Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 157

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission
Chapter 2: True Parents’ Settlement in the United States and Their Public Speeches
Section 2: One World Crusade, Activities
Section 2: One World Crusade, Paragraph 16

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The International One World Crusade, an international witnessing task force, is a peace corps of the heavenly kingdom that carries out activities transcending nationality and ethnicity for the mission of world redemption. It was dispatched to witness in all parts of the United States and do front line work for the success of the rallies in the United States, Europe, Japan and Korea, in particular the Day of Hope events.

Following the success of the 40-city speaking tour across the United States, 300 team members arrived to serve in Japan on January 15, 1975. The group had grown to 673 members from 26 nations by the time they took a ferry from Shimonoseki to Busan, Korea. That number was later increased by the addition of some 300 Japanese members. On March 27, True Father went to the port of Busan to welcome them personally.

6  In the years 1970 through 1973 Korea was facing great crises. After this period passes, the state of global affairs will change and, as a result, North Korea's spiritual impetus for military action against South Korea will decline. Satan's global power will peak in 1977 and 1978. This is why I must now concentrate our energies to build a line of global defense in America.

I have mobilized two revival teams in America with 85 people each, and bought each team a bus. With this they will create a great sensation across the nation. I will buy ten buses in 1973 and 50 buses in 1974 to mobilize 2,000 task force members. In this era we need to build a line of global defense in America. By doing this through US senators and representatives, we will prevent the spread of communist influence in America. America itself does not recognize the need for this, so we need to do it. If America becomes one with us centering on the Will, blocking communism worldwide will not be a problem.

7  I mobilized young people in America and created a task force in 1972. These are individuals who are ready to sacrifice more than anyone else for this nation and for the world. They have stepped forward to inspire Americans with our God-centered teaching. America has no heavenly worldview about the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. I plan to mobilize 400 people in 1973 and 2,000 people in 1974 so we can have at least one bus team in every state. I am desperate to achieve this. I think it is the only way to prevent a crisis in the United States in 1977 and 1978.

We need to rally Christianity in America. Christians must unite. Americans have to establish a new tradition based on Christian thought. Whether America lives or dies depends on this. Not only the fate of America but also the fate of the world depends on this. I am doing this work transcending nations and peoples for you, because I know God's Will and I live for the sake of heaven.

8  I have set the goal that International One World Crusade members in all 50 states each brings one person a month. Each of the 700 mobilized people will enlist 12 people per year, the result of which will total 8,400 people a year. We first need to send out these teams with each member focused on bringing 12 people. Then I will say to the American members, "Follow their standard!" Before the end of this year I will select the best among them and organize a task force. With these trained leaders, I will organize 70-member units in each state, and as they raise leaders they can develop activities in multiple cities. When teams are working in four or five cities per state, their numbers will multiply every month. With this as our foundation, and when the number of members exceeds 30,000, it will not be a problem for us to move the entire United States.

9  The situation in America right now is that we lack enough people to carry out all our activities. This is why we cannot move these 360 elite from the international task force. Doing so would threaten America's activities. However, we cannot focus only on the United States; we have to carry out the same activities in other nations. We need to promote ourselves. By carrying out our work first in Japan, Taiwan and Korea, and then in Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands, culminating in the United Kingdom, we will generate much interest throughout Asia and Europe. In the same way as we spread the Word in the United States, we will promote our work throughout the world. This will energize our members in Europe. The work we are doing in the United States naturally will be the standard for all mission countries. Based on this fundamental tactic and standard, we can train our members thoroughly and strengthen our organizational structure in every respect, including public relations. To achieve our purpose, this strategy is necessary.

10  We have to establish a tradition of Asians actively supporting America. This is my strategy for the sake of the future. Who among Asians should that be? Koreans are suffering economically. Also, it is difficult for them to procure a visa or a passport. The Korean government limits assets going out to other countries, because they lose money in the process. Japanese people, on the other hand, can go abroad as long as they have received a letter of invitation. They can get a four-year visa within three days. As Japan is the Eve nation, it has the responsibility to carry out the mission of the mother for the sake of the world's people. Only by passing through the mother's arms can we develop. This is why the tradition will be that Japan steps forward to represent Asia.

