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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 1: True Parents ’ Advent and the Era of True Parents
Chapter 2: Section 1: The Marriage Supper of the Lamb, Paragraph 0-9

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The Holy Wedding of True Parents and the Era of True Parents

Section 1. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

The Holy Wedding

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb prophesied in Chapter 19 of the Book of Revelation was realized through the Holy Wedding of the True Parents. This was the fulfillment of the Book of Revelation, whereby Adam and Eve, whose fall from grace is recorded in the Book of Genesis, were recovered.

The Messiah is the Returning Lord whom God sent to earth in the Last Days of human history as the Third Adam, along with the spouse God had found for him, who is the Third Eve and the embodiment of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Wedding of True Parents was the ceremony in which God blessed them as true husband and wife and as the true ancestors of humankind. Because human beings were born wrongfully, they need to be reborn; for this, they absolutely need True Parents.

On the basis of the Holy Wedding of the True Parents, restoration through indemnity could proceed beyond the top of the growth stage in the growing period—the level at which Adam and Eve fell and became the false parents—going beyond the point at which Jesus faced the disbelief of the chosen people of Israel and was made to shoulder the cross.

1   The first human ancestors were to start as the good parents, but instead they started as evil parents. Hence, all human beings were born from the lineage of evil parents. The first human beings were supposed to directly receive God’s complete love as if it were meant for them alone. Having been born as God’s son and daughter, they were to remain so and live in God’s bosom as His blood relations, born of His direct lineage. But this did not happen. This is why humankind must return to the original state.

For this we need the Marriage Supper of the Lamb at which we welcome the Bridegroom and the Bride. This means that the Lord who is to return must come to earth as the Bridegroom. He must find the Bride and engraft her onto the standard of Jesus, the standard that Christianity upholds.

Christianity is the religion that firmly pursues its purpose based on the standard of Jesus. This is why the democratic world is advancing on the basis of Christian values. The democratic world is advancing in this way in order to receive the True Parents. Religion to this day has been toiling to establish the one true Son. This means that God has been endeavoring to find the one true Son.

2   The reason the Bible is the greatest among the scriptures of the many religions is that it introduces God as the Father, the Parent of humankind. This is the foundation of the Christian faith. Next, it refers to Jesus as God’s only begotten Son. The phrase “God’s only begotten Son” means that Jesus is the first person who could receive the fullness of God’s love.

Another point is that the Bible introduces the concept of the Bride. Jesus, God’s only begotten Son, came as the Bridegroom. Hence, he needs his Bride. Since there is the Bridegroom, there also must be the Bride. The Bridegroom and Bride are a man and a woman. On the day of their wedding banquet, God can finally appear holding the flag of love. God hoped to see such a banquet in the Garden of Eden. This hope was shattered; hence in the Last Days this wedding banquet must be held on earth.

3   Jesus said, “I am the Son of God,” “God is my Father,” and “I am the only begotten Son.” The only begotten Son is the Prince of Heaven who can receive God’s first love. Among God’s sons, he is the only one who can receive God’s first love and receive it in its fullness. Next, there must be the only begotten Daughter. The Bridegroom is the only begotten Son; the Bride is the only begotten Daughter. 

They must wed; this is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. This means that when the Lord comes, he will have his wedding banquet and then raise a family. This is what God has desired ever since the creation of Adam and Eve. God’s hope is for the only begotten Son and the only begotten Daughter to build a God-centered family, a family in which He can manifest His love in a real way.

4   The Bible states that in the Last Days, the Messiah will come and conduct the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, at which time a man and woman join together as husband and wife forging a bond of God’s lineage. Once they emerge as the True Parents of humankind, Satan cannot continue to exist.

These two people, a man and a woman who are bonded to God’s lineage, are the embodiments of God the Father and the Mother, and God’s original internal character and original external form.

The True Parents of humankind are motivated by God’s love and move by the power of God’s life. When they join together in complete union, God’s love, life, and lineage will be coursing through them. Each becomes the owner of the other with their positions constantly changing: the man in the position of the woman and the woman in the position of the man. At that point the seeds of life, namely, their descendants, will be connected to God.

