Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 161

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission
Chapter 2: True Parents’ Settlement in the United States and Their Public Speeches
Section 4: Rallies in Korea, Paragraph 04 -12 

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4  We need to absorb the Christian cultural realm on the world level and bring it to its final conclusion in Korea. That is why, in 1974, I went to the United States, the central nation of world Christianity, and traveled through every part of it, omitting not even one state. I spoke throughout the country, created a whirlwind that swept across it, and returned carrying a banner of great victory.

Though I was opposed in Korea, I triumphed in the United States. Korea is on the national level, but the United States is on the world level, which includes all nations. In this way, I went beyond the national level and am now establishing the standard on the world level. I have been attacked on the national level, but now I am fighting back on the world level. The situation is now reversed, which means that I am indemnifying what happened. Having achieved victory, I laid claim to the heavenly fortune and then came back to Korea.

5  The Madison Square Garden rally was one of the events that consolidated the foundation of my victory in America. It was the fruit of the three-year period that concluded in 1974. As a key consequence of that event, I was finally able to appear at a public gathering in Korea, at the Day of Hope banquet on January 16, 1975. There were many high-ranking people there. People who have been influenced by democratic culture are playing a leading role in Korea. They researched about me in foreign newspapers, only to discover that this man called Reverend Moon is not an ordinary person. These leading figures attended the banquet. So, in this regard, a new path for development opened up in 1975, with my appearance as the starting point. January 16 was the day that I made people in the audience who had previously opposed me, blush, and those who did not already know about me feel embarrassed.

Next, we needed to establish blessed families in the Unification Church. This took place through the 1800 Couples Marriage Blessing Ceremony held on February 8, 1975. The creation of couples of the Unification Church through the international matching laid a very firm foundation for the sake of our people. The 1800 Couples Marriage Blessing was the first event by which we shook the world and turned it upside-down. Next, we needed to influence the citizens. We needed to determine who is stronger, the Korean people on the national level or the Unification Church members on the world level. In effect, we needed to determine who the subject partner is. We demonstrated the answer through the Day of Hope banquet and the activities of 700 IOWC members. Even in terms of heavenly fortune, the Unification Church was destined to win.

6  No matter how much anyone opposes us, the Unification Church must succeed. This is how the Principle is, and how God set up the providence. I strongly believe that I am creating a historic whirlwind the likes of which the world has never seen. When I act, members of other churches will try to oppose me, but try though they might, they cannot overtake me. As expected, this fight began in Busan. I was also opposed in Daegu. The same was also true in Seoul, Incheon, Jeonju, Gwangju, and Daejeon. In fact, they came all the way to Yeouido Plaza to oppose me. Though I had to fight this battle even at Yeouido Plaza, I emerged victorious.

Now I am able to move the nation and the people. We have internal power. Across the nation of Korea, I have planted roots in every sphere of society, the very roots Jesus needed in order to manage the tribal foundation in his time. The buds have not yet sprouted, but I believe that on the day you are all engrafted to it, it will become one giant tree. In the end, we have set the standard, centering on Yeouido Plaza, by which we can move beyond the nation. This was not achieved by human effort. My faith is that heavenly fortune has created an extraordinary whirlwind on this Korean Peninsula.

7  South Korea is equipped with an efficient national structure that has enabled it to build a financial foundation. Based upon this, it surpasses the communist world, but only on the economic level. The Republic of Korea has no philosophy that is more powerful than that of the communist world. It is clear that Korea needs some form of spiritual armament to protect itself from the scourge of communism. Traditional Christianity cannot take responsibility to provide such spiritual and ideological armament.

Because I understand this, I have prepared the Unification Church and systematically connected it to the world stage, in the belief that it must provide this spiritual armament. The Day of Hope rallies powerfully displayed the internal and external results of my faith.

World Rally for Korean Freedom

The World Rally for Korean Freedom, which was a massive Victory Over Communism rally, was held on June 7, 1975, at Yeouido Plaza, Seoul. There, 1.2 million people gathered from all parts of Korea, in addition to more than 1,000 representatives from 60 nations. True Father gave a speech entitled "Korea in the World." The representatives from nations across the world in particular passionately cheered for Korean freedom. They declared that, if war broke out and it became necessary to defend the Korean Peninsula, their fatherland of faith and a holy land, they would organize international volunteers to fight for Korea.

