Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 172

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission
Chapter 3: Special Tour of Japan and Sending Out Missionaries
Section 3: Missionaries to the World, Paragraph 09-18

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9  I need to create a strong movement, a proactive organization that can lead the world. This is the international task force that will be launched in 1975. I will have this task force take the lead and proliferate across the world. During Jesus' time the 120 disciples symbolized the world. Therefore, we must now establish missions in 120 nations. Starting in 1975, we must create missions corresponding to this number. We have been going out overseas one by one, but this time I will send out teams of three. Each team will have a Japanese, an American and a German. With me as the center, we will be a team of four. In this way we are transcending race. We are becoming people of a new nation. We have entered a global era. The team will represent the world because we are in a providential realm that allows us to establish Adam, Eve and the archangel on the national level.

That is why I am sending out teams of three missionaries. They will depart from America, the archangel nation, go to Japan and finally engage in activities in Korea. When we connect seven nations including China, the archangel nation of Asia, Great Britain, the Eve nation of Europe, and Germany, the archangel nation of Europe, I believe a path will open allowing us to travel freely to any nation of the world.

10  Because of World War II, the young people of Japan consider America an enemy nation, as do the young people of Germany. That is why most of the young people I invited to America were from Japan and Germany. The place where Japanese and Germans go to America, their enemy nation, and love her more than they love their own nation, will give birth to a new nation that transcends all races. Someone must set such a goal and work to achieve it for the sake of the world.

When we think of how young people from Japan are transcending their own nationality to accomplish this in America, there is no question that they will become the pride of Japan. Historically, Japan and America have a complicated relationship. When the things these young people are doing right now are recorded in history, they will become an inspiration that will bind Japan and America together in the future. In pursuit of this goal, young people of Japan are taking the lead in this work to create a world where people live for the sake of others. This is something of which you and all Japanese people can be proud. In America I will unite Koreans, Japanese and Taiwanese. If we begin to exert influence on the East with America in our embrace, a path for Japan's salvation just might open up. When we consider the current state of affairs in Taiwan and the Republic of Korea, I believe that this path is the only way to revive Asia, which is being progressively influenced by the communist sphere.

11  America is the archangel nation. America embraces everything because it is the restored archangel and has to bring back everything that was lost and tie it together. America is in the position of Abel in relationship to Europe. We can conclude that the easiest path to God requires us to unite the four nations of Korea, Japan, America and Germany, focusing on America.

I could not create this unity in Korea. I had to go to America, the center of the free world, and build a global base. This is in accordance with the Principle. I mobilized Japanese members to join me here in America. After that, I mobilized Germans, linking them to the Americans that followed me, who represented Korea. I used this strategy to connect these four nations and it is the Japanese, not the Germans or Americans, who must facilitate these connections. The Japanese must do it all. That is Eve's task.

Japan stands in the mother position. Japan must restore the two son nations. Of the two, America stands on God's side and Germany stands on Satan's side. That is why the Japanese members in America are embracing the Americans and Germans. I stand in Adam's position. Japan stands in Eve's position. That automatically makes us a pair who then can become one. When this happens, I, in Adam's position, can embrace all three. When we can embrace naturally the two nations that stand in the position of sons, we can go to the original hometown. This is based on the principled point of view.

When I sent missionaries to 127 nations, I sent Americans, Germans and Japanese. I said to them, "You need to become one, centering on the Japanese member." They must do this naturally, not because they were ordered to. The Japanese missionaries have to unite with America and then create unity with Germany.

12 The entire world is waiting for the autumn harvest season. People who have opposed the Unification Church up until now have no choice but to desist. The general feeling of opposition against the Unification Church is completely disappearing. The world is calling for people to reap the harvest. God is greatly anticipating the mobilization of these people. Humankind is waiting for them and God wants to send them.

That is why I am asking you to connect your resolve to mine and to be determined to go out on my behalf. You must resolve to inherit my tradition and worldview and become my new second self. Then, even if I were to disappear, it would not be a problem. That is why I proclaim that heaven and earth will connect with the spirit world when the leaders of the Unification Church worldwide, including the representatives who are living in their mission countries, make the same resolution that you have made.

The fact that this opportunity was given to us is historic. It is a global opportunity. Although it is not visible to the world, it is a historic event of global proportions. From this day forward, each of you is my second self. Even if you face persecution or find yourself in difficulties, do not be self-centered, but instead take my perspective. As my second self, think, "What would True Father do in this position?" This must be your way of life.