This is the ideal of creation. But due to the Fall this ideal was shattered. In order to recover the lost ideal of creation, True Parents need to recover all that was lost. In doing so, True Parents represent all creation, represent humankind, and represent our Heavenly Parent. This is the essence of the providence of salvation.

5   The Bible states that at the coming of the Lord, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb will take place. In order to have this wedding banquet, Jesus needs his Bride. That Bride is Eve who was with Adam before the Fall. Jesus is the Second Adam, and the Lord at the Second Advent is the Third Adam. The Third Adam needs to come as Adam before the Fall and find Eve before the Fall. And then he must hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. By their marriage the two of them will become the True Parents of humankind.

Adam and Eve should have become the good parents of humankind, but they fell and became the evil parents of humankind. In order for us to be restored, we need to meet the good parents whom Adam and Eve would have become had they not fallen. Humankind absolutely needs the good parents. The purpose of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is for the good parents to ascend to their throne.

6   The original human beings were not supposed to fall. They were supposed to receive God’s blessing at the right time, and within the right environment, to become the true ancestors of humankind. But they failed to do so; instead they became the fallen ancestors. Thus, the good ancestor, free from the Fall, should appear in front of all humankind. He is the one who can become the True Father to all in the spiritual world and the physical world. Christianity calls this person the Lord at the Second Advent.

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is the banquet to which the returning Jesus comes as the True Father to bring forth a woman as the True Mother. This is the core truth of Christianity. The center of Christianity is Jesus, and the center of Jesus is love. The center of the Bible is also love. The center of love is the Bride and Bridegroom, and the center of the Bride and Bridegroom is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The paramount significance of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is that the Returning Lord and his Bride receive the Marriage Blessing at the time of God’s choosing and in the right environment, whereby they become the true ancestors of humankind who can inherit heaven and earth.

7   God has been looking for the persons who can represent Adam and Eve whom God had lost. The Bible calls Jesus the Second Adam. It calls Adam the tree of life. Thus, Jesus is the one who came in place of the tree of life that had been lost. However, he could not complete his original mission because he was not able to welcome the day of his wedding, when both God and the Son could rejoice. That is why he left earth with the promise that he will return.

The day will arrive when God and Jesus rejoice together. The day will come when they can openly express their heart filled with 6,000 years of bitter pain and sorrow. The day will come when the coming Lord can establish the bond of lineage linking God to His sons and daughters.

Suppose that when Jesus came to earth as God’s only begotten Son, he had not died on the cross. Since he was God’s only begotten Son, God surely would have sent His only begotten Daughter to him. God has searched for 2,000 years to find the Bride. Jesus emerged as the true Son, but there is no mention of the true Daughter anywhere in the Bible. That is why God’s Will was not realized.

The purpose of the 2,000-year history of Christianity has therefore been to find God’s Daughter. The Holy Spirit came, but it represents this daughter of God only in spirit. God’s bitter sorrow over this matter will be dissolved on the day that the Marriage Supper of the Lamb takes place.

8   Religion up to now has been seeking for the one ideal man and the one ideal woman. Through religion, God has been looking for the one man and the one woman of whom He could say, “You are my total love.” The Bridegroom and the Bride in Christianity refer to God’s Will to seek throughout the world for the only begotten Son and the only begotten Daughter who can receive God’s love in its fullness. When He finds that perfected man and perfected woman, God brings them together and holds a wedding banquet; from that point a new world can unfold. That is why on his return the Lord must find the Bride and hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

9   If the first human beings had not fallen, they would have borne sons and daughters without original sin and established a family that could directly enter the kingdom of heaven in heaven. They would have stood as the True Parents. Their family would have been one with God. Their sons and daughters would have been the offspring of God’s family. However, the first family in Genesis did not fulfill the Will to establish that family; that is why, in the Book of Revelation, St. John raised the issue of establishing the Bride and the Bridegroom.

The Bridegroom is the one who comes as the perfected True Father, and the Bride is the one who appears as the True Mother, the beloved of God. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have married centered on God, but due to the Fall they married centered on Satan. True Parents must reclaim Adam and Eve on behalf of God, and then conduct the Holy Wedding centered on God. This is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb that is spoken of in the Book of Revelation.

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