Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 160

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission
Chapter 2: True Parents’ Settlement in the United States and Their Public Speeches
Section 3: United States Speaking Tours, Paragraph 17
Section 4: Rallies in Korea, Paragraph 03 

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17  The Madison Square Garden rally has historic significance from the providential viewpoint. My three year period in the United States from 1972 to 1974 corresponds to a three-year period in Jesus' life. Thus, this rally is parallel to the public speech Jesus would have delivered to the Roman Empire had he not died but been successful in his work. If Rome had welcomed and united with Jesus, the Will to realize the heavenly kingdom would have been done on earth. Korea, which is receiving aid from the United States, holds the same position as Israel under Roman rule. Korea and Israel are providentially identical. The leading city of America is New York, and the hub of its midtown area is Madison Square Garden. This is why our explosive impact cannot but have historic, providential significance. Rome and Israel were enemies, and the United States is in the position of Rome, but she and Korea, both representing Christianity, have created an environment that differs from that of Rome during Jesus' lifetime. In other words, the United States represents the foundation created by 2,000 years of God's hard work. That is what has led up to this moment.

18  We plan to overflow Madison Square Garden with at least 25,000 people. If you meet someone just once on the street, they will probably drift away no matter how sincerely you talk to them. In order to influence people, you need to make considerable effort, so go to their homes with the same commitment you have for meeting people on the street. At their homes, people will not run away. If you go to people's homes two or three times with that commitment, they will recognize your attitude and purity of heart as just what today's America needs from its youth. As an exemplary young person, your warm-hearted entreaties will move everyone to accept you. This is because they will feel that you are like their own son or daughter. Their own children have left home and become hippies who practice free sex, but when people see you they think, "How on earth can this person remain so pure? By becoming friends with such a person, I may find a way to reclaim my own sons and daughters." They will thus take an interest in you and will respond to your appeals.

19  American society cannot ignore that we reserved Madison Square Garden to hold a public speech. Moreover, we have spent $300,000 with a professional agency to advertise this revival meeting. To purchase our level of publicity through a professional public relations firm, you ordinarily have to pay five to seven times more than we paid. Billy Graham carries out his work with the cooperation of major denominations, but I completed this work within three years with no such help. And we are all young people. And at this time more than 600 young people from America held a prayer and fasting vigil.

The people who know something about God's Will are impressed, and they also recognize that we have strong organizing capacity and that we command resources. Seeing that we are spending millions of dollars to hold such meetings, no financial magnate in the United States can ignore us. And yet they still believe, "The Madison Square Garden rally will fail. People will not come to it." I will completely overturn this expectation and, once it is completely overturned, this campaign will become a subject of academic research. Many world-renowned people will ask us about it.

20  Since the United States is the leading nation of the world, I am conducting speaking tours here. By so doing, I have risen to prominence in three years. At first, when I said I would give a public speech at Lincoln Center, no one gave me so much as a glance. People said that after holding that assembly I would run away. And when I announced a revival meeting in Carnegie Hall, they said I would not be able to fill half or even a third of it. However, I did not speak in only one venue. In 1973 I gave speeches across all regions of the United States, visiting 21 cities starting with Carnegie Hall. Then in 1974 the speaking tour covered 32 cities, sweeping through the entire nation.

Carrying out such work is impossible without major resources. Knowing that I had a time limit on my visa, I needed to hold these gatherings as quickly as possible. I finished the tour successfully with that in mind. European members came here and worked with me for three years. If they had not been able to keep pace, I would never have been able to lay my foundation in the United States.

21  At the end of the second seven-year course and the beginning of the third seven-year course, with world events causing uncertainty for Korea, Japan and America, we held our rally at Madison Square Garden. When we came to America, we had to connect to the national-level spiritual foundation. Christianity is the spiritual foundation on the world level, so we could reach beyond the national level spiritually, but there was no physical foundation to connect with this. It is amazing that within one week we have been able to offer this rally as a condition by which we could connect to the national level. No matter how divided Korea is from America and Japan, the Unification Church can become one with America. Through the Madison Square Garden rally, we established the condition to reach the national level of the Christian realm both physically and spiritually. In this way we set the starting point both physically and spiritually from which we can begin the third seven-year course worldwide. With this rally as the formation stage, we need to hold growth- and completion-stage rallies so we can establish a starting point to break through in America and expand to the world during the next three years, 1976, 1977 and 1978. The task remains to establish the worldwide foundation both physically and spiritually during these three years.

22  Through the Madison Square Garden rally, God can realize His Will to reclaim the heavenly nation and from that place liberate all people. It is a historic event that will serve as a base from which we can leap forward. From here, multitudes of people must come together with one heart and make one united effort, shedding their sweat together and moving as one body despite having different interests and different emotions. This will be an opportunity for God, who once could only look upon New York with despair, to finally have hope through you.