11  I established a task force when I was in England, and bought the task force members a center. I went to Germany and bought them six mini buses and six trailers, each of which can house eight people. Lined up, they extend over 100 meters. This was so grand. After receiving all this from me, could they do anything other than work hard? Now Britain and Germany are on fire. I said to the Germans, "Do not lose to the Americans," and I said to the British, "Do not lose to the Americans," so they are working hard not to lose to one another. Then I went to Japan and asked them, "Do you want to be bested by our people in Germany, Britain and America?" They said they would never be outdone.

12  When I saw a bullet hole in the huge glass front door of the church headquarters in Essen, Germany, they told me it had been done by communists two weeks before. Communists everywhere are trying to threaten and intimidate us, coming up with all kinds of schemes. One week before Mother and I arrived, the German Supreme Court ruled that the Unification Church could carry out its activities legally. Prior to this, communists ruthlessly slandered us. When we ignored them, they began threatening us, and later on they even shot at our headquarters, randomly trying to kill anyone. Our members are literally risking their lives to fight for God's Will. Such is the seriousness of the position we are in. We are risking our lives for this work. This is why leaders are busy all day. After leaving in the morning, members and leaders should not return unless they have accomplished their portion of responsibility. We are carrying out our work with strict discipline.

13  Right now, I have organized task forces in America, Britain and Germany. I will also organize task forces in Korea and Japan. When I travel across the world, I might take outstanding members with me, or even send them on a world tour to encourage the other task forces. At present, I am making plans to set up a university in Korea. Those who have achieved excellent results can come to study in Korea. Knowing that you were born in this wonderful era when you can carry out activities on the world stage, you should fight with all your might.

14  You Korean members need to be aware that the task force is not just in Korea but in Japan, America, Germany and the United Kingdom. Five countries are taking part so we can restore five countries to heaven. This is the struggle we are engaged in. Which country will emerge the winner? There will be stiff competition. You may think, "Korea will probably win," but though the hare runs much faster, if it takes a nap it will be outdone by the tortoise. You will be no better off than the hare if you think that because you joined first, you deserve to enjoy a conventional living standard and live in affluence with your sons and daughters.

15  The international witnessing task force is the heavenly nation's Peace Corps, traveling across Korea not for selfish reasons but for the nation and purpose of God. This task force was organized to show Korean young people the path they should follow. Since you need to show this example, you should work together harmoniously, even if you come from different countries and races. You need to open the way to inherit the new, world-level fortune. Your task force members are the vanguard that can shape the future of the nation. You stand at the forefront, even in front of the earliest members of the Unification Church.

16  The task forces visit one location a week. They should first go together to visit the county offices, even if there are no Unification Church members in that village. What should they do if there is no lodging? They should tell the people of the village that they are a task force that has come to cultivate friendship and to press for a national movement. If we have no center available, as the task force leader, you should tell the team to meet in the morning at a certain time and place. Then you should introduce yourself to the head of the village, saying, "I came to this village to teach the citizens to actively help one another, and I'm going to have to sleep in a villager's house for one night." Then you should go to a house and look for a corner to sleep in.

When you enter the front gate of the house you have chosen, if you see that the yard needs upkeep, you should take a broom and sweep it. You also should wipe the floor and even clean the toilet. You should not be indebted to them. You should leave behind something that the occupants of that house will ponder.Your hosts, regardless of who they may be, cannot ill-treat guests who have spent the night. It is the custom for Korean homes to give breakfast to guests who have spent the night before seeing them off. They know that it is bad for their home to treat a guest coldly. If you have thus eaten at their expense, you should not depart without leaving something that has more value than the lodging you have received and the food you have eaten.

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