13 Countless children of the Unification movement spread across the world must merge their hearts in the love of the Heavenly Parent. Deeply bonded to each other in God's love, their hearts must be rooted in the nation and the cosmos, not in the narrow emotional context of personal relationships. When they do, the foundation of heart upon which they can communicate with God will be solid enough for them to say, "Even all the people of the world cannot change my determination. This bond of heart cannot be severed in the middle of our journey along this path." In other words, there will be no obstacles if this providential connection of heart originating from Korea flows out to the world through the regional and national headquarters.

The hope of the missionaries is that such a connection of heart will come, and once it has come, that it will weave its way through their mission countries. If that kind of unshakeable bridge of heart is in place, then a new wave of heavenly fortune that will transform the world and history can go across that bridge. If we are talking about Korea, then the center is Korea. From the perspective of providence, the center must be a single point. The supporting pillar or foundation for that center must not tilt. If it does tilt, it will cause everything to break down.

Ordeals of the missionaries

As more and more missionaries were sent across the world, persecution arose. In particular, missionaries sent to communist nations had to work underground because of the risk to their lives. On January 22, 1976, our Villa Aublet church in Paris, France, was bombed and members sustained injuries, some serious. French Unificationists strongly protested by holding a march from the Eiffel Tower to the Trocadero. With the support of a European team they continued to make public speeches and hold outdoor meetings until March of that year. During this time, on January 29, a crowd of more than 300 protested against our church and attacked and damaged a witnessing center. A few years later, on December 18, 1980, Masaki Sasamoto, a Japanese missionary to Tanzania, died a martyr. One after another, missionaries in each nation faced persecution.

14 Up to now, 1976, we have sent missionaries to 127 countries, including countries in Africa. Four of these countries expelled our missionaries for opposing the Communist Party. Those four countries lean far to the left. The front line missionaries in the other 123 countries are suffering so much, but when they encounter difficulties they offer tearful prayers and receive guidance. Do the rest of you receive guidance through prayer? If you have not experienced that then you are not a Unificationist. You have to be receiving guidance all the time. No matter how much I try to explain this to people who do not believe in the Unification Church, they do not understand.

15 Persecution was most severe in 1975 and 1976. I sent out the missionaries in 1975. I did so to shorten the time needed to complete the providence. What we originally needed to accomplish by 1981 had to be accomplished by 1976. At that time the entire world opposed the Unification Church. After I sent missionaries to 127 nations, there were instances where missionaries were thrown in prison at the same time that I was getting persecuted.

16 The more I ask you to persevere through suffering, the more God will help you. The spirit world will help you. God lets me know when our missionaries are imprisoned. This is true. It is real. I am very much aware of it. Whenever I faced such difficulties, God appeared and helped me. I am proud of those times. Those were the golden years of my life. This is the time of my life that is kept most secret. It is a time I do not talk about. I am the one who knows this very well.

17 The missionaries who were sent throughout the world in 1975 were persecuted. They faced this persecution head-on so that they could overcome it all at once. People were talking about us saying, "I thought that the Unification Church was active only in America, but I found it in our nation as well."

People from Japan, America and Germany are enemies to each other. But people from these three nations must become one. They must fulfill their mission from their providential positions in this new age. That is why they are persecuted. They are paying the price in place of the world. The rumors from America spread to each nation, but we are in an age when something good that is said about us in America is likewise repeated in other countries. In 1977 I will begin a campaign to turn everything around. On the day we turn everything around it will be easy to witness. If I were witnessing I could bring 84 people within a week. All I would need is a one-week workshop. I am doing certain things right now whenever possible in order to usher in a time when witnessing will be much easier for you.

18 Until 1976 the whole world opposed the Unification Church. Eventually all the world will oppose us. From Judaism and Christianity to Islam and Hinduism, all religions and citizens of every country, including the Communist Party, must join forces and assume the attack position. Otherwise we will not have the qualification to say that we were victorious over everything. That was the meaning of our church's great struggle in America in 1976.

After I sent missionaries to 127 countries in 1975, the world turned upside down. The missionaries of the Unification Church bore the cross of opposition from the United States embassy in each country. They were driven out and encountered all sorts of ordeals. This will be the very thing that eliminates Satan's world. Even if I do not oppose Satan's world, that world will attack and oppose me.

In that position, we cannot be afraid of any person or nation. We must stand strong, absolutely loving God. Like David who stood up to Goliath, our missionaries must go forth saying, "You storm clouds of opposition coming from all directions across the world! I am coming in God's name. Come! Attack me! Hit me! Do as you wish!" The Unification Church is one organization in history that has welcomed such a fight.

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