Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 162

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission
Chapter 2: True Parents’ Settlement in the United States and Their Public Speeches
Section 4: Rallies in Korea, Paragraph 13 -19

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13  I have been working all along to move the Japanese government, and also to create an atmosphere in which to form a new realm of civilization for the government and people of the United States. Korea cannot survive by itself. Even if the 34 million Korean people unite as one to overthrow the communists in North Korea, they would not be able to overcome communist China and the Soviet Union. Communism emerged with the form of a religion, but of the Devil, not of God. The world has to unite as one nation within a cultural realm centered on the religion of God, and then subjugate communism. Otherwise, it has no hope. Now is the moment when the members of the Unification Church need to unite as one and step forward as representatives of Korea and its people and as representatives of the religion of God in the democratic world. Unification Church members in Korea should never forget that, through this World Rally for Korean Freedom, they need to foster a new spiritual attitude and new pride in the world. To carry out this work, Unification Church members from around the world have gathered together to work with Korean members. They need to unite as one here through the rally at Yeouido Plaza, so that they can unfurl the victorious banner of Unification Thought, which is unique, unprecedented in history, and based on God's Will.

On that day of victory, God will bring the culmination of global civilization based on a providence that has passed through the Mediterranean region beginning on the Nile River, moved through Rome to Britain, formed a continental civilization in the United States, and transitioned to the Pacific Rim.

14  Yeouido Plaza is a historic venue, so the World Rally for Korean Freedom stands in the position to receive God's historic, unbiased judgment. It will determine whether or not the Unification Church is an organization that stands on God's side in world history and is truly able to save the peoples of the world. Through this World Rally for Korean Freedom, Unification Church families need to show whether they have the leadership capability to guide and represent the people, based on families, and whether the Unification Church members can demonstrate leadership when dealing with this nation's people. This event, then, is a good opportunity to receive heaven's unbiased judgment. Not only that, this is also a time for establishing our authority by receiving the world's unbiased judgment, for cleansing all the historical sorrows and resentments of this people, and for receiving benefits and blessings in return for the hardships endured for the public good. That is why this is a very serious moment.

15  Many people will gather at the World Rally for Korean Freedom. In addition, billions of people in the spirit world also will attend. Each of you should have the resolution to represent 10,000 people, which means that the citizens of the 60 nations you represent are gathered here. Can you imagine how closely your ancestors and others in the spirit world who have been mobilized are paying attention? You should rid yourself of the sentiment that "I am French" or "I am German." You need to feel you are transcending your native people, otherwise your affection for your country can impede your work for God. You should feel proud that you are each participating in this rally as a representative of 60 nations.

16  On June 7, 1975, there was a major confrontation between other churches and the Unification Church at the Yeouido World Rally for Korean Freedom, centered on the International One World Crusade. This international team consisted of young people who were participating in the restoration of God's fatherland. There was confrontation with opposing churches as well as other opposing powers. It was clearly a time of restoration through indemnity. Now that we have established the family foundation, we need to win the nation. That is why you need to become one with the government, making True Parents your focus. We as a movement need to become one with the government and move everyone. In the national domain, other churches collided with the Unification Church in the four cities of Busan, Daegu, Daejeon and Seoul. I confronted them, asking, "We are now holding revival meetings with international support, so why are you opposing us?" In response, their members had no choice but to raise their hands in surrender. On this foundation, over 1.2 million people came together. At that time, even the Korean government was surprised. People from 60 nations came and proclaimed, "When you invade the motherland of our faith, we will defend it." Substantially, we stand in a leadership position, both spiritually and practically, in relation to the nation.

17  When you received military training, you received it with the idea that you would use it to serve the Republic of Korea, but now this is no longer the case. From now on, you need to witness to people in order to form a volunteer corps. You need to mobilize police chiefs, heads of townships and county magistrates to participate in a volunteer corps, educating them in different ways. From now on, you should determine to form a volunteer corps and lead thousands of people who can mobilize on behalf of townships or counties in case of emergency. I am giving you this direction to create an international volunteer corps at this urgent time, because it is necessary to cultivate a foundation of leadership in case of emergencies. We should bring together Christians and all religious believers in association with the Unification Church and invite them to form a volunteer corps. Invite the police chiefs and county magistrates, explaining to them, "This is not for the Unification Church. You maintain the real authority, and we will carry out the internal training. Further, we will provide even the top officials with spiritual armament." The time to do this has arrived.

18  Part of the reason Jesus died on the cross is that he came into conflict with others from the second year of his three-year public ministry. From the middle of the second year of a three-year providential course, we are overcoming the reversals Jesus suffered during his second year of public life. The three years of 1975, 1976 and 1977 are a time for connecting a physical victory to our worldwide spiritual victory. We established the conditions for spiritual and physical victory, defending the national standard, through the World Rally for Korean Freedom held at the Yeouido Plaza in Seoul. Because of these victorious conditions, people might oppose us but they cannot drive us out. I am well aware that they cannot be victorious no matter how much they strike us, and that is why I am fighting against them courageously, with absolute principled authority.

19  Because the time has come for the Republic of Korea to inherit world fortune, it should not oppose us. Because the time has come for us to take action as a people, I was finally able to bring youth from around the world here in 1975. Together with Korean youth, I hosted these historically unprecedented nationwide events, the Day of Hope rallies. A providential wind brought many people to these events without their conscious decision. The 1975 Day of Hope rallies set a historic record that no religious gathering can break. I connected that success to everything else as the basis for national victory. The nation and the world were unable to connect to Jesus in spirit and flesh during his lifetime, so that connection needs to be completed in 1975. Based on this providential understanding, True Parents began full-scale work in the United States in 1972. In terms of its spiritual standard, the Unification Church of Korea stands in a higher position than the nation, and in a leadership position. The three-year strategy in the United States was for the Unification Church to become a religion that attracts everyone's attention, despite being at the center of a commotion and despite Christian opposition; moreover, it was to connect its national-level spiritual victory to Christianity on the world level. Not until I had connected my victorious foundation to the world in 1975 could I come to Korea and fight the battle to determine the standard of victory both spiritually and physically. This was the World Rally for Korean Freedom held at Yeouido Plaza.

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