8  The International One World Crusade came from America, and moved through Japan to Korea. I implemented this specific course because it accords with the providential flow. Since this is the era of restoration, the sensation I caused in America has to pass through Japan and then come to Korea. To allow the third national realm of Israel to become the third worldwide realm of Israel, I had to connect it to the first spiritual realm of Israel and the second Christian realm of Israel. This was a necessary, historic development for the providence.

9  From the viewpoint of providential history, Korea has yet to complete its mission to form an integrated cultural realm and achieve unification. Brothers cannot become one by themselves. Only when the parents arrive can brothers unite. Conflicting brothers are destined to harmonize and become a united Korea through Unification Thought. In this way we can establish a God-centered, ideal fatherland. From there we can finally transform the world into a world of peace, harmony and unity, and a world of victory. So the kingdom of heaven should be built on earth and, at the same time, it needs to become one with God. God, who is the subject partner of the kingdom of heaven in heaven, should be brought down to earth in order to build one united heaven. This is the mission of Unification Church members. When the parents and children finally become one on such a foundation, their life in the kingdom of heaven of peace can begin.

Since we have successfully hosted the Day of Hope rallies, we should likewise host a victorious World Rally for Korean Freedom at Yeouido. Having accomplished this, we need to use the substance of these victories to influence Japan, the United States and the free world. So, the World Rally for Korean Freedom should bring together the entire spiritual world and the physical world, so that our descendants will have hope and eagerly look forward to the Blessing. In this way, the World Rally for Korean Freedom will liberate God from His sorrows, liberate human beings from their sorrows, and liberate generations to come from their sorrows. We can realize all of this in one event.

10  When we hosted the Day of Hope rallies in nine cities in Korea beginning April 1, 1975, the Unification Church and its members became known publicly, and the Christian churches rose up against us. This was partly because there was someone who received a spiritual revelation, "If Christianity cannot overcome the Unification Church at this time, it will be the end of Christianity." Those churches fought furiously and tried everything to bring the Unification Church to ruin, but we did not perish. In fact, we defeated them completely. From the formation stage, Busan, to the growth stage, Daegu, to the completion stage, Seoul, and from there to Incheon, Jeonju and Gwangju, they followed us through all nine cities to oppose us. They did everything they could to discourage us. They prayed for rain when we held the World Rally for Korean Freedom at the Yeouido Plaza on June 7, and they prayed that if it did not rain, there would be blistering, blinding sunlight. Through these battles, the Unification Church became well known. We needed to be known first as individuals, then as families, as a group, and as a people.

11  When you consider the current situation of the Unification Church, holding this World Rally for Korean Freedom at the Yeouido Plaza is a significant risk. It is a big risk. It is a risk for us to try to fill that plaza, but we are meeting this considerable challenge in accordance with the fortune of the age. From the viewpoint of God's providence, we know the significance of the era in which we are living, and are aware that this rally aligns with this time. Currently, Korea is under world scrutiny, and so movements in Korea influence the entire world as well as the nation. Korea is standing at a crossroads and must decide whether to seek the path that leads to victory for the democratic world, or the path of victory for the communist world. The issue here is: Who will serve as the guide? Who will be the first one to work in accord with heavenly fortune? Who will fulfill the mission of the flag bearer? For the democratic world to be victorious, there should be a prominent individual, organization or nation that can provide the vision. History always develops and moves forward to a new level through an individual, organization or nation. In this urgent state, it is clear that Korea has to work in accordance with heavenly fortune, but Korea itself does not understand how heaven will work through it to reach the world. That is why a particular organization, which represents religion and has this vision, needs to shoulder this responsibility. This is to declare that, among religious organizations, the Unification Church must take on the mission of flag bearer. The Unification Church has stepped forward to fulfill this responsibility by hosting the World Rally for Korean Freedom at the Seoul Yeouido Plaza.

12  Communist forces across the world have targeted their propaganda to overthrow the South Korean government. The Republic of Korea is the leading bastion of western civilization in Asia. As their next step, the communist forces will proclaim the liberation of Japan, after which they will proclaim the liberation of the United States. I am certain that this is their formula and strategy. That is why the Unification churches in Korea, Japan and the United States need to unite as one internally. Then they can inspire true dominion in Korea, Japan and the United States, carrying high the banner of leadership. The time to do so is approaching. Now the Korean people need to decide, centering on the Day of Hope rallies, whether they will live victoriously or die in misery. At this time, we have stepped forward with these national Day of Hope rallies. We have demonstrated through these rallies that no one can defeat the Unification Church on the religious level. The Day of Hope rallies gave birth to the World Rally for Korean Freedom, a national movement through which we have brought together our brethren and the citizens of Seoul and made our declaration to the world.

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