Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 156

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission
Chapter 2: True Parents’ Settlement in the United States and Their Public Speeches
Section 1: The Beginning, Paragraph 23
Section 2: One World Crusade, Paragraph 05

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23  I am carrying out this providence centered on the United States because the United States, which is the spiritual foundation of the world and the center of world Christianity, is being eaten away. The cause was the Christian opposition to the Unification Church. However, when the United States did not oppose the Unification Church, but welcomed it in the early 1970s, I was able to resurrect Christianity. Korea opposed us on the level of a nation, but the United States welcomed us on the world level. Therefore, I could come back to Korea and redress that national-level failure. This will allow us to live. I went on a speaking tour across the United States in 1972 and held rallies that connected it to Europe to lay the external world foundation. I need to complete, in the shortest time possible, everything that Christianity, or anyone else, was unable to achieve in the United States. On the day the people of the free world under the leadership of the United States raise banners and welcome us, they will receive a blessing on the world level, centering on the Unification Church. If, on the other hand, they oppose us, they will suffer great damage. So I began revival meetings, and that is why I received the green card on April 30, 1973.

24  I came to this earth as the Lord at the Second Advent and Bridegroom. I have to find the Bride who is to become the Mother and together with her begin anew from the place where Adam and Eve fell. Based on the Unification Principle, Adam and Eve fell at the completion level of the growth stage and multiplied their children through their love relationship from that position. Therefore I cannot start from the realm of God's direct dominion. I cannot build upon a standard of having perfected the realm of God's indirect dominion. By beginning at the completion level of the growth stage, which is prior to the standard of completion, we have to go through a seven-year course in Satan's world, form a family, and experience trials and suffering. It is the era in which True Parents' family is made into a sacrificial offering.

We received much persecution in America. We have to go through the same position as Jesus who died without being able to realize the Will. We need to indemnify this on the foundation of being a united people, nation and world. Without setting this condition of eliminating Satan, there is no way to connect the path of heavenly law to the standard of natural law. That is why True Parents had to go to America, carrying the fate of this historical providence. I did not consult with anyone before going there. No one knew except God and I. When I set foot on American soil in 1971, I was a nameless young man, but I had on my shoulders the mission to turn the United States around in three years, and to bring it to heaven's side in 12 years. What was it that I did in America? Representing human history, I loved Abel more than anyone ever has. And on the practical level, I had to attain complete victory. No one has prayed in greater earnest for God and for the earth. As a Son who can bring God to tears, I had to hold on to humanity and to the cause of God's pain and sorrow. I had to fight fiercely to liberate humanity from this position.]

25  On July 1, 1973, I established the historic day of commemoration, the "Victorious Day of Celebration" in America. Until now, I have established many such commemorative days in Korea, but this was the first such day celebrating a world-level victory. This day marks a new beginning in the history of the Unification Church. I could establish this victorious day of celebration because I went beyond half of the three-year period that remained in the second seven-year course. We are celebrating the fact that I was able to overcome all hardships successfully. From now on, the more Satan opposes us, the more he will be destroyed. It is different from the past. In the near future, the Unification Church will raise a storm across this nation. We have established a foundation that American power cannot take away.

26  We started working as soon as we came to America, and within a year we have completed the foundation for the American church. With this foundation to carry out our activities, I established the Victorious Day of Celebration on July 1, 1973 to celebrate our victory. We have reached the focal point of victory, by which we can establish our foothold in this world, centering on the heart of God. In order to establish the victorious standard internally in the world of God's heart, first there must be victorious external results. That is why in 1973 we carried out our activities across the United States. By giving public speeches in 40 cities in 1973 and 1974, I became quite famous. I reached a point where I could establish on the national stage a personal relationship with the president of the United States.

Section 2. One World Crusade


During their third world tour in 1972, True Parents organized the One World Crusade (OWC), an international witnessing task force with members from five nations, the United States (50 members), the United Kingdom (15 members), Germany (60 members, including some from Austria), Japan (600 members) and Korea (360 members). The One World Crusade was at the cutting edge of the advancement of God's Will. True Parents held a workshop for the OWC members at the beginning of 1973 and established their organizational structure and working policies. On January 31, True Parents organized 99 European members into ten teams and, on the following day, dispatched them to locations throughout the United States. True Parents invested all their effort into the One World Crusade activities.