23  I gave a speech in New York's Lincoln Center in 1972, another one in Carnegie Hall in 1973, and a third, finishing that course, in Madison Square Garden in 1974. During that three-year period I set God's strategy in my heart, so no one knew about it. I was so serious when I came to America, because I had the responsibility to convey my message to all Americans in three years. I knew that failure would hurt the providence and the Will of God, so I gave painstaking thought to how I should use this opportunity. The main problem was that I did not have enough people. I had been worrying for three years about how to prepare to fill Madison Square Garden to overflowing, and I kept this goal in my mind.

24  Until the end of the second seven-year course centered on the United States, Satan attacked heaven. With the beginning of the third seven-year course, however, we are in the era beyond the world level and so we need to charge toward America. In the past Cain struck Abel, but now Abel will overpower Cain. Up to this point Satan attacked me, but because I established indemnity conditions by 1971, during the second seven-year course we have entered an age in which Satan has to surrender. We have reached the time when Satan should be attacked. This is why we started our world-level march toward America. In 1972, when True Parents first said we would undertake a seven-city speaking tour across America, no one believed even in their wildest dreams that we would succeed. The American members also did not believe it. The 1972 speaking tour was announced and began only after I went to America. No one knew.

After that I marched on to 21 cities. People said I would not be able to fill Carnegie Hall, so when we filled it, Americans thought it was quite amazing. But in the end, Americans began to consider this normal for us. After that, I conducted a speaking tour covering 32 cities.

Section 4. Rallies in Korea

The Day of Hope

The Day of Hope banquet was held on January 16, 1975, at the Chosun Hotel, Seoul, with more than 700 prominent figures in attendance. True Father's speech was titled, "A World of Living for the Sake of Others," and this was the first public event held in Korea at which he addressed the leadership of society. From April I to May 16, he hosted Day of Hope rallies in nine cities across Korea, speaking on "The New Future of Humankind." The purpose was to engraft True Parents' victory in the United States to Korea. Despite Christian opposition, the rallies were very successful thanks to the work of the International One World Crusade (IOWC).

1  I have the mission to live one era in advance, so with three years left before completing the second seven-year course, I went to America. The Christian foundation, even though it is a worldwide foundation, collapsed because its representatives opposed the Unification Church. I went to America because it was God's Will to renew this lost worldwide foundation and connect it to the Unification Church. Thereby I would build a link, even if only in the spirit, between the Unification Church and the world.

America represents the democratic world and world Christianity, and so I came to America and worked aggressively for three years. In Korea, Christianity attacked me, but on the world stage, I went on the offensive. When I stood with heaven in a dominant position and swept over the whole of America, they opposed me but could not block our path and, consequently, when we returned to Korea on December 29, 1974, we were waving flags of victory. This signifies that we have indeed seized the worldwide spiritual fortune. We returned to Korea and its people recognized us on the national level. Now, in front of this people, we need to take this work to the world level both spiritually and physically.

2  Heavenly fortune has now come to the Republic of Korea, and this nation expects us to fulfill our responsibility. Though heavenly fortune is gracing Korea, it has no direction forward and so is spinning round and round, creating a whirlwind. Our mission right now is to set Korea's direction. The time has come for us to inherit heavenly fortune and creatively channel it. When the 300 members of the Unification Church IOWC begin their work in earnest, hundreds of thousands of people will come flocking in. Further, this work will expand to the world level when those people volunteer to join the vanguard in the fight against communists and bring them to their knees. When these things come to pass, even Japan will ask the Unification Church to take the lead and will, together with the United States, offer us national-level support. Nations throughout the world that are trying to thwart the communists will invite the Unification Church. The time has come when, though they may not agree with the Unification Church, those nations will welcome us with open arms because they reject communism. We seem to have paved our path to 120 nations. They are paying close attention to the Day of Hope rallies being hosted in Korea.

3  In Jesus' three-year course, the religion of Judaism joined with the nation of Israel in opposition. Therefore, the strategy of the Unification Church today is to confront the religion of Christianity, which is in the same position as Judaism, with the support of the nation of the United States. Though I was attacked in Korea, if I can turn this around on the world stage and win, I can restore through indemnity everything I had to endure in Korea. That is why, during this three-year course, I traveled across the United States and waged an aggressive campaign.

The stir that I caused was a national-level victory, and so I returned to Korea after having created an environment that all Christians can acknowledge. Once I returned to Korea, I took spiritual command and engrafted the victorious Christian cultural realm to Korea. As I do this, I also need to connect to Korea the foundation of the relationship between subject partner and object partner, engrafted into and rooted in the family. This is why the International One World Crusade now needs to come to Korea and carry out activities throughout the nation.

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