Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 17

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 1: True Parents’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Chapter 2: Section 1: The Marriage Supper of the Lamb, Paragraph 18
Section 2: The Lord and His Bride, Paragraph 2

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18   I fought with the spirit world and was victorious on the individual level. To win that victory I faced winds that threatened to sweep me away; they were harsher than the harshest winds on earth. Tens of millions of times I had to resolve to persevere against the powers of death. Whenever I came face-to-face with the enemy, Satan, I told myself, “I cannot collapse. I cannot die. If I die, who will establish the will of heaven? No matter how much I suffer, I have to live. Even if my four limbs are amputated and I am bed-ridden the rest of my life, I absolutely must not die.” With this resolve I was able to overcome all obstacles on that incredibly difficult path.

I am the type of person who fears having my name known to the world before I establish a strong foundation. I fear becoming famous before an adequate foundation is laid. In such a case, it is a principle that Satan is bound to attack. Therefore, as I needed to pass my 40-year milestone without dying, I looked forward to that day while silently hoping that the time would pass by quickly. I knew I had to establish the condition of the number 40, since Abraham had established the number 40 and Jesus had come at the end of 4,000 years of history. us, I looked forward to passing that 40-year milestone. Hoping for many long years to reach that day, I struggled fiercely to fulfill all my responsibilities without dying so that I might stand victorious before heaven and earth.

19   God sent Jesus after 4,000 years. He came after a long history had passed. Jesus was born after only ten months (by Korean counting) in his mother’s womb, but for him to come to earth had taken 4,000 years of preparation. Because he came with such a historical foundation, Jesus was in a position to indemnify the entire history of 4,000 years. Originally he was supposed to complete the condition to indemnify that history by the age of 40, but due to the disbelief of his people he was unable to accomplish that. 

So we had to indemnify that period of history during the seven-year course leading up to the Holy Wedding in 1960. I am sure that you all know about 40-day restoration periods. Since Jesus was unable to reach the age of 40, the course to overcome the obstacle of the number 40 remained with us. Since that indemnity course still had to be fulfilled, as the Returning Lord I had no choice but to persevere through seven years of great tribulations. The basis of this exists within the Principle of Restoration.

20   How could I surpass the hurdle of the number 40 in 1960? How could I get past the number 40 that is based on the teaching of the Principle? Jesus died at the age of 33; he was 7 years short of achieving the number 40. That is why during the remaining seven-year period I had to face great tribulations in the human world. I was confronted with the issue of how I could overcome these obstacles. In order to overcome them, I had to go against the flow and follow the course of restoration that Jacob passed through, and all the entangled indemnity courses of the numerous forebears in the course of providential history.

I had no friends or colleagues on this path. Even those who said they would follow me ended up being burdens to me on the path that I had to take; they strewed it with thorns and created obstacles for me.Th ere was no one to help me.

21   The path of my life up to age 40 was the time for me to achieve victory on the individual level before I finally could move on and create a horizontal foundation. The purpose of that period in my life was to indemnify the history of restoration in order to establish the one Adam. Then in 1960, the time came to create the horizontal foundation on which to bring victory centering on Adam.

The victory I am talking about is the victory on the national level that Jesus was not able to reach. Therefore, based on my having reached the age of 40, the Unification Church in the 1960s had to substantially indemnify and overcome the destiny Jesus faced when he was unable to surmount the obstacles to reaching the age of 40. That is why the Unification Church in the 1960s received enormous persecution. If I, as the representative of humankind, had not had the courage to make a decisive oath in front of God that I would divide good from evil, the work of the providence would have been delayed.

22   True Parents’ Holy Wedding was a cosmic, momentous event, worthy of a great celebration on earth. Thereby the True Parents, as God’s embodiments, gained the world-level victory both spiritually and physically. This was the vertical indemnity condition for resolving issues on the horizontal plane on earth. In order to be in the position to conduct the Holy Wedding, I had to restore Jesus’ three main disciples who failed to support him. I had to indemnify the failure of Adam to properly establish a family.

Due to the Fall, Adam and Eve, the first human ancestors, were unable to form a true conjugal relationship. The Fall occurred through the act of two individuals, a man and a woman. Therefore, restoration cannot be completed by one person alone. A man cannot be restored alone, nor can a woman go to heaven alone. Nothing can be resolved without the efforts of two individuals. After restoring the positions of unfallen Adam and Eve, these two individuals are to establish the standard of the True Parents on earth. This requires the betrothal of three disciples.

