomes a strong, united organization that can mobilize all nations. If we stand before God in the position of Abel we will receive protection and God's Will can be realized centering on Christianity. If that does not happen, God will leave. If God were to strike something, He would first strike Christianity. We are in such an era.

The world's issues must be resolved based on the Cain-Abel dynamic. This is God's perspective. God cannot fail. So God's hope is for one group to take this responsibility. That group is the Unification Church. This reality is right before our eyes. Who will take responsibility to defend this truth even if it means throwing themselves, mind and body, into fighting this reality? We are accomplishing this by sending missionaries to 120 nations. We now are in a position to develop a strong system based in America. We have to regain the worldwide territory of Abel.

6  The Unification Church has been working on the national level, but now we are expanding internationally, so everyone at headquarters including all blessed families must assume responsibility. The 36, 72 and 124 Couples must represent the world by standing at the forefront and bearing the cross during the third seven-year course. The 36, 72 and 124 Couples symbolize the 12, 70 and 120 disciples who stood with Jesus on the national foundation. Because the 70 disciples represented the nation and the 120 disciples the world, the blessed members up to the 124 Couples have to take the lead in suffering and be responsible for the whole world. In view of that, it was originally the 124, 72 and 36 Couples who should have been sent out as foreign missionaries.

7  Why do I send out Japanese, American and German missionaries? The nations that the Unification Church had to find, centering on Korea, were Japan, America and Germany. Connecting these four great nations will eliminate the communist sphere. Because Japan, America and Germany need to shoulder this global and historical responsibility, they are called to accomplish the mission of restoration that the 36, 72 and 124 Couples were not given a chance to. They will do so by going out to the world in their place and paying indemnity.

Starting from now, missionaries from those three countries have to step forward on behalf of your families and sacrifice themselves so that your families can find your place again. Although your ethnic and national background might be different from theirs, you must understand that those missionary members are your representatives on the missionary front line. Your families must become completely one with them in solidarity. Unite with these missionaries until the completion of the third seven-year course.

We must change the world's fortune. This is the significance of the third seven-year course from the providential perspective. So, if possible we must create a system that allows you blessed families, beginning with the 36 Couples, to represent, oversee and guide these missionaries. Let us create a system in Korea by which you can serve as itinerant workers in the world's six regions, and then gradually expand that system. As the work in the mission countries develops, we must deploy representatives of the 36, 72 and 124 Couples so that everyone can unite as one, internally and externally, during the seven-year course. Doing so will change the fortune of world restoration. Doing this with your families as the base is part of the third seven-year course. We are at an urgent and breathtaking historical turning point.

8  In order to establish a global foundation, I sent missionaries from Japan, Germany and America to 120 nations. I wish we could have sent Koreans as well, but at that time it was difficult to obtain passports. They did not let people out of the country easily. In addition, the attitude about the Unification Church would have compelled the authorities to reject us. That is why I had no choice but to send people from Japan, Germany and America. The members of these countries, which were enemies during World War II, were sent to live in countries all over the world. They did not live in luxurious accommodations. They slept in small cubby-holes. I told them, "If you are going to guide the lives of this nation's people, you have to suffer more than they are suffering. And no matter what difficulties you face, you must unite with one another." I instructed them to work together as a team with one person in charge of the church, one in charge of finances, and the third in charge of media.

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