Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 16

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 1: True Parents’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Chapter 2: Section 1: The Marriage Supper of the Lamb, Paragraph 10-17

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10   On the day when two human beings, a filial son of God and a filial daughter of God, can stand before God as the Bridegroom and Bride for the first time since the creation of heaven and earth, God will say to them, “You have worked so hard to come here seeking heaven’s heart and the heart of the Heavenly Parent, even amid all the adversity on earth!” He then will give His blessing to this couple and install them as the True Parents who represent the incorporeal God in physical form. Such is the cosmic banquet, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is offered based on the Bridegroom and Bride having become a true filial son and daughter, with the true Bride having pledged herself to the Will and having understood the Will. From the day they receive the Blessing, they become the True Parents of humankind who represent the incorporeal God in substantial form.

If the first human beings had not fallen, they would have grown up in a good world and received the Blessing in the love of God. Adam and Eve would have become children who could intimately know God’s heart. In their loving union they would have made a bond of heart with God that would have enabled God to say to them, “You are My filial son and daughter, and you can represent My heart.” The new Adam and Eve cannot become God’s filial son and daughter unless they feel connected to Him in heart. Thus, they need to understand God’s inner heart and the course through which He suffered. By doing so, they can meet the conditions required of Adam and Eve for realizing the ideal of creation. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is precisely the event through which those conditions are met.

11   The day of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is the day when we celebrate the wedding banquet of the True Parents, who finally were found after being lost for 6,000 years. Originally, it would have been impossible for unfallen human beings in the position of children to watch their parents, the True Parents, having their wedding banquet. However, since the True Parents arrived after the fact, the order was reversed. Originally Adam and Eve would have celebrated their wedding banquet while attending God the True Parent, and then they would have given birth to true children and built an ideal world. However, due to the Fall, fallen human beings multiplied first before the emergence of the True Parents. Therefore, your desire should be to meet the True Parents. You need to recover that which went in the wrong direction; this is restoration through indemnity. Hence, those fallen human beings who were born earlier than the True Parents must go in the opposite direction. You must go in the direction opposite to what the secular world wants.

12   For Jesus to fulfill his purpose in his lifetime, he needed to find his Bride. But he was not able to do so. That is why he left the concept “I am the Bridegroom, and you are the Bride” as his last testament. The resurrected Jesus looked for the Bride throughout the world. He searched for the best candidate among the most faithful believers within the realm of the Second Israel, regardless of nationality. For the past 2,000 years he made continual efforts in search of her. When he finds the Bride, the true human ancestors can emerge; when the true human ancestors emerge, the True Parents can emerge.

Originally, in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve should have become the true human ancestors and should have been installed as the True Parents. However, due to the Human Fall, it is only now in the era of the Second Coming, after 6,000 years have passed, that God could find the true ancestors of humankind. Finally a man emerged who prevailed over Satan’s world and received the Holy Wedding from God. Now he has re-created Eve. By attaining that position, he has restored the standard for inaugurating the ancestors of humankind for the first time, 6,000 years after Adam and Eve. Only after numerous fallen children had multiplied did True Parents reverse the order and come forth.

The turning point in providential history

True Parents’ Holy Wedding, held on April 11, 1960, was the historic moment when the history of restoration through indemnity climbed over the mountain of indemnity at the completion level of the growth stage. The Holy Wedding of True Parents was a global and cosmic event. True Father, who came as the perfected Adam on the foundation of the long history of the providence, laid the foundation on earth to receive True Mother, the original Eve. True Father represents heaven, True Mother represents earth, and their union finally connected the spiritual world and the physical world, which had been divided. Finally the standard required to break down the wall that had separated Adam and Eve from God had been met.

13   Some historians say that in the 1960s history entered a time of great transition. The perspective of the Unification Principle is that although Korea became the base for the Christian cultural sphere to receive the Messiah, the Christian cultural sphere failed when it did not accept me. Nevertheless, we can assert that once the Holy Wedding had been held in the name of God and True Parents, history finally began turning in a new direction. In the present circumstances, history is full of changes. It appears that humankind is declining and descending into a world of death, and that the world, beset by many divisions, is heading for destruction. But at the same time, we can realize that the scope of historical events is moving beyond national and regional levels and expanding to the world.