1  The Unification Church has to sacrifice in the position of a global religious movement. It has to fulfill its Abel mission on behalf of all Christians and all humankind. This is why on January 8, 1972, in the United States, I created a new global organization called the One World Crusade. Its headquarters is not in Korea but in America. Its participants are crusaders called to serve the world. The original Crusades were expeditionary pilgrimages composed of Christians from various nations. They set out to reopen the Holy Land during the Middle Ages. I am saying that we too should begin our heavenly international effort to establish God's realm on earth. If our movement sacrifices for this purpose, it will not perish but will encompass the world. This is the conclusion based on God's Will.

2  The three-year course starting in 1972 is the time to defend the world's final united front. The nation and the world have to prevail during this three-year course. All of us need to come together at this time. We have come to the global realm of fortune at which we go through this three-year course. The spirit world can be fully mobilized to cooperate with us now, and we have prepared to receive the order for a full mobilization on earth. The content of this order is the organization of the One World Crusade.

3  I am feared in Korea, and even the higher ranks of society in Japan and Taiwan regard me with apprehension. In laying such a foundation, I did not receive help from anyone. I did it on my own, starting with nothing. I received no funding or aid, and had no one to consult with. But when I say I will do something, God rejoices. The only one I could talk to was God, but He is the most reliable being there is.

From now on, your unity with what I am doing will determine whether or not we can shape world events. Bearing in mind that we are the only ones who can realize the desires of God, realize the deepest vision of humanity, and open the gates to the country that is the hope of history, let us confront the opposing communist world, the vanguard of Satan, and establish a victorious foundation. We have to march on together as soldiers with the firm conviction, "We need to open the gates of heaven."

I am on this third world tour to organize peaceful crusaders. This is why I named this the One World Crusade. American, German and British crusaders need to quickly become one so their nations can become one and defend against the communist world.

4  I have come back after organizing global crusaders as the One World Crusade, which transcends ethnicity and nationality. The medieval Crusaders rallied many peoples and fought for the ideal of free access to the Holy Land for Christian pilgrims. Their vision was to defend and reclaim the temple of the heavenly kingdom. If such a mobilization had taken place during Jesus' era, centered on Jesus, do you think it would have failed? The Crusades failed because the Crusaders lacked the requisite conditions for building the kingdom of peace on earth in their age.

It is different today. If Korea is besieged, I will go to America, establish a foundation, mobilize the young people and call them to free Korea. If this One World Crusade can mobilize more people than North Korea can, we will win without a struggle. In order to liberate this nation and open the 38th parallel, which embodies the resentment and sorrow of North Korea and South Korea, the people of South Korea of course need to unite as one. But I believe that, in addition to this, the people of the world need to expand their cooperation with the Republic of Korea. This is why our team will soon organize and come to Korea.

In history, heaven has never directed a church or religion to organize an army with a name like One World Crusade, to wage a spiritual battle in their own nations and with their own people, saying to them, "You should return to God." In a time of war, if people value the army that has mobilized on their behalf more than they value themselves, that nation will not perish. On the other hand, if a war has broken out but the people remain uninterested, saying, "What do I care about this army? Do whatever you want," they are bound to meet with destruction.

5  Having built a spiritual connection to the Christian cultural realm between 1972 and 1974, in the next three years I need to build a foundation in the physical world. Before 1978, I must lay a worldwide spiritual and physical foundation. In the third seven-year course I need to solidify the foundation in western society for restoration through indemnity on the world level, both in spirit and flesh. This is my mission. I need to complete the world-level foundation in spirit and flesh. Therefore, during these three years, I need to complete all spiritual and physical foundations in the United States. You have no idea what a difficult task this is. Once this work is done, I can push my way forward to the world. In 1975, I can push my way forward spiritually through the International One World Crusade. The movement will reach from the United States to the world.

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