Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 170

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission
Chapter 3: Special Tour of Japan and Sending Out Missionaries
Section 2: Ministry of Japan, Visits in 1974
Section 2: Ministry of Japan, Paragraph 20

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Visits in 1974

On February 1, 1974, True Father had a significant meeting with United States President Richard Nixon at the White House. After that, True Parents traveled to London, England, and then visited Japan from February 5 to 8. They visited Japan for a second time that year from April 22 to 25. Their third visit to Japan took place from May 6 to 13. On May 7, they presided over the Day of Hope banquet at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. True Father delivered a speech entitled "Living for the Sake of Others," to more than 1,800 prominent figures from various circles, including 40 Diet members, officials from the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Later in the year, after completing a 40-city speaking tour in the United States, True Parents made their 4th visit of the year to Japan from December 25 to 29.

13  Problems in the world emerge because there is no central standard by which nations can know what to expect from one another. If we can secure that ideal for which all people worldwide yearn, we can find a new direction. The Unification Church is trying to take responsibility for the most difficult problems in Japan. It will be too late if we do not establish a central standard now, a standard that gives people hope that does not waver during times of instability. I am the one who found the way to resolve the problems that even the Soviet Union and America could not resolve. How many more people will you gather from now? We need to witness to individuals, but we must also set a goal for witnessing to organizations. With what sense of urgency are we moving Christianity right now? We have to move organizations. Japan will not wait for us as it moves into the future. Here is what is important: how high we raise the standard of tradition centering on Japan, and who nurtures that standard throughout the world. I am thinking of setting up young people from Japan as those who establish this central standard of tradition for the world.

14  Until now, the standard of faith in the church in Japan has been structured incorrectly. Is it adequate for Cain to submit to Abel? Of course that is good. It helps Cain follow the path of absolute obedience. But that by itself is not enough. In order to bring Cain to voluntary submission, you have to invest more than three times what you have been doing until now. This is the standard of the Principle. Satan owns the formation and growth stages, but the completion stage is God's standard and encompasses the foundation of restoration. The Principle of Restoration prescribes that in order to recover one, you have to invest more than three.

15  The regional leader or church leader appointed by True Parents must not say, "I am Abel and all of you are Cain, so obey me immediately!" When True Parents appoint church leaders, it is not because you are Abel. It is telling you to become Abel. When we change personnel we do so not because he or she already is Abel, but because we expect that person to become Abel. It is for reasons like this that the church in Japan has not been developing. Many people left because their hearts were hurt. Unless you resolve this real problem with a clear, principled perspective, the problem will be irreparable. We are busy going our way, but you cannot go to God unless you settle all accounts through paying indemnity before you die. You must first be victorious in the foundation of faith, and on this foundation, you have to be victorious in the foundation of substance. The foundation of substance requires Satan to surrender naturally. God has been seeking an embodiment of Adam through three eras corresponding to the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age. To embody Adam in the real world, you need to have three disciples who will not leave you even when they are persecuted.

16  Why is the Unification Church in Japan not growing? It is because your attitude of faith is not properly established. The conceptual awareness of the district leaders does not connect with heaven. District leaders must not simply give orders. When they sleep, they must be like parents who first put their children to sleep. If they receive something nice, they have to give it to the members. If they receive nice clothes, they ought not keep the clothes for themselves. This is a heavenly law. You have to reflect on whether you have sincerely offered yourself for the benefit of the members, whether you have shed tears for them, and whether or not you have stood in a realm of heart where you grasped their hands with the resolve to be responsible for their salvation. Always think about how to guide members in a principled way. If you apply the Cain-Abel principle incorrectly you will end up with a problematic result. The Principle is about applying an orderly method according to rules that lead to growth. Without establishing this standard and bringing your members to do so, you will not get a principled result.

17  All of you must become tribal messiahs. It is important to become a messiah who saves your tribe. Together with your parents and siblings you have to apply greater sincerity of heart to restore your family and clan than you had when you were pioneer witnessing. Young people are not in an important position to expand our membership significantly. People in the prime of their life with a foundation in society can lead their relatives. When such men and women who are church members can resonate with the social norms of their male and female relatives respectively, they have the necessary foundation upon which they can easily gather even 100 members of their clan. We cannot expect young people to have that foundation. In order to fulfill the mission of the Unification Church it is important to have numbers that can protect it. If our numbers are small we cannot influence the nation and we will not be able to defend ourselves. In order for our influence in Japan to extend into the future we need to witness to people who have social influence in the prime of their lives. Therefore you have to invest as much effort to restore your tribe as you do to study the Principle.