Ever since we entered the providential era during which we had to expand our foundation horizontally based on the bond of the God-centered lineage that we have with True Parents, the world has been beset by ideological confusion. Traditions have been falling into chaos. Things are being shaken up. Christianity also is being totally shaken up.

The Holy Wedding was held 14 years after Korea’s liberation from Japan. During that time, the Christian churches in Korea were either those that were re-building after years underground or those that had survived because their members had followed the dictates of the Japanese and offered bows at Shinto shrines. The way began to open up by which God could lead the providence with Korea as its base and make a leap to expand to the world.

The starting point for this transition was True Parents’ Holy Wedding that took place in April 1960. After the Holy Wedding Ceremony, Parents’ Day was inaugurated. That was the day when we finally could clear up humankind’s history, a history imprisoned by bonds of defiled love, life, and lineage from the false parents. The original love, life and lineage centered on God were newly planted and began to deepen their roots on earth. Although the world that had received the fallen archangel’s lineage had continued up to that point, from that day in 1960, when the True Parents emerged, the lineage of the original Adam and Eve began to take root centering on God’s love.

14   The peak, or apex, of the providence of restoration occurred in 1960. At that time I was receiving persecution from the nation and the people of Korea, from all the Christian denominations and even from some church members. I was in a desperate, life-and-death situation. Indeed, the Unification Church was at a moment of truth; its very survival was at stake. In those difficult circumstances I nevertheless proceeded with the Holy Wedding. At that point a new history began. The Holy Wedding was a historic turning point. Even historians state that 1960 was a turning point. From that point on I began resolving all the problems one by one.

15   April 11, 1960, was the day of True Parents’ Holy Wedding. Externally speaking it was an ordinary day; nothing seemed out of the ordinary. However, the Holy Wedding that took place on that day made it a day totally different from any other in history. Because of that day, human history is now in the hands of one person.

At the moment of that one person’s coming, were the circumstances prepared such that he could build a relationship with a nation and with the world? Did the circumstances of that moment have a strong enough foundation to pass on to him its relationships with history, with the present age, and with the future? The ceremony itself may appear to have been a simple event, but once people realize that it was the core event representing the entirety of human history, people throughout history will study the significance of that one day.

16   Adam, the ancestor of humankind, lost the authority of dominion because, at the completion level of the growth stage, he listened to Eve and followed her desire. To restore this through indemnity, Jesus had to come to earth as a human being who, one with God’s love and having a perfect character, could fulfill the purpose of creation. Then he had to find the one woman who could follow him to fulfill the Will. God created Eve from Adam; thus the re-creation of Adam and Eve must be done in the same order. Adam must be re-created first; then he must establish Eve as his Bride and start a new family in order to walk toward a perfect world.

The re-creation of Adam and Eve marks the end of the fallen era in history and the beginning of a new era. This is what happened in 1960. The establishment of that bond of love centering on True Parents was truly a cosmic event.

17   God’s purpose of creation and His work of re-creation can be realized now that Adam and Eve have received the Marriage Blessing at their Holy Wedding. God had worked to realize this ever since the first human ancestors fell at the completion level of the growth stage, and from the viewpoint of that course of restoration, all humankind today must climb to that level.

The formation stage of the growing period corresponds to the age of the servant; the growth stage corresponds to the age of adopted children; and the completion stage corresponds to the age of direct children. After history had passed through the Old Testament Age, the age of the servant, Jesus’ gospel appeared on earth. At that point, human history entered the realm of adopted children. The human ancestors, still in the realm of adopted children, fell at the completion level of the growth stage. Therefore, fallen human beings must connect to the external foundation of the Son and be re-created. Then they can be elevated to the completion level of the growth stage in order to finally inherit the realm of direct children.

In short, since the completion level of the growth stage is the level from which the human ancestors fell, we have to reach that level in order to be restored. However, since the Fall took place in the process of forming their family, we cannot reach the standard that God desires unless we establish a family. That is why True Parents conducted the Holy Wedding in 1960 in the Unification Church; it was in order to reach that standard.


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