23   The goal of the providence of restoration is to restore Adam’s family. Due to the failure of Adam’s family, the providence moved to Noah’s family. God destroyed all people on Earth through the flood judgment, except for Noah’s family; then, based on that family He intended to establish a providential foundation that was beyond Satan’s accusation. Then the providence moved to Abraham, Jacob, Moses and Jesus, and now it has arrived at this era. We must indemnify all of it, and the center is Adam’s family.

The position of the True Parents cannot be established without the restoration of the three children whom Adam had lost. That is why Jesus absolutely needed his three disciples. They also represented the three archangels. The three archangels were not united in obedience and attendance to Adam and Eve. As a result, the world became fallen. That is why Jesus had to restore three disciples in order to stand in the position of the True Parent. Likewise, the Lord at the Second Advent also must have three spiritual children who absolutely obey him. Otherwise, he cannot stand in the position of the True Parent. This is the formula. I had to have three disciples who would absolutely follow me as filial sons, even in life-and-death situations in the midst of persecution.

In April of 1960, I was able to establish these three disciples. Since the course of restoration goes in reverse, the betrothal ceremony was given first to those who stood in the children’s position. Jacob’s family is representative of the family realm, so the foundation for the betrothal had to be made based on the number 12. That standard should be established based on those three disciples.

24   After the Holy Wedding in 1960, I created holy salt. Do you know why? It was because True Parents should not use anything from the fallen world. God’s Son is the Parent whom God has perfected. Everything that is defiled in the fallen world should be burned; however, since this is not possible in practice, holy salt was created as an alternative. Sprinkling things with holy salt symbolizes cleansing the things of the fallen world. Applying holy salt cleanses Satan’s world and, on that condition, heaven’s side is able to use the things in the fallen world. Once God’s nation is established, no one will be able to use the things of the world and its nations as they are, even their most valued antiques, without cleansing them.

Section 2. The Lord and His Bride

The Holy Wedding and True Mother

Jesus came to earth to bring an end to the history that had resulted from the Fall of Adam and Eve, and to restore the world of God’s ideal of creation. But due to the disbelief of the chosen people of Israel and the Jews of that time, he was unable to fulfill the Will. He ascended to heaven, leaving behind the promise that he would come again. Following in Jesus’ footsteps, True Father took up the mission of the Messiah. He began his public ministry on August 15, 1945, the day Korea regained its independence.

True Father tried to make unity with Christianity in the early days of his course. However, when that course was frustrated due to Christians’ disbelief, he had to lay the foundation for a new providential church representing Christianity. For this he endured great tribulations as he walked the course of indemnity to restore the conditions for the Three Blessings. On May 1, 1954 in Seoul, he founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC). After that he walked a seven-year course to restore through indemnity the entire New Testament Age.

Since True Father had surmounted a total of 40 years of indemnity, counting from the time of his birth, he succeeded in separating Satan from his course. Then, on April 11, 1960, he and True Mother held their glorious Holy Wedding Ceremony. Thereby they became the first human ancestors, husband and wife, in front of God.

1   Jesus died on the cross 2,000 years ago, unable to fully accomplish his mission. Today, 2,000 years later, True Parents must fulfill what Jesus wanted to fulfill. Jesus wanted to fulfill it in his time based on the Jewish people, but he could not. Now at this second attempt, we must substantiate the union of True Father and True Mother centered on the worldwide foundation of Christianity. Without establishing this foundational point, you cannot become true sons and true daughters of God’s direct lineage. The ideal of the Second Advent is to set the standard for humankind to be connected to God’s lineage. The goal of the Second Advent is also to have a true family, for it is with such a family that heaven’s way can begin. With it, true love and happiness can commence.

2   When something is broken, bringing it back to its original condition requires that it be repaired. The world wants to be made new. The nation, the society, the individual—all want to be made new. People want to be made new as God’s sons and daughters. Jesus came as the new Son, so there had to be a new Daughter. However, Jesus was killed before he could find this new Daughter.

That one Mother was the hope of the whole universe. Jesus’ path to find her was full of hardship and persecution. His situation was miserable. He was persecuted and chased from field to field and from town to town. Jesus tried to accomplish God’s Will by finding her through Joseph’s family—his own family from David’s tribe, but he could not. So he left his home and followed a course of public life for three years, still searching for her.

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