18  I know you left your homeland and, as Korean students living in Japan, you fought hard through many difficulties in this foreign environment. I understand your heart better than anyone else because I too studied in Japan during my high school years. The people gathered here probably do not know the sorrow of people from a nation that lost its sovereignty. Your parents were born before Korea's independence and stood in the painful position of not being able to express their own thoughts. You probably have no idea how hard it is to be so deprived and underprivileged, forbidden from holding your own vision and point of view. But I understand that heart all too well. I have the experience of carrying out underground campaigns opposing Japanese imperialism during its rule. A person who cannot love his nation cannot love God. A person who lost his nation might inherit God's nation, but in the end he will come to lose that as well. This is what I have believed since I was a student. All of you are the ones who have inherited the lineage of the Korean people, but you are living on Japanese soil. You have been ostracized and have endured continual suffering, which makes your situation a little different from that of the Koreans living in Korea. You must become people who are trusted in Japan. When Koreans gather among themselves, more often than not their conversations are pessimistic and critical rather than constructive. Before complaining you have to be the first to work hard and win the respect of those around you. You have to train yourselves so that God can trust you even beyond the brink of death.

Visits after 1975

From January 20 to 22, 1975 True Parents visited Japan to recommend partners for Japanese members participating in the 1800 Couples Blessing Ceremony. On February 10, they returned to Japan to speak at the Day of Hope banquet at Tokyo's Budokan. Two days later they held a meeting for world missionaries and decided to dispatch missionaries to 95 nations. True Parents visited Japan from September 20 to 25, 1978 to recommend partners for 1,610 candidates for the Blessing and preside over their engagement ceremony in Saitama. In 1983 the US government initiated proceedings to have True Father indicted on charges of tax evasion. Some members of the government intended to bury him in controversy and remove him from public view. On this serious occasion, True Mother visited Japan from March 13 to 25 to offer encouragement to Japanese members.

Fourteen years later, on March 26, 1992 True Parents visited Japan after receiving an invitation to speak at a "Diet Members Panel on Peace in Northeast Asia." On the morning of March 31, they met with Yasuhiro Nakasone, former prime minister of Japan, at the Hotel New Otani, Tokyo. That afternoon they met with Shin Kanemaru, former deputy prime minister and a leader of the Liberal Democratic Party. They returned to Korea on April 1.

19  Home church, a base that represents True Parents' global victory, is a combined and condensed image of the world with the levels of tribe, people and nation. It combines all standards on the levels of tribe, people and nation. It is a foundation that consolidates the sovereignty of the world, the people of the world, and each ethnic group. Once you gain victory in home church, you can connect not only to Caintype families, but also to your own people, nation and world. Even after you return to your hometown, it remains as a victorious, Abel-type realm that leads to the world. One of your goals for the next three years is to fulfill home church. True Parents are visiting Japan to create a system for this. True Parents' mission is to teach this clearly, and your mission is to understand it clearly. On a foundation of 360 families, you have to expand and restore a tribe and a people.

20  You have to consider whether you have been a person who could maintain your dignity in front of God. True Parents are pioneering the path of restoration on a global level. You have to objectively evaluate the standard by which you have been relating to True Parents. Clarify your position today in order to see victory tomorrow.

Think on the national level. Japan stands in the position of the Eve nation that corresponds with the Adam nation. That being the case, your concept has to be that True Parents must never be accused and must never suffer. When you think of how fallen Eve committed historic mistakes, you need to achieve certainty within yourself that you will not damage True Parents' hearts during your entire life. This is the current position of Japan, the Eve nation.

It means you should not complain. You have to stand at the forefront of witnessing with a mind-set of complete self-denial. If you have these principles, you will be able to complete your mission in the future even if you cannot complete it today. True Parents guarantee this. Which is better: completing this mission after a prolongation or during True Parents' lifetimes? To fulfill it during True Parents' lifetimes, you have to strengthen yourself through desperate struggle.

People in spirit world, even though they believed in religion throughout the course of history, cannot be reborn today no matter how much they long for it. The moment in which we live has a value far beyond any other. When we think about it, we have to be grateful for the fact that we met True Parents in person on earth and that we are fulfilling God's Will while receiving True Parents' guidance.

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